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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Senior European affairs analyst Charles Johnson found an article about a report written by a Dutch think tank, and posted a few excerpts. Not surprisingly, they were carefully selected to reinforce the view that Europe is just a few months away from banning pork and alcohol, and forcing its women into burqas, blah blah blah. (Incidentally, the actual report [in Dutch] will be released as a PDF at 2 pm today.)

Nothing we haven't seen several billion times before. But the ensuing discussion is another story:

#19 Fjordman 4/11/2006 04:48PM PDT
[Mohamed Rasul, author of a 1990 book warning against Muslim immigration] was attacked by Dutch journalists and academics for his stance on Islam and Muslims. He appeared in talk shows in disguise. The Anne Frank Foundation, whose directors were the high priest keeping the mysteries of the cult of Anne Frank, guardians of the taboo of the Holocaust sued Rasul in 1992. Rasul was convicted of "discriminating Muslims" of making "sweeping statements against Muslims".

We're constantly reminded that LGF comments do not reflect the opinions of Charles Johnson -- to which we constantly reply that Charles Johnson can and does censor comments with which he disagrees, or that he thinks would reflect poorly on LGF.

From the same thread:
#65 [deleted] 4/11/2006 05:38PM PDT


However, someone had already quoted comment #65, which apparently read, in part, as follows:
I agree completely. Muslims must be put into camps. Everyone of them is a dangerous terrorist who is planning to kill infidels.

Europe must eliminate them fast, or they will be surrendering. They must hurry!

Charles decided that this person was a "moby," which is LGF-speak for a bogus commenter who makes outrageous comments in an attempt to discredit the site. (We at LGF Watch have our very own "moby" -- see here.) The comment was deleted within minutes, and its author banned.

But Fjordman's comments about the "Holocaust taboo" and the "cult of Anne Frank" are A-OK, either because Fjordman is a minor blogebrity, or maybe just because such comments are an integral part of the sort of rhetoric that emanates from today's European "nationalist" community, which has Nazi antecedents. In the world according to Charles, that doesn't matter, because "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

In fact, he likes that "cult of Anne Frank" line so much, he's allowed it to appear at least twice -- see #11 on this thread:

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