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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lizard Fantasies

A young American woman is released from months of captivity, and how do Charles Johnson's minions react to the news? With disdain. They simply can't comprehend that someone who doesn't spout the nonsense they parrot on their little website is given time to air her views on-screen. Like with Norman Kember, Jill Carroll got the traitor treatment from the little green goofballs today. But unlike Kember, she got an added dose of sexually frustrated vitriol too.

For when lizards see an American woman fraternizing with the enemey (i.e. Muslims), the reaction from the lizards is invariably:

#2 Ward Cleaver 3/30/2006 08:50AM PST

She's probably coming home with a suitcase full of cash (her kickback) and a dose of the clap.

#14 Kragar (proud to be kafir) 3/30/2006 08:58AM PST

When asked how she felt about her captors, Jill went on record as saying:

He never calls, he never writes.

16 Earth to Satan 3/30/2006 09:00AM PST

I've been watching this traitor bitch fawn all over her captors this morning. "Nice furniture, safe, nice clothes, they NEVER threatened me". I'm very glad you were so comforatble while working to undermine our efforts in Iraq. Now, wipe that muslim DNA from your face and confess to pre-planning this?

137 yehoshua 3/30/2006 12:13PM PST

This just in:

Jill Carroll has just announced impending nuptials with Osama Bin Laden

It's clear the lizards have a fantasy: fucking Jill Carroll over. Expect more of this trash to come.

UPDATE: See, all it takes to get back into the lizards good books is to say something they agree with. Now that Jill Carroll has made clear her feelings about her captors, it's all sweetness and roses again over at LGF. As one lizard says:

28 LSD 4/1/2006 02:24PM PST

Welcome back Jill. Glad you did the right thing and told it like it is.
Welcome home from the claws of Islamist Evil.

These people are simply ridiculous: they change their vitriolic opinions at the drop of a hat. Everything they know comes via the mainstream media, and yet they angrily denounce it at every opportunity.

Just wait until she says something they don't like again.

Blogging Baghdad

Pajamaline blogger Iraq The Model snapshots the political chaos in Iraq. Perhaps the only blogger of worth at Pajamaline, the rest being paid-off hacks and Bush cultists. I'm glad ITM is getting some wingnut welfare, we've destroyed his country, seems only fair.

Meanwhile, Riverbend continues her excellent reality-based narrative of everyday life in Baghdad as the Furies draw ever closer. Her posts belong on the front page of the NYT and the gutless Wapo. She mentions watching TV and seeing on the news crawl:

“The Ministry of Defense requests that civilians do not comply with the orders of the army or police on nightly patrols unless they are accompanied by coalition forces working in that area.”
IE, the Iraqi "government" is warning people not to obey Iraqi army or police after dark because they may be death squads. Must seem like "old times" to Negroponte!

Read the whole thing...


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Iraq 'not really our problem' - Daniel Pipes

From an interview with Mark Colvin at, Daniel Pipes gives an interesting look into the the neo-con mind and its hypocritical jumbled up logic. Remind us again, what 'noble cause'?

DANIEL PIPES: I mean, it's a godawful thing, and I very much hope it doesn't take place, but should there be a civil war in Iraq, it doesn't very much affect those of us who don't live in Iraq. It's not really our problem.

MARK COLVIN: That sounds a bit reminiscent of Chamberlain at Munich, saying that Czechoslovakia was a country far away of which we know little.

DANIEL PIPES: Well, some countries far away are important to us, and… but not every country far away is important to us.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Foul Brown Stain on Pajamas Media

Whenever things get downright unspinnable in eye-rack, or he's been on a Muslim-bashing bender and needs some fresh meat for the Pajamaline Junior Wurlitzer, Johnson bravely takes on Rachel Corrie yet again and commands the Lizardoid Minions, yet again, to put the boots in. They compete for most vile:

#31 solomonpanting 3/27/2006 06:45PM PST

They say that Rachel Corrie
Was a useful idiot
Who ventured off the Palystan
To spew her sicko sh*t
With her twisted words of logic
On her head she wore a rag
And she brought a book of matches
And she burned the US flag

But I...I...I
I ponder why..y...y
She sided with the terrorists
Among the worst in the world
And stepped in front of a D-9
And became
Pancake Girl!

(Apologies to Paul Simon)

#36 Cato the Elder 3/27/2006 06:46PM PST

Islam, the Religion of Pigshit.

Islam, the Religion of Donkeyfuckers.

Islam, the Religion of Splodeydopes.

Islam, the Religion of No Music.

Islam, the Religion of Doglessness.

Islam, the Religion of No Return.

Ecrasez l'Islam.

#49 Cato the Elder 3/27/2006 06:57PM PST

How about another parody?

The say that Rachel Corrie
Did one half of this whole town
With po-lit-ick-al connections
To spread her snatch around.

Born into moonbattery
An eedjit's only child
She had everything a twat could want:
Acne, herpes, snide.

[more to come]

#18 looking closely

I don't know about songs, but when St. Pancake won idiotarian of the year-that thread was one of the funniest ones EVER on LGF. Ever, ever, ever...

#78 Obi-wan 3/27/2006 07:14PM PST

One should always speak good of the dead.

Rachel Corrie is dead.


53 writermom

Shall I compare thee to a pancake, say?
Thou art much smoother and more planate:
Bull-dozed, thou lookest like a tray,
Or like a crazed and broken Pali plate...
Blah blah blah..
But thy eternal flatness shall not rise,
Despite the howls of moonbat obsession
for shaheeds only you're now a prize,
leaving naught behind but shallow depression.
So long as good men breathe, and eyes can see,
So long lives freedom, and this quite squashes thee.

#94 [deleted] 3/27/2006 07:26PM PST

#95 freedomplow 3/27/2006 07:27PM PST

Thanks Charles the BDS force was strong with that one.


#102 savage_nation 3/27/2006 07:29PM PST

Here's my lyrics for the flat one...

