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Saturday, August 14, 2004

LGF: psychotic death cult

Another fine example of the kind of twisted logic that fills the minds of readers Little Green Footballs. Normally, LGF readers express unmitigated outrage when someone is kidnapped by one of Iraq's many armed groups and threatened with death unless certain conditions are met. Then, if that person is killed LGF readers scream blue murder, presumably at the injustice of taking the life of an 'unarmed civilian' (which in LGF parlance includes armed mercenaries). But if, heaven forbid, the hostage should be released, LGF readers, rather than breath a sigh of relief that an innocent life has been spared, round on the victim and condem him thoroughly for not providing another dose of Internet snuff to the bloodthirsty geeks at LGF.

Case in point: British freelance journalist, James Brandon. Here are some of the views expressed by LGF readers on his release (


#4 foreign devil 8/13/2004 09:05AM PST

Bummer! Bet he was from BBC too! Rats! [Actually, he was freelancing for the Telegraph, the Scotsman and CS Monitor]

#15 brent 8/13/2004 09:18AM PST

I had an awful thought this morning, when they showed the reporter on CNN.... At first I was concerned for him, but as soon as they said "British reporter", I flipped the channel and thought "F*ck him".

#21 Craig Abu Al-Boo-Boo 8/13/2004 09:24AM PST

This whole story stinks to high heaven, and I think he's making it up for publicity.


Luckily, one LGF reader has mercy on Mr Brandon:

#56 Dar ul Harb 8/13/2004 10:14AM PST

Even though he's BBC tool, he deserved to be released.

Geee, thanks, EVEN THOUGH he's "BBC tool"? That' compassionate!

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