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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Fat Americans

Bike-riding weblogger Charles F Johnson doesn't like it when the image of America is desecrated abroad. Never mind that he happily caricatures the rest of the world as 'pro-terrorist' or suchlike, when it comes to saying that lots of Americans are fat he draws the line. So it's not surprising that he has taken issue with a booklet distributed by German franchises of the American 'Subway' food chain, which depict a giant hamburger crashing through a cityscape while fat little cartoon characters run away screaming. It's clearly a disgraceful reference to 9/11, say's Charles ( Or is it? Here's the picture:

Now to us it looks more like the Hamburger is a take on 'Godzilla'. Notice how it's not flying, or being directed by terrorists? But you wouldn't expect Charles to pick up on such subtleties...

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