You take great pride in never having lived up to anything
Lie, steal, cheat, and kill, a real bad guy
Your daddy is a wino, and your mommy is quite insane
From altar boy to sewer rat, you don't give a damn
Your sister's a junkie, get "it" anyway she can
Your brother's a gay singer in a stud leather band
Your girlfriend's got herpes to go with your help and aids
There ain't one person you know you ain't rip off yet

Look deep in the mirror, look deep into its eyes
Your face is replaced, a creature you despise
But I know what you're made of, it ain't much I'm afraid
I know you'll be lying until your dying day

Make up your stories, but truth's so hard to say
Brain is numb and your tongue will surely did you grave
Your mind is sickly from Alzheimer's disease
And decadence and debauchery killed your memories

You're a liar, liar, liar, everyone can see
Liar, liar, liar, it's all you'll ever be
Liar, liar, liar, it's what you mean to me
Liar, liar, liar ...

Start trouble, spread pain
Piss and venom in your veins
Talk nasty, breathe fire
Smell rotten you're liar
Sweat liquor, breathe snot
Eat garbage, spit blood
Diseased, health hazard
Scum bag, filthy bastard
Grease face, teeth decay
Hair matted, drunk all day
Abscessed, sunken veins
Rot gut, scrambled brain
Steal money, crash cars
Rob jewelry, hock guitars
Rot in hell, it's time you know
To your master, off you go

You're a liar
A fucking liar
Filthy liar
You fucking liar

Dave Mustaine can write!

Change guy to girl and thats the bitch Corrie for ya....

#109 Cato

Good for you, Savage.

Aww, thanks! I can't think of a better song that describes the whore of Satan.

#122 The Drizzle 3/27/2006 07:41PM PST

to the gilligans island tune:
-sit right back and youll hear a tale
-a tell of a dimwit twit
-who stood before a jew D-9
-and got smashed flat as shit

-her dad was a mighty white-guilt man
-her mom 'shamed of her race
-they told her that to hate the jew
-was her only saving grace

-then Rachel started getting tough
-and burned her countrys flag
-til forward moved the semite cat'
-and squashed that dhimmi hag

-no phone no lights
-no motor car
-not a single luxury
-without the jews they'd still live like
-the 13th century

-so wait until this time next year
-we'll hear of her again
-ole' Rachel Corrie R.I.P
-the terrorists best friend.

#138 savage_nation 3/27/2006 07:50PM PST

If I end up in Hell, I want to be the one to torment Rachel Corrie until the end of time.

#186 religion of bacon 3/27/2006 08:52PM PST

Someone really ought to do a remix of that "song," with added bulldozer noises and screams, and maybe bits of an IHOP commercial thrown in for good measure.

Let's be very clear about something: Johnson reads comments in real-time. As referenced above (BDS comment) he will delete anything anti-Bush within minutes.

He read and approved every word quoted here. This is the viewpoint of Johnson, Little Green Footballs and Pajamas Media, weasel disclaimers aside.

Johnson's "Lizardoid Minions" are loathsome themselves, but they are mere proxies of Johnson. He provokes and guides every moment of Lizard "outrage" with assiduous cut-n-pasting, his "creative" limits strained with babytalk words for those they hate ("idiotarians", etc).

Those who gifted Johnson and Roger Simon with millions to "catapult the propaganda" need to be closely associated with the product they've bought and paid for.

Aubrey Chernick and friends, time to take a look at you.

Monday, March 27, 2006

LGF: No Guardians of Free Speech

Campaigner Peter Tatchell has a good post on the new Guardian comment blog today, defending last Saturday's Free Speech demo against its detractors.

More importantly, Tatchell puts in the time and effort to reply to those who challenge him on the blog, something almost none of the Guardian's celebrity bloggers do. Go Peter!

While we're on the subject of the March for Free Expression, did you all notice the gaping void in Jammymedia reporting of the event? Not a single post. Nor was there any mention of it on Little Green Footballs, hitherto staunch defenders of 'free speech' (if it's against Muslims) and cartoons (provided they are of Mohammed). Why the sudden silence? Could it be because there were no convenient Muslims to bash? Why, there were even Muslims supporting the event, calling for the defence of free speech! Cannot compute! Blasphemy! Lizardbrainmeltdown. Hence, no post.

CORRECTION: PJM had two posts on the march. Which makes it all the more remarkable that Crusading Charlie, Defender of the Free World(tm), didn't pick up on the march.

Redder than Red

"TheBlogosphere" is positively transfixed by the question of who else in "TheBlogosphere" might possess the combination of gravitas and chutzpah (not to mention the correct Weltanschauung) required to become the Washington Post's new conservative blogger, now that serial plagiarist Ben Domenech has gracefully resigned been dragged kicking and screaming away from his keyboard.

Our friends over at Sadly, No! have made an unimpeachable case for a certain prominent lizardoid who is named for a comic-book character, and who is LGF's official Second Banana -- the Dick Cheney to Charles Johnson's George Bush. And who looks simply fabulous in a black leather vest with a big ugly-ass green patch on it.

Despite reportedly being, in real life, a fat, scrawny-limbed veal-like person with a likely history of extreme late-draft kickball-team recruitment, Iron Fist is an authentic and proud, joyously full-throated voice of majority Red America. Or, at least, that segment of ordinary America that's been completely bonk-sozzled and brainwashed by twenty years of propaganda paid for by right-wing billionaires and directed by a panoply of fake foundations and think tanks -- and that's been told that it's 'a majority' so often that it can no longer imagine otherwise.

Check out the rest of S,N!'s nominees at the post linked above. It's a smörgåsbord of wingnutty goodness.

Race for the prize

Congratulations to the Baghdad Burning blog for having been longlisted for BBC Four's Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction.

Baghdad Burning, a first-hand account written under the pseudonym Riverbend, is one of 19 books in contention.

We wish her the best of luck.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


LGF routinely slams the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for being openly supportive of radical Islam. I noticed that the LGF coverage of the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan convert to Christianity who may get the death penalty, somehow overlooked this statement from CAIR:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement calling for Rahman’s release. “Religious decisions should be matters of personal choice, not a cause for state intervention,” the Muslim civil liberties group said.

March for Free Speech today

Don't forget, if you're in London or Berlin, today is your chance to march for free speech and against censorship of any kind: uncomfortable facts, prophet cartoons, satirical plays, you name it, someone in the supposedly 'free' West is trying to ban it.

Now is the time to start a mass movement in support of free speech. Join us.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Pajamas Media Commenters

Behold the ravings of an average Lizard, enrolled for over a year with over 100 posts.

