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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Charles Johnson's Enormous Problem

September 6th

Osama Bin Dead: Still Talking

The SITE Institute says a new video is coming from Osama bin Laden, but I expect more old footage recut to look new. I remain 97.33% convinced that bin Laden’s been dead for a long time.
September 7th
Osama Bin Laden: A Chomsky Fan


By the way, I still believe there’s a good chance he’s dead, although my level of certainty has declined a bit with this new video.
What is it now 97.21% Charles? Tell us it ain't true!?

Source: Sadly No!


Anonymous said...

Is that 97.33% recurring? I need to know. We should be more precise in these details.

Express important matters of opinion of national security as a fraction next time. We're not playing games here Charles!

Legalize said...

Everyone knows that in order to truly love America (while at the same time enjoying delicious Cheetos at will), a true patriot is at least 98.03% that bin Laden is dead, and that if he isn't dead, it is the fault of the LIEbruls who hate America.

If I believe it, it is my opinion, and thus can not be proven untrue!!!

xylonhexes said...

and now the liztards a rattling on about "Troofers" again. you know even in jest if you repeat the lie, it will be "believable": "Jews are responsible for 911" They just don't get it at all. At this point, we might as well as just say it: Charles Johnson is responsible for 911 to perpetuate his blog hits. Sounds just as reasonable as Charles' explanations.

Anonymous said...

how can he be dead "for a long time"... hes mentioned the sarkozy victory and gordon brown succession in hs new vid

Anonymous said...

Maybe he died and then came back to life again with some evil anti-Christian black magic.

They can be quite tricksie these Muslims sometimes. Never misunderestimate them. Theyre capable of anything.