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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

ADL survey 'Finds Some Decrease In Anti-Semitic Attitudes In Ten European Countries

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"An Israeli boy plays with weapons during an army display to mark the country's independence." (AFP)

Monday, April 26, 2004

Islam and America on Radio4

Two interesting programmes on BBC Radio 4 this week: The first is a discussion about Democracy and Civilization in the Middle East and the USA (Start the Week), the second a Women's Hour Interview with Irshad Manji. Both programmes can be heard over the net using RealPlayer.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Official: Coffman not Dominionist!

LGFWatch is proud to retract its intolerable slur against the honorable US Congress candidate Bryan Coffman. Contrary to previous indications, it turns out Mr Coffman is NOT a god-fearing, bible-thumping, Bush-lovin', women-hating, Congress infiltrating fundamentalist Christian. He is an idiot though, and a supporter of racists like Charles F Johnson. Ya basta.

Charles Johnson: "If your country lies in ruins, that's your fault cos you're Arab"

The latest in his series of racism cloaked as cultural critique pieces, Charles gives a nod ( to Ralph Peters, who delivers such choices bits of wisdom as:

"The oft-cited examples of the Arab world’s problems, from a lack of interest in secular education and a poor work ethic to staggering corruption and the oppression of women, are symptoms, not root causes, of Arab failure. Past a certain analytical point, we come up against the wall of our own taboos - we cannot admit that the psychological premises of an entire civilization might be dysfunctional."

Friday, April 23, 2004

Charles Johnson: blind to weapons of mass destruction

Once again the Lizard Leader sticks his head in the sand when it comes to weapons of mass destruction in the middle east; in what appears to be his only comment on the release of Mordechai Vanunu, the man who spilled the beans on Israel's nuclear arsenal and spent 18 years in prison for doing so, Charles mentions, of all things, some sort of rally in support of Vanunu that was supposed to take place on the other side of the world, in San Francisco ( If you want to learn more about Vanunu and Israel's nuclear arsenal, click here:,4386,247242,00.html

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Let them have chaos

Charles Johnson approvingly posts a Mark Steyn column which advocates instability in the Middle East ( Incoherent though Steyn's logic is (wasn't the whole point about terrorism that it springs from instability?), Charlie-boy has no problem endorsing it. The clearest example yet of Johnson's 'Heaven for us, Hell for them' racism towards Arabs?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

News roundup

Wife-beating Saudi Mohammed al-Fallatta has given himself up. In the BBC report the corporation's Saudi correspondent notes:

"The BBC's correspondent Kim Ghattas says Saudi Arabia is a deeply conservative society, where Islamic Sharia law is strictly enforced and where honour and appearances are hugely important.

The presence of problems such as domestic violence, rape, paedophilia or Aids is often simply not acknowledged."
Undoubtedly LGF Charles will find another reason to brand the BBC apologists for 'islamo-fascism'.

Meanwhile, some good news: Mordechai Vanunu has been released after 18 years in prison for leaking Israel's nuclear secretcs. And he's vowed to fight on.

Buy this book

...if you want to learn about the Politics of Anti-Semitism.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Religion and LGF

Charles Johnson delights in listing every instance of religious lunacy on his blog - as long as it's Muslim lunacy, that is. Christian and Jewish lunacy apparently doesn't exist. CJ would probably defend this by arguing that people of Christian and Jewish faith don't go round blowing themselves up for God (though they have been known to blow other people up and shift responsibility onto the almighty).

If there is one thing that his readers get drilled into them again and again it's that followers of Islam will blindly obey any command, however non-sensical. Unfortunate, then, that in one of the many posts in which Charles tries to identify himself with the victims of the Holocaust, he links to an article that describes how two Jews in 1941, with their lives crumbling around them, go to a rabbi for advice and, having received the advice, blindly follow it irrespective of whether the advice makes any sense ( As the article says:

"In the lowest depths of the Nazi hell, in a place of terror and savagery that most of us cannot fathom, here were human beings who refused to relinquish their faith — who refused even to violate a religious precept without first asking if it was allowed."
What, one wonders, would the rabbi have told them if they had lived in present-day Palestine?