LoneSome Journey 3/24/2006 11:55AM PST
"I see on TV that there are protests across the US concerning
It is past time for the US citizens to put an end, a complete
end, to foreigners, many here illegally, coming into the US and then "demanding"
that the US change to support their concepts of how the US should function.
These IDIOTS leave their country because they do not like it but now want the US to change.
We need a new law. If foreigners protest a US law or policy, they
are DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY. If they are found to be illegals, they are
branded. If they are found in the US a second time, put them aboard a leaky WWII vessel and tow it into the middle of the Pacific and leave it there.
Create a bombing and straffing range along the US/spixico border. No warnings as to when it will be used and DO make use of it. Dropping a few thousand bombs and a few hundred thousand shells fired into the area will have a significant impact on these illegal spixicans crossing into the US."
Guess "Lonesome Journey" would like to volunteer for some of the "branding". Or something with a sheet perhaps?

And here's the important point: No one on LGF was particularly bothered by this post, certainly not Charles, who monitors every comment.

The French story

Remember all that fuss Charles 'Icarus' Johnson made a while back over the riots in the French banlieus?

Seeing as there is a fair bit of violence happening on the streets of France once again right now, any sensible person would expect CJ to be blogging it. After all, Charles takes such a keen interest in all things French!

Not so: the Ueberlizard has been studiously silent these last few days. It's as if France didn't exist for him. But wait till the first Muslim name appears in the MSM reporting of the protests: Charlie will be over the story like a fly on a piece of shit.

LGF readers may not have heard about this...

Charlie J. spent a whole lot of time harping on about how Dubai Ports would bring death and destruction if their attempt at purchasing a number of US container ports off P&O went ahead. The logic was: Dubai = Arab country = Terrorists. Simple.

So what will the Lizard King(tm) have to say about the case of Check Point Software, who today abandoned their bid to buy Sourcefire because of security concerns among top US government officials?

London - When a $6.8 billion ports deal is sunk, what chance does a $225 million software takeover have?

Check Point Software Technologies (nasdaq: CHKP - news - people ), an Israeli company that designs systems to protect corporate data, formally withdrew its proposal Thursday to buy smaller U.S. rival Sourcefire because of national security objections by the Bush administration. The Israeli company had been told U.S. officials feared that the transaction could compromise the security of some of the government's most sensitive computer systems.

According to one media report, Check Point's legal eagles had offered to bolt on extra conditions to the sale to appease the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., but to no avail. The Treasury Department, which oversees the review panel, formally accepted Check Point's request to withdraw from the review, which spares it the task of submitting recommendations to President George W. Bush on whether to block the deal.

A media report suggests the objections by the FBI and Pentagon were partly over software known as Snort, which guards some classified U.S. military and intelligence computers. Gil Shwed, Check Point's chief executive--who has been dubbed the Bill Gates of Israel--was less sure what the U.S. government's concerns were as specifics were never disclosed publicly. "All I can say is that the process had achieved a degree of complexity we felt we could do without," he was quoted as saying.

Check Point could also be the victim of bad timing. It announced it would acquire Columbia, Md.-based Sourcefire in October, and the deal came under scrutiny last month, about the same time U.S. Congress was kicking up a stink over the proposal to have Dubai-based DP World operate six major U.S. ports.

Do I hear crickets...?

'Iraq is peaceful' claims US Military

Yeah right.

The U.S. military spokesman in Iraq asserted Thursday that major violence is largely confined to just three of the country's 18 provinces, but fighting there raged on with at least 58 people killed in execution-style slayings, bombings and gunbattles.
Well when you say it like that, it all makes sense. Except the one little fact that makes that the dumbest statement ever. The fact that about 50% of the Iraqi population live in those three provinces.

Via Yahoo! News

Welcome to the 'new' Iraq, twinned with the 'new' Afghanistan

Iraq as we know is now the second democracy in the Middle East (ahem), so what better way to celebrate their new found liberty and freedom than by organising anti-Gay death squads. Noble causes and all that?

As violence continues on a daily basis on Iraq, President Bush is continuing his media offensive this week. A town-style meeting in West Virginia Wednesday was his latest in five straight days of appearances. The president has repeatedly lauded what he calls the birth of freedom and democracy in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's oppressive regime.

But yet another story out of the country paints a very different picture.

Shiite death squads in Iraq have been systematically targeting gay Iraqis for persecution and execution. The attacks follow a death-to-gays fatwa issued by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani last October. In a question and answer section of his website, Sistani says homosexuality is "forbidden" and calls for the killing of gays in the "worst, most severe way."

The story comes in this week's issue of Gay City News. It reports that the Badr Corps have heeded Sistani's call and have been targeting gay Iraqis. The Badr Corps is the military arm of the Iranian-backed Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, a powerful Shia group that is the largest political formation in Iraq's Shia community.
Via Democracy Now!

Pajamaline Blogger Bites Feeding Hand

John Cole of Balloon Juice risks his monthly stipend:

In the new Republican era, only fetuses , tax shelters, and ‘traditional’ marriage deserve protection. According to the actions of the current Republican party, the rest of us need to be wiretapped, monitored, have our homes inspected for whatever reason without warrants, and are incapable of making decisions on our own. My 20 year affair with the Republican party is coming to an end. I am not voting for any Republican in 2006 at any level, and I will be hard pressed to vote for this party in 2008- unless, of course, Cindy Sheehan is the Democratic candidate. These ‘conservatives’ need abut 10-15 years in the wilderness.
Cole's post is not featured, linked or mentioned in any way on Pajamaline. It cannot be pleasing to Charles "Squeaky" Johnson and Roger "The Hat" Simon that one of their contracted operatives has dissed The Man. Cole is fucking with the gravy train. He'll be out soon.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another day in Paradise

The headquarters of the anti-terrorist unit in Baghdad was today targeted in a wave of bomb attacks that left at least 56 people dead.

A suicide car bomber struck at the building in the capital's central Karradah district, killing 10 civilians and 15 policeman.

It was the third major assault on a security compound in as many days. Officials at the site investigate major crimes, and had about 20 suspected insurgents in their custody.

More than 35 people, mainly employees at the unit, were wounded, officials added.

A second car bomb hit a market area outside a Shia mosque in the mostly mixed Shia-Sunni neighbourhood of Shurta in the south-west of the city. At least six people were killed and more than 20 wounded, many of them children, police said.

Roadside bombs targeting police patrols killed four others - two policemen and two bystanders - in Baghdad and at least one policeman in Iskandariya, 30 miles south of the city. Police said dozens were wounded.

