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Saturday, August 14, 2004

LGF regulars urge rape and murder of woman

Not known for holding back when it comes to expressing their hatred of all those who hold opposing views, the minions of LGF lizard lord Charles F Johnson really let loose their blind bloodthirst the other day under a posting called 'Biased British Writer Denied (

The posting concerned an ISM activist who was denied entry to Israel by Israeli security officials because apart from being engaged in protest actions she was also reporting unfavourably (for Israel) on the Middle East conflict. A clear case of pre-emptive censorship, you might say.

LGF regulars not only applauded the barring of critical voices from Israel, they further suggested that the 'British Writer', whose name is Ewa Jasiewicz, should be raped and killed for her efforts to shed light on the conflict - and for being Polish. Some choice quotes:

#3 Paranoid Brit 8/12/2004 06:00PM PST

I'd break out some nice recently-captured AK47's, fly Bigel in and point her out while she's 'journalistin'.

#11 bigel 8/12/2004 06:12PM PST

BTW, the name sound pretty Polish to me.

Just shows you that Poles are still psychotic Nazi Jewhaters.

#66 whiterasta 8/12/2004 07:19PM PST

I hope that poisnous [sic] witch gets gang raped by her pals one fine day, soon.

#73 transferthem 8/12/2004 07:53PM PST

Shame the IDF didn't shoot this piece of crap before sending it back where it came from.

#76 Godzilla 8/12/2004 08:09PM PST

Although no one's asking me, I saw [sic] she gets locked up in a room with a dozen horny and viciously drunk Hell's Angels bikers having a bad day, and then after that she gets taped into a burqua and shipped off to some sleazy middle eastern harem that only accepts horribly broken women as slaves.

#102 bigel 8/13/2004 06:50AM PST

As far as Robert Fisk goes, maybe we can get him in a locked room with an armed John Malkovich?

---------------- get the picture. Does Charles realise what is happening on his message board? Does he condone comments which advocate the sexual denigration, mutilation and killing of unarmed civilians?


Steven said...

1) LGF cementers are not Charles Johnson.

2) The Reuters death threat was delivered by a news source which claims impartiality.

3) When Inayat Bunglawala's was first informed of the death threat - which came from a Reuters Swedish IP address but located in the UK, quite similar to Inayat Bunglawala's IP address and originating from his article... well he blamed it on "Zionists".

4) If someone left a general threat on the page they left, aka Inayat Bunglawala's article, it would not have been so much of an issue. What happened was that someone personally delivered the throat slicing threat to Charles Johnson.

5) We know that Islamic terrorists around the world have indeed murdered people who do not approve of Islamic law etc, for many years now. The threat must be taken seriously.

6) There is no reason to suspect that anything LGF cementers have said is anything more than words. These comments are between a community and not directed at Inayat. This would be different if someone called up Inayat's personal email address and started threatening him.

7) Comments like this are using LGF site to get out their frustrations at the countless and relentless suicide attacks against civilians and the extreme bias shown by most news agencies.

8) Some cementers are prejudice, not all are. Some of these comments are disgusting. Some of the frustration is mainly due to when folks refuse to deal with the reality. For example, many tend not to fight for rights in Iran, but criticize the US for any inequality there.

Rather than criticize a single terrorist who targets civilians in Israel or look at the educational and religious institutions in the Palestine Arab territories that preach hatred from a young age, they focus on Israel responding to terrorists. One would think that if a mass murderer came and blew up half your street you would not want your government to protect you and bring justice to the people committing these atrocities. Maybe you should give them medals instead of hunting them down like the murderers they are? Rather than criticize the terrorists, people attack a security fence that has already stopped hundreds of attacks and therefore protects lives on both sides. No successful attack, not so much of a need to respond.

Yes, the comments are disgusting. Are they real death threats? No.

Steven said...

Did I actually spell commenters "cementers"?! What a day. Anyway, the point is the same.

LGF commenters are not Charles Johnson. :)