Another interesting religious conundrum arises for Charles in the form of one of his sponsors, Bryan Coffman. Coffman, it seems, is a Dominionist, one of those who believe in bringing about an Old Testament order in America where women are stoned, 'magicians' are crucified, and gays are flogged. Nice sponsors ya got, Charlie boy.

Kidnapped in Fallujah

Jo Wilding's second report from Fallujah

Monday, April 19, 2004

Mess with Texas...

...and you'll get private companies taking over the military, and a war based on the lie of freedom.

LGF: wishing for racial war

Once again a peek at the latest LGF front page reveals the thinking that drives Charles Johnson and his frothing friends into a frenzy in front of their little green computer screens every day:

- "The Arab Way of War", "The New Arab Way of War" - apparently you can now determine how someone will wage a war by finding out what race he is.

- An LGF death swarm (!) with no fewer than 850 posts responding to the joyous news of another extrajudicial assassination, among the most witty comments being this one:

"#664 Brian 4/17/2004 04:35PM PST
I hear that Rantisi is busy having anal sex with Rachel Corrie. He shouldn't find it that difficult falling into another pile of shit." (
Who exactly is wallowing in death here?

- And finally, a reminder from CJ to all his minions why we're fighting this war: 'COS OF ALL OUR DEAD' (! Which is kind of the flip side of the same coin that Jihad Inc is holding up to rally its support.

Will these goons never learn...?

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Palestinian or Injun

La Vie Viennoise has an interesting addition to the LGF quiz.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Good news from our Muslim friends

Here are some items you won't find on the Muslim-hating Little Green Footballs weblog:

Saudi TV presenter stands up for women's rights

Turkish villagers boycott over-zealous imam

Muslim chaplain cleared by US army (see also: 'He is not guilty and he is not innocent')

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Iraqi Blogs

You can either get your info on Iraq from the horse's arse (LGF etc) or from the horse's mouth: those who are actually there and know what the situation on the ground is like. Here's a quick roundup of essential reading:

Where is Raed - the original Baghdad blogger and still one of the best
Iraq at a glance - Observations of AYS, a dentist in Baghdad
Nabil's blog - a 16 year-old student in Baghdad
Riverbend - Iraq's most prominent female blogger, wants to " talk war, politics and occupation"
...and finally, Baghdad Bulletin, an online journal dedicated to covering the rebuilding of Iraq.

Johnson just can't stop freeping

Regardless of the question asked, regardless of what the common sense answer would be, Charles Johnson continues to encourage his minions to flock to online polls like the one on Al Jazeera at the moment and put their cross on the option that makes America look STRONG, DETERMINED and VENGEFUL ( In doing so he employs the usual LGF tropes: describe middle eastern organisations as part of a 'jihad', claim they are sneakily trying to undermine the 'west' through ideological means (by describing them as the "vanguard" or "fifth column"), and suggest that anyone with an opinion other than his own is a terrorist, or terrorist supporter.

If only the world were as simple as CJs mind...

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

"We can make quizzes too!"

The Johnsons hit back at LGF Quiz by creating their own comparison quiz.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Monday, April 12, 2004

Where are your links?

Just a quick note to our fellow blogspot users and anti-Lizard conspirators: to ensure that your list of links appears at the top of the page rather than way down at the bottom you need to place the line "vertical-align: text-top;" (without the quote marks) in the CSS section of the template, within the 'div#sideBar' {curly brackets}. More on CSS.

Some comments on the comments

So far the comment experiment on LGFwatch is running pretty much as expect: a few interesting posts from those neutral or positive towards LGFwatch, while from Charles's Lizardoid minions comes a fair bit of bile, quite a few nonsensicals, and absolutely nothing of any substance worth responding to.

The experiment goes on.