Another two policemen were killed and two were wounded when gunmen ambushed their convoy in north Baghdad in an attack police said was an aborted attempt to free detainees who were being transferred to the northern city of Mosul.

Elsewhere, throughout the capital, two police were killed in gun battles with insurgents and two civilians, a private contractor and power plant employee, were shot dead in drive-by shootings.

Fourteen more bodies were found in the continuing wave of sectarian killings - six in the capital and eight brought in by US forces to a hospital in Falluja, 40 miles west of Baghdad, police said.

The violence came as it emerged an aide to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, had been captured.

The minister of state for national security, Abdul Karim al-Inazi, identified the captive as Fares Kadhim Lafi, an Iraqi seized in Diyala province.

"He carried out 27 operations, including an attack on a minibus that left nine civilians dead," Mr al-Inazi told the Associated Press. He said security forces had received a tip-off about Mr Lafi's whereabouts.

The interior ministry is a predominantly Shia organisation, and has been heavily infiltrated by members of various Shia militias.

Police ruled out today's assault having been aimed at releasing the prisoners, which was the goal of attacks yesterday on other police facilities.

Insurgents emboldened by a jailbreak that freed more than 30 prisoners north of Baghdad on Tuesday laid siege to another prison south of the capital yesterday.

But coalition troops and a special Iraqi unit thwarted the pre-dawn attack, overwhelming the gunmen and capturing 50 of them, police said.

Victory delayed

Can any lizards here explain to the rest of us how we got from:

(1 May 2003)


(21 March 2006)

What next? Admit defeat?

Let's invade Australia!

Not long ago the lizard overlord showed us how dangerous geography teachers can be (

But the shocking truth of just how scary geography is for a whole lot of Americans is revealed by an antipodean who braved the streets of a US town to ask passers-by which country America should invade next.

Watch and scream.

The 'new' Afghanistan & Iran

It seems the 'new' Afghanistani 'democracy' isn't only concerned with executing people who convert to Christianity, eroding womens rights and generally kow-towing to local warlords. It is now defending Iran and opposing US moves against it. How many coalition lives were lost to secure Iran a new ally?

Afghanistan's foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah said that his country did not share Washington's concerns about Iran as a terrorist threat, saying Kabul has benefitted from Tehran's aid, AFP reported.

In answer to a question at a Washington press conference about alleged evidence of Iranian terrorism in Afghanistan, Abdullah said: "We have established good neighborly relations with almost all our neighboring countries."

"Iran has been helping us in the reconstruction process. Iran has been supportive of the political process in Afghanistan," Abdullah said here after two days of talks with senior Washington officials.

"Friends of Afghanistan have encouraged always promotion of good relations in interactions between Afghanistan and its neighbors," he said, adding that on the question of terrorism, "we don't have evidence of ... efforts against Afghanistan" by Iran.

Abdullah made his remarks after US Assistant Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, at the same press conference, leveled a litany of accusations against Tehran over its role as alleged purveyor of the tools of terrorism to US enemies.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In a lizards world.....

....this is an “anti-discrimination” poster that uses a Lego building block to smear Denmark.

Maybe they should've used a round peg and a square hole instead. Although then again, the rounded peg may resemble a crescent and we all remember what happened last time they saw a crescent.

So when were the Taliban defeated exactly?

This must stick in the craw of all the Republican Christian Bushites out there. Those 'nasty, dhimmi-fied, evil' Europeans are condemning the Afghan regime that is looking to pass a death sentence on an Afghani convert to Christianity. Is the Bush administration doing the same? Is it hell.

The State Department, however, did not urge the U.S. ally in the war against terrorism to terminate the trial. Officials said the Bush administration did not want to interfere with Afghanistan's sovereignty.

Don't worry guys, the statistics are good!

Imagine you're under fire in an Iraqi street. A roadside bomb has just killed one of your fellow soldiers, you're drawing heavy fire from Kalashnikovs and improvised explosives. Things are looking bad. But then one of your fellow troops recites something he read on LGF yesterday.

You can clearly see that the rate of US soldiers lost in the Iraq war is MUCH lower than the lowest fatality rate observed in the US in the year 2000. The average fatality rate of OIF soldiers per year is about 774 soldiers per year.
At that moment everything seems better. You remind yourself that you'll include that in the letter home to the dead soldiers parents. To cheer them up a bit as well.

The desperation for good news has never been so apparent.

All hail the 'new' Afghanistan

This is incredible. How many coalition lives were lost to install this 'democracy'? The 'lizards' will claim that rebuilding Afghanistan was not the mission. Well, lizards the other mission involving the capture of Osama bin Laden didn't go to well either. So for the good of the country and its inhabitants, I think it really would be essential for the Bush Administration to make sure that it doesn't end up in the hands of the local warlords. Woops! Too late.

Think about this: you are the lone female Member of Parliament, you are extremely popular for speaking out against violence, duress, and religion oppression. You face ongoing threats, demonstrations, and heckling – just recently four assassination attempts have been made on your life; during a live TV call-in show a viewer has threatened to kill you, and so on. Yet your government and its supporting Ally withdraw money for your security. Sound like a set-up job for aiding and abetting would-be assassins? This is the situation Malalai Joya, Afghani MP faces when she returns to Afghanistan at the start of April from a month-long tour of the US. While "the world’s premier rent-a-cop business," DynCorp, covers Hamid Karzai’s back on behalf of the US, the one person publicly speaking out against the war lords is being stripped bare of protection. Outrageous? I sure think so.
Via Antiwar Blog

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The question of Haditha reports on the incident that is sure to add another nail in the coffin of George W. Bush's 'noble cause'.

The incident seemed like so many others from this war, the kind of tragedy that has become numbingly routine amid the daily reports of violence in Iraq. On the morning of Nov. 19, 2005, a roadside bomb struck a humvee carrying Marines from Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, on a road near Haditha, a restive town in western Iraq. The bomb killed Lance Corporal Miguel (T.J.) Terrazas, 20, from El Paso, Texas. The next day a Marine communique from Camp Blue Diamond in Ramadi reported that Terrazas and 15 Iraqi civilians were killed by the blast and that "gunmen attacked the convoy with small-arms fire," prompting the Marines to return fire, killing eight insurgents and wounding one other. The Marines from Kilo Company held a memorial service for Terrazas at their camp in Haditha. They wrote messages like "T.J., you were a great friend. I'm going to miss seeing you around" on smooth stones and piled them in a funeral mound. And the war moved on.

