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Friday, September 14, 2007

He's Gonna Get Someone Hurt....

Charles Johnson has always proffered alternative targets for his 24/7 hate-a-thon. When he's running low on fresh Mooslimb meat he reliably turns to the "Moonbats", in his lexicon anyone who doesn't agree with The Commander. Kos & commenters are usual targets. Always careful not to say too much himself, by a process akin to fruit-fly genetics, restricting membership and banning "lizards" who don't toe the line, Charles gets stuff said for him. He’s a maestro, we’ll give him that.

No-one can say the comments below are "cherry-picked", because they were grabbed as whole bushes, in a process that took a minute or so. This is the emerging face of LGF, 2.0, if you like, where Charles’s trained fruit-lizards fantasize about killing (and Zog knows what else) their fellow citizens. As the pictures here show, some Lizards doesn’t just fantasize, they're busy practicing.

As well trained as he has the Lizards, Johnson doesn't have to do much more than tinkle the bell to set them off. In this example, he references the "AQ in Iraq" news about the bombing of Sheik Abu Risa, as a recent killer of US Troops an unlikely candidate for Lizard grief and rage. A few remarks from Kos commenters are enough to get pulses pounding, knuckles white as they grip the mice and pound-out spittle-flecked missives of rage.

The danger is that one day, one of these acolytes, crazed by years of preparing to repel the Muzzies who never showed up, will snap and do bad things with guns to someone who Chuck profiles as "Moonbat". A Volvo might do it. Or granny-glasses. If that happens, the blood will be on Johnson, just like he was pulling the trigger himself.


Ryan said...

What I find more insane is the way the media will latch on to a hand full of Muslims protesting somewhere. But they miss all these lunatics wishing for the chance to kill people... also when will people get hysterical about If there was a Muslim alternative they'd all get bombed in no time.

Anonymous said...

I *dare* them to find me a nutroot blogger that found relish in the death of someone who could have helped Iraq becoming a more stable place.

Some might be glad that it shows that not even holy Anbar is reason enough to keep fucking about in Iraq - i.e. it showed that short-term success isn't enough

The Sphinx said...

Ouch.. I just came by the LGF Dictionary. It's literally oozing with their idiocy.

Anonymous said...

So that's the dictionary Charles uses to fill in the blanks of his standard pedantic blog entry template (which goes something like [Catchphrase] [GOP talking point] [article link] [catchphrase]).

ChenZhen said...

Would like to know what happened to the images that I remember being here.

Where did you get them, anyway?