Just how much of a grasp Charles F Johnson has on current affairs is reflected in his take on the present situation in Fallujah, where 'Coalition Forces' and 'Insurgents' have been fighting each other mercilessly for the past few days: while Johnson acknowledges that there is fighting going on and that it is fairly fierce, he accuses anyone who dares to point out the heavy-handedness of US army tactics there of being on a, quote "Jihad" ( In particular, he believes that newswires like Reuters are engaged in a holy war against America, because he refuses to accept stories of US attacks against civilians, even in the face of overwhelming evidence from multiple sources that these attacks are occuring. Take 'Empire Notes, Jonathan Steele in the Guardian, and Sean Rayment in the Telegraph. The unanimous verdict is that, whatever you think of the Iraq situation as a whole, what the US is doing in Fallujah is wrong, and will harm them in the long term. But once CJ has placed his bets, he won't backtrack; and certainly not when his entire ideological house of cards is at stake.

Review of a busy week:

Phew, these past days have seen a flurry of LGF-related activity in the blogosphere. First, LGFwatch started taking comments; next Spock set up the excellent 'LGF or Late German Fascist?' and 'LGF Quiz blog'; then a few blogging heavyweights started exchanging links; and all the time you could see the little green lizardking getting angrier and angrier, trying vainly to defend the thousands of hate-filled postings his weblog has generated over the years ( One could say this has been a good week for shining the spotlight into the dark and dingy corners that those creepy lizards have been hiding out in.

Friday, April 09, 2004

The Daily Kos "strikes back"

On Daily Kos, user Morpheum is urging visitors to complain about racists posts on LGF to a political candidate who advertises on Charles Johnson's weblog.

LGF Cites

This is interesting: quite a few other bloggers are taking the time to comment on the mess that is the Little Green Footballs weblog. And 'Mr Spock' has written in to tell us of an interesting little test he has created: "LittleGreenFootballs or late German Fascists?"

update: Mr Spock has created a blog "to track the LGF/subhuman/vermin meme" and Winds of Change has been debating LGF too.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

LGF: getting a taste of its own medicine

Oh no, the overlord is taking flak! Charles Johnson, who attacked ( a blogger named Kathryn Cramer and the site BoingBoing, is seeing his boomerang unexpectedly come back after failing to hit its target. Duck Charles! You're unlikely to catch this one gracefully...

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

LGFers: your dreams have come true!

By popular demand (actually Justdanny's LGFwatch has started a comment section. LGFwatch hopes you will use this function responsibly, but we don't expect you will. Nevertheless, this should be an interesting experiment.

Let the flames begin!

LGF's hosting company, Hosting Matters, is apparently under fire for giving shelter to rabid racist Charles Johnson and his crew of slithering lizards. While LGFwatch doesn't believe in bombarding a website's host or advertisers with hateful emails the way Charles does (, we do think it's appropriate to let a company know what kind of content they are providing a platform for/advertising next to. Be friendly and rational when you write to Hosting Matters ( You might also want to refer to Hosting Matters' Acceptable Use Policy, specifically articles 3, 4 and 5.

Other companies you might like to contact are Paypal and Amazon, through which LGF receives donations.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Charles Johnson: can't see the wood for the trees

While LGF hard man Charlie J gets all hot under his collar about what a certain blogger called 'Kos' did or did not say about the Falluja killings (, he seems to be totally ignoring a far more interesting case of trying to swallow your own words: Donald Rumsfeld's lies on CBS' Face the Nation. What are we to make of this? That Charles Johnson cares more about what some blogger says than what the secretary for defence says?

Thursday, April 01, 2004


In other news, this just came my way:

Just goes to show that Lizards aren't the cleverest beasts on the road.

Charles Johnson hypocrit watch

Charlie J is on the loose again! Expect rampant hypocrisy and ludicrous logic. Today, the man they call the Lizard King takes a swipe ( at Billmon over on Whiskey Bar for having had the temerity to ask whether the Falluja attack on four US mercenaries hadn't been all too predictable. He does not, as Charles falsely points out, say that America "deserved it" (but we have already come to know Charles as a man who tells such lies).

In an update to his outraged post, Charles takes offence at the fact that Billmon is deleting all LGF hate-spam comments from his blog "except the ones from his sycophants". Well, well, well. Is this the same Charles Johnson who deletes all comments he doesn't agree with from his weblog "except the ones from his sycophants" and a few selected bozos he can take the piss out of? Is this the same Charles Johnson who bans whole IP address ranges because the people posting comments from them aren't to Charles' liking? I think we should be told.