But the details of what happened that morning in Haditha are more disturbing, disputed and horrific than the military initially reported. According to eyewitnesses and local officials interviewed over the past 10 weeks, the civilians who died in Haditha on Nov. 19 were killed not by a roadside bomb but by the Marines themselves, who went on a rampage in the village after the attack, killing 15 unarmed Iraqis in their homes, including seven women and three children. Human-rights activists say that if the accusations are true, the incident ranks as the worst case of deliberate killing of Iraqi civilians by U.S. service members since the war began.

Monday, March 20, 2006

After three years, after 150,000 dead, why I was wrong about Iraq

Yes, there is a danger that withdrawal will create a power vacuum exploited by militias, but that is the reality on the ground already. It is unquestionably time to leave Iraq – but will the Bush administration surrender Iraq’s oil, after spending $200bn to grab it, just because the Iraqi people and their own troops want them to?
Johann Hari comes clean and admits he was wrong about Iraq here. It's an extremely interesting and thought provoking read. How long before some of LGF's 'lizards' come to the same conclusion?

"Has Charles lost the plot?"

Asks one of his once loyal Lizards....

Charles has posted a thread that 90% of Indonesian Muslims oppose suicide bombing. And he posts it the other way.
In Indonesia, the showcase “moderate” Islamic state, eleven percent of Muslims say suicide bombings are justifiable, and almost half support stoning adulterers to death:
Of course the shriekers are all over it
Thanks to Reaganite (long time LGF junkie) at Gulf Coast Pundit.
The problem is, we don’t have the audience here. LGF has turned into a valid target for sites such as LGF Watch.
You said it Reaganite! Although Charles Johnson has been a valid target for his Muslim hating, Arab loathing bigotry for a long time now......but well done. You're almost ready to come off the medication.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The 'new' Afghan rulers show their colors

Remember how the invasion of Afghanistan was supposed to sweep away the old Taliban rule and the Bush Administration claimed it as a success in the democratization of the region. Seems like the Afghanis have other ideas.

An Afghan man faces the death penalty for converting to Christianity, an Afghan supreme court judge said on Sunday.

Supreme Court Judge Ansarullah Mawlavizada said that Abdul Rahman, who converted from Islam to Christianity, is in police custody and that he could face the death penalty if he refused to become a Muslim again.
Taken from The Middle East Times

Darfur divestment

Here's a divestment campaign even a lizard could love. And it's starting to bear fruit -- even at the very heart of the nexus of the epicenter of all that is evil in American academia: the University of California.

University of California students celebrated a clear victory Thursday as their regents agreed to take a foreign policy stand and pull millions of investment dollars from war-torn Sudan, where mass killings have left tens of thousands dead.

With 100 students locked arm-in-arm urging divestment, regents voted unanimously during a meeting at UCLA to gradually sell off holdings in nine multinational energy and engineering companies and put economic pressure on the Sudanese government to end the violence.

While the measure didn't go as far as students had originally proposed, it was a significant stride from two months ago when regents offered only a review of four companies. The vote was the second time - since divestment to protest South Africa's apartheid regime in the 1980s - that a human rights issue had influenced the system to sell off interests.

"UC made a decision that was a model. UC can be a catalyst for the nation," said Adam Sterling, a UCLA student and co-chairman of the UC Sudan Divestment Taskforce. Experts agree, saying its significance goes beyond the targeted companies.

We won't be expecting to see any discussion of this in "TheBlogosphere" -- in the world according to Green Footballs Little Media Pajamas, "divestment" and "Darfur" are code words for "anti-Semitism" and "Islamo-Marxist hypocrisy" respectively, and this campaign involves neither. All the more reason for us to hope that this campaign gains momentum and can force real change in Sudan. Because sometimes, divestment is a good idea. And it works.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bin the footballs

Thanks to reader TM for sending in this lovely picture:

Silencing the press

Here's some interesting news. I doubt certain websites will be complaining about the suppression 'freedom of speech' with regards this little bombshell.

The attorney general last night threatened newspapers with the Official Secrets Act if they revealed the contents of a document allegedly relating to a dispute between Tony Blair and George Bush over the conduct of military operations in Iraq.

It is believed to be the first time the Blair government has threatened newspapers in this way. Though it has obtained court injunctions against newspapers, the government has never prosecuted editors for publishing the contents of leaked documents, including highly sensitive ones about the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, last night referred editors to newspaper reports yesterday that described the contents of a memo purporting to be at the centre of charges against two men under the secrets act.

Under the front-page headline "Bush plot to bomb his ally", the Daily Mirror reported that the US president last year planned to attack the Arabic television station al-Jazeera, which has its headquarters in Doha, the capital of Qatar, where US and British bombers were based.

Richard Wallace, editor of the Daily Mirror, said last night: "We made No 10 fully aware of the intention to publish and were given 'no comment' officially or unofficially. Suddenly 24 hours later we are threatened under section 5 [of the secrets act]".

Under section 5 it is an offence to have come into the possession of government information, or a document from a crown servant, if that person discloses it without lawful authority. The prosecution has to prove the disclosure was damaging.

The Mirror said the memo turned up in May last year at the constituency office of the former Labour MP for Northampton South, Tony Clarke. Last week, Leo O'Connor, a former researcher for Mr Clarke, was charged with receiving a document under section 5 of the act. David Keogh, a former Foreign Office official seconded to the Cabinet Office, was charged last week with making a "damaging disclosure of a document relating to international relations". Mr Keogh, 49, is accused of sending the document to Mr O'Connor, 42, between April 16 and May 28 2004.

Mr Clarke said yesterday that Mr O'Connor "did the right thing" by drawing the document to his attention. Mr Clarke, an anti-war MP who lost his seat at the last election, returned the document to the government. "As well as an MP, I am a special constable," he said.

Both men were released on police bail last Thursday to appear at Bow Street magistrates court on November 29. When they were charged, newspapers reported that the memo contained a transcript of a discussion between Mr Blair and Mr Bush.

The conversation was understood to have taken place during a meeting in the US. It is believed to reveal that Mr Blair disagreed with Mr Bush about aspects of the Iraq war. There was widespread comment at the time that the British government was angry about US military tactics there, particularly in the city of Falluja.

