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Monday, October 22, 2007

Little Green Hypocrite

Today on LGF:

...the crack web team at moonbat blog Crooks and Liars has been working
overtime trying to delete every single comment that criticizes them or departs
in any way from the groupthink. Finally they just gave up and shut down
commenting entirely.

Right. As Sura 109 in the comments notes:

Unlike a certain little green wingnut who bans people outright for departing in any way from the groupthink. I suppose the pot and the kettle aren't black after all. They're green. And C&L did not shut down commenting entirely, just on the thread in question. Of course I do not expect even a single lizardoid to point this out...


Read Sura 109's excellent piece about being an ex-LGF'er at Daily Kos.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me the folks who get banned at LGF aren't folks who simply disagree, but instead are commenters who advocate violent or racist behavior or who are argumentative in a negative way.

MJ said...

...and the award for best comedy in a blog comment section goes to the poster above!

Look at the people who were banned, look at what they said, then look and the genocidal loons that are still there.

Sura 109 said...


Anonymous: the problem is that "argumentative in a negative way" is defined as "not feeling the love for the Wholly Profit George" (PBUH, and the P does not stand for peace).

A bit of full disclosure: I am an ex-lizardoid. I can sort of understand my own banning, as I was quite the bomb-thrower over there. But only because lizardoids are the most easily trolled bunch on the web.

ChenZhen, on the other hand....

Anonymous said...

anonymous/1:38 p.m. -

Sorry, but you're wrong. You can get banned at LGF for nothing more than using the LGF search to look up recently banned LGFers, even if you haven't posted comments recently.

Anonymous said...

"Look at the people who were banned, look at what they said, then look and the genocidal loons that are still there."

Kriewagon just got banned by Charles for "claiming" that he had info that Muslim students set the fires in Irvine. Even Charles won't touch that genie in the bottle

Richard said...

My commiseration to Sura 109 for his mistreatment at Charles' hands. But I've got news for him--as far as I'm concerned he's gone fr. the LGF frying pan to the DK fire. You better not rock the boat at DK or they'll ban yr ass faster than you can cover it.

I was banned at DK for little more than suggesting that Armando, Markos & his buddies should be more transparent in the ways in which they acknowledge their affiliations (economic & political) with political campaigns. Scores of others are banned there as well. And if you're banned they won't communicate w. you at all & certainly won't explain why. They don't even tell you you've been banned. It's like a Kafka scene.

Plus the DKers are some of the nastiest, most hostile bomb throwers I've ever come across. As far as they're concerned I'm a right-wing Republican mole sent to wreak havoc & insult the reputations of the Golden Ones.

I far more enjoy Democratic Underground or TPM Café.

Anonymous said...

yes but there is no calls for genocide against an entire peoples on dkos, whereas there is everyday on lgf.

ChenZhen said...

Someone realy outta remind the lizards that registration isn't required over at C&L. Like most blogs, anyone can post a comment (hey, look, I just did!). So, when faced with a deluge of trollers, sure, they might have to close the comments down.

Let's watch Charles open up his comment section to the world. See what happens.

Lemme guess, no one pointed that out over there?

V said...

Also, from what I've seen, the C&L comment-deleters at least have the decency to explain why they delete particular comments.