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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Know them, know their friends

It seems Charles is horrified that a student conservative group has invited convicted holocaust denier and leader of Britain's premier nazi outfit the BNP to speak at one of their meetings. Maybe he isn't aware that they're a group that his once faithful obsessive Pamela Geller Oshry also has linked to and promoted in the past.

For more on the fascist BNP visit these sites.

Stop The BNP
BNP Uncovered
Lancaster UAF
Voice of Reason


The Sphinx said...

Well, Chuckballs, I guess the truth about your precious conservatives is a bit harsh, isn't it.. You had it coming though :)

Anyway, for your daily fix of painfully hilarious armchair rhetoric:

#268 M. Bensson-Levi

"In the last few days the events at this site,, and the conduct of it's proprietor, heart, mind, and soul, Charles Johnson, has demonstrated, in the clear light of day, for any and all to see, precisely why this site, and said proprietor, are so well respected, and held in the highest esteem, by men and women of REASON.

Regarding the Swedish right wing racist groups, NO ATTACKS WERE MADE BY CHARLES JOHNSON AGAINST ANY GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL! Caution was urged, fundamental problems were pointed out, and a perfectly reasonable call to examine the situation was made.

In the matter of YAF, this examination was conducted by our community right before our eyes, and is still ongoing, and although trends seem apparent, NO CONCLUSION HAS YET BEEN CARVED IN STONE.

There has been NO LYNCHING at LGF, nor any other actions of hysterical MOB RULE!

This is one hell of a fine site, conducted, ruled, if you will, with an honorable sense of fairness, and a great store of integrity.

I salute ALL of you (except you, you sonofabitch, and you know who you are!), and especially you, Mr. Johnson.

I'm quite proud to be a part of this site, even if only in a small way.

Again, I salute you ALL!"


Somebody hand this fellow a prize..

Anonymous said...

I guess the truth about your precious conservatives is a bit harsh, isn't it..

Now, now. We shouldn't be painting whole groups of people with the same broad brush, now should we, dear sphinx?

MJ said...

...the key term is 'your', meaning Charles choice of conservatives. Not conservatives as a whole. The Sphinx made a very good point.

The Sphinx said...

I never implied smearing all conservatives with the same brush. I know a truckload of decent conservatives that are very far away from any hypocrisy displayed on LGF.

However, Charles Johnson has associated himself with people (and they have gladly associated themselves with him), that have barely anything decent about them. He still does, even though he might not admit it.

Maybe now he's starting to realize his mistake. It was about friggin' time, really..

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that as things actually get better in Iraq, he suddenly shifts his coverage to dangerous non-Muslim groups. Maybe he was in danger of running out of news to aggregate?