Charges under the secrets act have to have the consent of the attorney-general. His intervention yesterday suggests that the prosecution plans to ask the judge to hold part, if not all of the trial, in camera, with the public and press excluded.
Via Common Dreams

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Robert Scheer gets straight to the point over at the Huffington Post.

What is he thinking? On a day when Shiite vigilantes conducted hangings in Sadr City in reprisal for the killing of scores of their co-religionists in a market bombing, President Bush continued to insist that progress in Iraq justified staying the course.

"By their response over the past two weeks, Iraqis have shown the world that they want a future of freedom and peace," he said Monday.

"We're helping Iraqis build a strong democracy so that old resentments will be eased and the insurgency marginalized."

Contrast that fantasy with the same day's harsh news: "In Sadr City, the Shiite section in Baghdad where the terrorist suspects were executed, government forces vanished," reported the New York Times. "The streets are ruled by aggressive teenagers with shiny soccer jerseys and machine guns. They set up roadblocks and poke their heads into cars and detain whomever they want. Mosques blare warnings on loudspeakers for American troops to stay out. Increasingly, the Americans have been doing just that."

The next day, 87 corpses, all male, were found scattered throughout the city, shot or strangled after being bound and blindfolded. This, in turn, was in apparent reprisal for a series of bombings on Sunday targeting Shiite civilians which killed 58 and wounded 300, according to Iraq's Health Ministry.

Of course, the drip-drip of American troop deaths continues, as Lance Cpl. Bunny Long, 22, of Modesto, Calif., will be coming home in a flag-draped casket after being killed Friday by a suicide, vehicle-borne, IED.

If such constant mayhem is taken as a sign of progress, three years after the U.S. invasion, then Bush surely will be thrilled by what the future holds. The British, on the other hand, have seen the handwriting on the wall and once again have begun to flee an imperial disappointment in Mesopotamia, announcing they are reducing their forces by 10 percent. Clearly, London has grasped what Bush cannot: The three-year occupation by Western armies is an incitement to guerrilla violence, not an impediment.

The phony blog ecosystem

The Fascist Oar dissects the 'blog ecosystem' that the wingnuts rely on to maintain the lie that they rule the blogosphere.

What about Theo Van Gogh?

The next time somebody tries to use Theo Van Gogh as a figure of pity and a symbol of 'freedom of speech' on LGF they may want to check this out.

Van Gogh also wrote many anti-Semitic articles. In an article in the Amsterdam university magazine Folia in the beginning of the eighties he had Jewish writer Leon de Winter perform the “Treblinka love game” with “a piece of barbed wire” around his “dick”. He also fantasized about “copulating yellow stars in the gas chamber”. In this way he reproduced the anti-Semite myth of the perverse sexual drives, which supposedly completely dominate the Jewish existence. According to Van Gogh, even in the gas chambers this drive got the better of them. He also wrote that Jewish historian Evelien Gans had “wet dreams” about having sex with Mengele. In the anti-Semitic tradition Jews always sought contact with the devil, in this case with the unscrupulous concentration camp doctor.

Van Gogh liked to wrap his anti-Semitism in ‘humor’. For instance, he had Jewish TV talk show host Sonja Barend say outside a camp barrack: “And tomorrow a healthy awakening”. (Which is what she always said at the end of her shows.) He also proposed to make a happy family movie “about a small girl, who, during half of the war, keeps calling the Gestapo: come and get me, come and get me, my dairy is ready!... and they do not come.” He also ‘joked’: “What smells of caramel here? Today they are only burning Jews with diabetes”. (Diabetes is called “sugar disease” in Dutch.) Van Gogh argued that Jews abuse their black past, and wanted to end their “whining” about the Shoah. With this kind of ‘jokes’ he wanted to banalize the concentration camps. But by doing so he cooperated in denying the misery of Auschwitz.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Comment is free, apparently

What have Glenn Reynolds, Arianna Huffington, Azzam Tamini, Gary Younge, Steve Bell and George Galloway got in common?

They all contribute to LGF's favourite British liberal newspaper's new enterprise, the Comment is free blog. What will the 'Lizards' think of Pajamas man Reynolds sharing a platform with Galloway? The mind boggles. It's such a pity Reynolds doesn't concentrate on getting this kind of content for Pajamas Media. It would make it a whole lot more interesting.

UPDATE: This from Pajamas Media:

April Fools may be coming early this year at Adloyada, but the blog is reporting a virtual earthquake at England’s most religiously leftwing of all its dailies - The Guardian.Today’s paper publishes a column by self-described neocon Oliver Kamm. Adloyada says that’s only the beginning with the likes of Melanie Phillips, Mark Steyn, Norm Geras, David Aronovitch and even David T. of Harry’s Place being mooted as star columnists for the “Grauniad.” We’re skeptical but interested.
No mention of Glenn writing for the 'Grauniad's new mega blog? Could it be Glenn hasn't told his other Pajamanistas that he's contributing to a far superior version of Pajamas website? We wonder.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Proud liberal, George Clooney

LGF's second least favourite actor (Sean Penn is obviously numero uno) defends his political beliefs.

I am a liberal. And I make no apologies for it. Hell, I'm proud of it.


Bottom line: it's not merely our right to question our government, it's our duty. Whatever the consequences. We can't demand freedom of speech then turn around and say, But please don't say bad things about us. You gotta be a grown up and take your hits.
From The Huffington Post

Sunday, March 12, 2006

March for Free Expression

Following last month's brouhaha over the cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, and the - some say shameful - protests against them by religious extremists in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, a loose alliance of free speech advocats has called for a demonstration in favour of freedom of expression on Saturday 25 March in cities across the world.

The aim is to support the principle that free speech, even if it is offensive to some, is one of the key means of safeguarding the free exchange of ideas in a democratic society.

LGFWatch wholeheartedly supports this cause. We hope you do too, and turn out in large numbers on 25 March in London, Sydney, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago and Berlin

Charles and the 'Screw Them' Lizards

Reader PM sent us a couple more Lizard quotes about the murder of Tom Fox:

#140 neverquit 3/11/2006 09:50PM PST

The man was a fool. I don't feel the least bit sorry about it. jmho.

