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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Charles: Nazi Stormtroopers, Mujahideen - they're all the same

One of CJ's frequent tactics for establishing moral equivalence where none exists is to make off-hand comparisons between events happening in 2004 and things that happened between 1933-1945. He's just expressing his opinion, you might argue, before you realise that Charlieboy is himself vehemtly opposed to simplistic parellels being drawn between the horrors of the holocaust and WWII and what is happening in the world today ( and

Two examples of Johnson's hypocrisy appear here ('Exhumation' and here ('Fourth Estate = Fifth Column'

In the former instance he posts a Cox & Forkum cartoon depicting the hand of 'Islamism' reaching out for the spectre of Nazi-era anti-semitism. What is Charles trying to tell us here? That Jews are being rounded up and sent to work or death camps? That gypsies are being used for macabre eugenics experiments? That the world is about to see people of certain ethnicities and ideologies labelled with branded enemies of the people, their property confiscated and their rights stripped?

In the second example The Great Lizard King tells us that the mujahideen pictured in a photograph shown on Yahoo News is the equivalent of "bravely posing Waffen SS stormtroopers firing their weapons at Allied soldiers". Notice the subtle inference: The loosely organised Mujahideen rabble doing battle with an occupying force of highly equipped and trained US soldiers are in reality the evil footsoldiers of a murderously expansionist ideology intent on wiping non-Aryans off the face of the earth. Who knows, maybe after they've been ground into the dust we'll be hearing stories from Charles about rogue Mujahideen living covertly in South America, trying desperately to clone Osama bin Laden?

As usual on LGF, no one cares about such distortions. No one even notices.

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