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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mr Ploome's view on immigration: "No Moslems allowed"

An exchange from Ploome is a regular poster to LGF.

#10 Jim in Virginia 8/3/2004 07:12PM PST
Sorry to go OT so early- evening news here says Capitol police are
installing new jersey barriers on streets around the Capitol tonight. Today
Capitol police were stopping and inspecting tour buses on the Hill.
We must have gotten some very specific threat info. Hope we keep the SOB's
off guard.

#11 ploome hineni 8/3/2004 07:15PM PST
10 Jim in Virginia

as long as there are moslems in the United States, WE are off guard

#16 ploome hineni 8/3/2004 07:39PM PST
as long as we allow moslem immigration, and foreign money funding schools
and religious institutions, we are in danger

they are here

and they want us controlled, or dead

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