#142 Apu Pibat 3/11/2006 09:56PM PST

The more I hear about this, the more all I have to say is "good riddance"

#149 scribe 3/11/2006 10:04PM PST

To repeat:

A useful idiot and his life is soon parted.

#150 Merovign 3/11/2006 10:21PM PST
In other words, Tom Fox was an intellectual, spiritual, and physical parasite.

#161 gonzo 3/11/2006 11:46PM PST


"And....if you somehow thought that the LGFers were being 'too kind' regarding Tom Fox, user 'Albertanator' has something to say:"

#162 Albertanator 3/12/2006 12:06AM PST

I think many of you here are being too kind to the memory of this man.....

Yes, no one should die this way and the Islamic trash that did this needs to be taken down asap...

However, as a Christian myself, I absolutely despise groups like CPT who are blinded by radical left wing hatred of America and Israel......they truly are an embarrassement to Christ and His Church....

And as for as Mr. Fox goes, I rather doubt he loved his enemies....I'm sure he had a good hate on for the Jews of Israel........

Really folks, CPT and its deranged followers can wrap themselves in a veener of 'christianity' but at the heart of it, they are part of the enemy and quite possible a evil organization!

Whenever I think of CPT and that ilk, the word Scum comes to mind...

God Forgive me but I am having a hard time working up a whole lot of compassion for the people that were taken hostage.....I hope the rest do not suffer horrible deaths but their is the principle of reaping and sowing...

SAS soldier refuses to fight alongside US troops

It would be interesting to see how LGF'ers claim that this soldier was not fit for service or that he is some sort of coward.

Here's a soldier with an perfect record and a wealth of experience. So disgusted was he with the US Army's treatment of Iraqis and the illegal acts committed in the name of the 'War on Terror' he laid down his rifle and quit the Army he loved.

An SAS soldier has refused to fight in Iraq and has left the Army over the "illegal" tactics of United States troops and the policies of coalition forces.

After three months in Baghdad, Ben Griffin told his commander that he was no longer prepared to fight alongside American forces.

He said he had witnessed "dozens of illegal acts" by US troops, claiming they viewed all Iraqis as "untermenschen" - the Nazi term for races regarded as sub-human.


Mr Griffin, 28, who spent two years with the SAS, said the American military's "gung-ho and trigger happy mentality" and tactics had completely undermined any chance of winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi population. He added that many innocent civilians were arrested in night-time raids and interrogated by American soldiers, imprisoned in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, or handed over to the Iraqi authorities and "most probably" tortured.


"I did not join the British Army to conduct American foreign policy," he said. He expected to be labelled a coward and to face a court martial and imprisonment after making what "the most difficult decision of my life" last March.

Instead, he was discharged with a testimonial describing him as a "balanced, honest, loyal and determined individual who possesses the strength of character to have the courage of his convictions".

Last night Patrick Mercer, the shadow minister for homeland security, said: "Trooper Griffin is a highly experienced soldier. This makes his decision particularly disturbing and his views and opinions must be listened to by the Government."

"He deserved to die"

Even when a couple of 'Lizards' show some humanity and dignity in expressing sympathy and sorrow at the torture and murder of a US peace activist, there are some at LGF who just can't hide their glee.

#137 Promethea 3/11/2006 09:46PM PST

OK, now I've read the entire thread, and maybe I'm missing something.

Why do so many LGFers express their sympathy for this evil man? He was helping our enemies. He deserved to die.

I'm against torture because it's painful and icky, but I think this horrible traitor got what he deserved. Just because he called himself a "Christian" and a "Peacemaker" doesn't mean that he was a good person. He was a BAD man. He was helping murderers. Good riddance.

I'm sure Mohammad himself had issues, was crazy, was naive, could have used a psychiatrist, etc. But the world would be a better place today if he'd been killed before he got to Yathrib.

Sometimes the death of bad people is the best solution. I don't think Fox "meant well." I think he wanted people like me to be killed. He was a Jew hater, and I'm a Jew. Goodbye Mr. Fox.
Disgusting, and just in case you thought that kind of moronic 'opinion' was isolated.
#138 Bill K. 3/11/2006 09:46PM PST

Fox and his fellow travelers are getting their just desserts. They have in one way or another given hope and encouragement to the murderous scum that did them in or will do them in.

It's just too bad that a non-entity like Fox fell into the sub-humans clutches instead of someone who would be much deserving of such a fate, like Ward Churchill.
So Ward Churchill deserves to be tortured and murdered for his views? Aren't these the same people who were so vocal in their defence of 'freedom of speech at all costs' a couple of weeks ago?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gun nuts

Is this the craziest thing you've ever heard? How can people seriously talk about 'taking firearms into the workplace'? How is it protecting peoples rights when companies have no control who brings weapons into their buildings?

The National Rifle Association has launched a 50-state campaign to pass "take-your-guns-to-work" laws that would turn companies into criminals if they barred guns on their private property. The Brady Center's new report: Forced Entry: The National Rifle Association's Campaign To Force Businesses To Accept Guns At Work blows the whistle on the NRA's strategy and explains how it tramples property rights and the right of businesses to set the terms and conditions of work. It also conflicts with companies' federal obligation to provide a safe workplace. Gun violence in the workplace is a serious national problem. Forcing guns into that setting can only make the problem worse.

* 77% of workplace homicides are committed with firearms.

* Murder is the leading cause of injury-related death for women in the workplace.

* 60% of major employers said in a 2005 survey that disgruntled employees had threatened to assault or kill senior managers in the last year.

* A May 2005 study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that workplaces where guns were permitted were 5 to 7 times more likely to be the site of a workplace homicide compared to workplaces where guns are prohibited.

* Dozens of workplace shootings occur every year.

Via The Brady Campaign

Friday, March 10, 2006

A deafening silence

Blogger and regular LGFW reader Elemental takes a look at what the wingnut-o-sphere has had to say about the death threats made against outspoken teacher Jay Bennish, who compared President Bush's actions to those of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

It's a revealing investigation...

Beyond chutzpah, first on your right when you get to comedy

The new Van Gogh (see post below) came up with this corker yesterday.

That’s why mainstream media pays those big bucks for fact checkers.
This coming from the guy who's 'media' company didn't even bother to check if its original name was copyrighted. And then had the chutzpah to tell 'untruths' about who owned it. All at a cost of $7 million dollars of some schmucks money.

