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Friday, August 27, 2004

Charles Johnson's racist agenda

Every once in a while we get emails from LGF readers asking: "Why do you say LGF is racist? Even if some people make racist comments on the LGF message board, that's not Charles' fault. Charles simply tells it like it is."

That this is not the case is easy enough to demonstrate: yesterday, Charles posted an item about a murder that took place thousands of miles away from where most of his readers live, a murder that has nothing to do with Macs, webdesign, cycling, anti-Semitism, Iraq or the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The murder took place in New Zealand: a young man killed a young woman by dousing her with fuel and setting her alight, after she broke off their relationship. Tragic as this case is, such things happen all over the world, and would go unnoticed by Charles were it not for the fact that the perpetrator and the victim have Muslim-sounding names (whether they are Muslim or not is not clear). This alone is the cue for Charles to pick up a story, post it where hundreds of thousands of people will read it, and headline the item: "Honor Killing in New Zealand" (

No other news report suggests that this was an 'honor killing'. Nevertheless, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean Charles F Johnson knows an honor killing when he sees one, and can't resist holding this gruesome murder up as another example of how barbarous Muslims are. Does that not strike you as racist?

PS: There is one Antipodean story about honour killing that Charles won't be mentioning: 'Police query honour killing claim'

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Anonymous said...

Muslims do not constitute a "race." To suggest so is incredibly naive and racist of you.