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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green Footballs vs Greenspan

If anyone needs proof what a Republican Party dittohead Charles Johnson has become, take a look at his 19-word dissection of Alan Greenspan's 531-page memoir, The Age of Turbulence.

Johnson basically accuses Greenspan _ hardly the left's favorite uncle _ of pandering to "Moonbat" sentiments by saying that one of the main motivations for going to war with Iraq was because of the country's vast oil reserves.

Johnson provides no arguments for his insinuation that the 81-year-old Greenspan is making this claim in order to raise sales of his book. That, of course, would be difficult to prove. Greenspan has had a fairly lucratice career and still retains a number of very well-paid advisory positions from which he is likely to earn a lot more than from sales of his memoirs, which will only interest a tiny minority anyway.

But such considerations don't stop Johnson from parroting the Republican Party line, which is mainly aimed at drowning out another of Greenspan's key claims:

That it was Bill Clinton - above all presidents Greenspan worked with _ who maintain "a consistent, disciplined focus on long-term economic growth."

Ouch, that's gotta hurt the Bushies...


WCW said...

So I have been banned by LGF, probably because as a registered member you can do a detailed search of comments -- which I did, searching the word "nuke", and quickly finding a discussion on nuking all Muslims from just a few days before. I posted it at Warcheerleaders with links.

Pretty funny to get banned -- I always tried to be courteous and on topic. But rational or moral arguments = troll behavior to LGF.

Also funny because I had given up on posting there; it's just too stupid. A place for wimps to cyber-strut in hate, I think

Anonymous said...

19 words? That's a lot of commentary for LGF standards. Charles must be mentally exhausted from all that effort. Granted, Charles is capable of churning out an entire PARAGRAPH on extremely rare occasions (after chugging a few Red Bulls surely), but I guess Charles needs to limit himself in order to not lose his readership's 3-second attention span (who can't read or think about anything more complicated than the sound bites they hear on AM radio).

Anonymous said...

Greenspan for idiotarian of the year!

thecaptian said...

wcw, same happened to me recently, I had stopped commenting, as it was like debating with schoolkids, and as an adult, I prefer adult conversations, however, while signed on, I called one of their regular posters a moron for saying that the Iranians were ready for revolution. I was immediately banned and my comment deleted, so much for free speech.

As I have been to iran in the last six months and the typical lizard only leaves his moms basement to buy more chettoes and porn, I thought it was hilarious. Real word, LGF, naw......

Rachel said...


I totally need new glasses; I misread "The Age of Turbulence" as "The Age of Flatulence." Oh, dear.

The Sphinx said...

And despite all that, Chuckles posts this:

(Quote for those who were banned: "A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.

— Martin Luther King, Jr."

Posted by the nitwit, praised by the other nitwits, and somehow freaking hilarious that it's coming from them, of all people.

I also got blocked from LGF a while back, even though I never even registered there, but it took next to no effort to find my way back in.

WCW said...

Sphinx, that IS freaking hilarious.

TheCaptian, I didn't call anyone a moron to get banned. I did wade into a hatefest about Palestinians celebrating 9/11 and linked to an article of the only documented case of people seen celebrating in the US (while watching the towers burning in the distance no less) who happened to be Israelis. The LGFers went ape, like chimps at the zoo throwing feces. I guess that was the end for me -- next time I tried logging in, no dice.

Jay Hovah said...

Well, to be fair Clinton was the best Republican the Dems ever elected to office.

Poor Chuckles, looking forward to seeing his heart/head explode from all the contradictions.

The Sphinx said...

Get it while it's still hot!

#31 andalus
You're a real idiot, Chucky.

Let's see how long this one survives.

Anonymous said...

I think I got banned. I'm not sure, I haven't been back to check. My "sin" was pointing out that we can't kill all the Muslims. Boy did the pitchforks come out for that. LGF is a very scary place.

Legalize said...

I've been banned 3 times:

1. For pointing out that the Israeli Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled against the IDF, relative to a number of the IDF's tactics in Gaza.

2. No idea, but I think it had to do with making fun of Rush Limbaugh and/or Danna Bonaduce.

3. For pointing out that John McCain had a full military escort when he took his tour of the Iraqi market, and for calling them on their smear of Michael Ware, when they claimed he mocked McCain at a press conference - without any supporting evidence of course, and plenty of statements refuting them.

They just really hate it when you either turn the mirror around on them, or shoot holes in their crack-pot fantasies.

Ha, I've also been banned from Malkin's site for wondering why the College Republicans at the Flock of Seagulls rally in D.C. weren't serving in the military.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not going to be banned more than once, because I'm not going back there. I'm still conservative, I like Rush Limbaugh and I'll vote for Rudy. But I just can't see anything constructive coming out of LGF.

The animosity I churned up by suggesting that we find a real way to cope with Islam, goes to show that if you're not comfortable with spending hours hating from behind a keyboard, you're not in very good company at LGF.

Sorry, Charles, but hey. It's the truth. Now I know why LGF so often gets blocked as a hate site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ok, isn't this bordering on advocating the assasination of a foreign head of state? Oh, and this has been up for a while, so I guess it's ok in LGF world. And it's been rated at "+1".

This is the kind of stuff that makes people worry about the people on LGF and what they're capable of.

canadiancrackpot 9/20/07 9:48:18 am reply quote report 1

re: #45 canadiancrackpot
Or, you know, someone could just go all Malcolm X on him, if you get my drift....not that I'm advocating anything of the sort.

Anonymous said...

In becoming more and more an exclusive cyber-cult of Islamophobic hate and wingnuttery, it's becoming less and less entertaining and/or scary. In true totalitarian fashion, LGFers are turning on each other, as evidenced even in these comments here -- a Limbaugh and Rudy G. fan getting nixed for daring to suggest a little moderation in the Nuke Islam agenda.

On the other hand, LGFwatch might be right in warning that someone's gonna get hurt by the constant goading to violence on the site. They may have already -- who knows if any of the violence against Muslims in the US of the last few years was done by an LGFer who had been made to feel justified in attacking the "People of Satan"?

V said...

@ Anonymous 2:21 - sadly, you might find that you've already been banned from LGF, because Charles does read this site (and, presumably, the comments) and won't have too much trouble putting 2 and 2 together.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know he reads this site, he's commented on it before. And I wish he'd spend more time reading his own site, because then he'd know I was not a troll, only a clumsy lockstepper.

Without even reading both of my comments on the thread, he threatened to block me as a troll, and that was it for me. After 3 years of being a "lizard," I don't even read LGF anymore, that's how bad it's gotten.

Steve J. said...

I think the real turning point was when Chuckles banned my little buddy Rayra!