What was he responding to I hear you ask? It was the claim that the Iraq war was grinding into it's fourth year.

I missed it on first read, but Confederate Yankee points out that the war in Iraq is now “grinding” into its third year, not its fourth.
Actually it's grinding into its fourth year Charles. It started in March 2003.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Charles Johnson. A Van Gogh of our time.

Pamela Gellar Oshry aka Atlas Shrugs is mad. You all knew that right? Mad as a box of frogs in fact. Here's part of a hilarious interview she gave Blogometer.

Who is your favorite political blogger?

Little Green Footballs. Hands down. When the history books are written, Charles Johnson will surely go down as a great American that made a critical difference between victory and defeat. His role has been largely ignored but so what? Most of the greats are ignored in their time. Van Gogh was ignored in his time too, although I don't think Charles can draw... but you get my meaning. The media wants Charles and the blogs for that matter to just go away. But just the opposite is happening, the blogs are dictating the national dialog. What's on the blogs today, is in the news 3,4 sometimes a week later.
Thanks for this gut bustingly funny interview has to go to The Blogometer and the commenter Pilsen Books in the comments section.

PS Pamela, how exactly is Charlie boy dictating the national dialog better than the MSM? That's who he cuts and pastes. I guess love is blind.

Rats leaving the sinking ship

These are the right-wing intellectuals who demanded George Bush invade Iraq. Now they admit they got it wrong. Are you listening, Mr President?

I wonder what it would take for Charles Johnson to be added to this list? The only thing I can think of is George W. Bush converting to Islam.

William Buckley Jnr


'One can't doubt the objective in Iraq has failed ... Iraqi animosities have proved uncontainable by an army of 130,000 Americans. Different plans have to be made. And the kernel here is the acknowledgement of defeat.'

Francis Fukuyama


'By invading Iraq, the Bush administration created a self-fulfilling prophecy: Iraq has now replaced Afghanistan as a magnet, a training ground and an operational base for jihadists, with plenty of American targets to shoot at.'

Richard Perle


'The military campaign and its political aftermath were both passionately debated within the Bush administration. It got the war right and the aftermath wrong We should have understood that we needed Iraqi partners.'

Andrew Sullivan


'The world has learnt a tough lesson, and it has been a lot tougher for those tens of thousands of dead, innocent Iraqis ... than for a few humiliated pundits. The correct response is not more spin but a sense of shame and sorrow.'

George Will


'Almost three years after the invasion, it is still not certain whether, or in what sense, Iraq is a nation. And after two elections and a referendum on the constitution, Iraq barely has a government.'
Via Independent Online Edition

The rest of the story

Our fascist friends over at the Brussels Journal have their panties in a wad again, this time over the large gains made by left-wing parties in yesterday's municipal elections in the Netherlands.

Belien cites an Elsevier article:

The center-right VVD, the party of famous Dutch policians such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Frits Bolkestein, received only 1% of the immigrant vote. The CDA got 3%, the SP 5% and Green Left 7%.

Ooooh, scary! We're all gonna DIE!!

But -- perhaps counting on the fact that very few of his most avid fans understand Dutch -- he conveniently neglected to mention another passage from the same article:
De opkomst onder de allochtonen was traditiegetrouw laag: gemiddeld 37 procent in de vier steden. Onder Turken was de opkomst hoger. Zo ging in Amsterdam 44 procent van hen naar de stembus en in Rotterdam zelfs 55 procent. Van de Marokkanen die mochten stemmen nam 35 procent de moeite en van de Surinamers en Antillianen 24 procent.

Oh, sorry. Here it is again in English:
Turnout among allochtonen [foreign-born people, and those with at least one foreign-born parent -ed.] was low, as usual: an average of 37% in the four cities [of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda, and Arnhem]. Turnout among Turks was higher. In Amsterdam 44% of them went to the polls; in Rotterdam, as many as 55%. Among Moroccans eligible to vote, 35% took the trouble; among Surinamers and Antilleans the figure was 24%.

When one considers the fact that Moroccans are by far the most frequently demonized group of allochtonen in the Netherlands, the fact that 80% of 35% of eligible Moroccan voters supported the Labour Party is somewhat less than earth-shattering.

But wait! There's more!
the point of the story is bollocks and even the slightest grasp of mathematics will tell you why.

There are 2 million "non-Western allochtones" (1st and 2nd generation) in NL. Only 1 million of those were eligible to vote in these elections (source). Less than 40 percent, or 400,000, of those actually voted. Of those who voted, 80 percent voted for PvdA [Labour Party -ed.]. That makes 320,000 at most. The PvdA has always been popular among non-Western allochtones. If, say, 40 percent of them already voted for PvdA in the last elections (a very conservative estimate), then the number of extra votes for PvdA from this part of the population comes to 160,000 at most. This "80 percent of non-Western allochtones who voted voted for PvdA" is the only statistic Belien can have in mind, as there were no other relevant statistics. However, although almost all muslims are non-Western allochtones, far from all non-Western allochtones are muslims. There are about 1 million muslims in NL, or half of the number of non-Western allochtones. This fact could bring the number of extra votes from muslims for PvdA in these elections down to about 80,000.

Still with me?

Now, how many extra votes do you think PvdA got in these elections as compared to the last one? 80,000? Nope: 670,000. The assertion that the muslim vote is responsible for the PvdA victory is therefore ridiculous. The Volkskrant article quoted by Belien therefore states no such thing. Moreover, the other party gaining massively in the last elections was the SP, who are not very popular among allochtones. The shift towards the left-wing parties occured across the board.

Belien also neglects to mention the widely-publicised fact that the tendency for allochtones for the past 20 years had been to vote increasingly for parties like VVD and CDA [right-wing governing parties -ed.] as well. VVD and CDA have apparently managed to succesfully alienate this part of their electorate over the past 4 years.

Thus, we can safely conclude that Belien's blaring headline, "Muslim vote tips the balance in the Netherlands," is misleading. No, on second thought -- it's an outright lie. No wonder Little Green Media Pajamas Footballs are so fond of him!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Arab Pakistan? Only in Bushworld.

Remember, Chuckles Johnson doesn't like anybody pointing out that his President is stupid. So we'll let Bush's own words do it for him.

I believe that a democratic, prosperous Pakistan will be a steadfast partner for America, a peaceful neighbor for India and a force for freedom and moderation in the Arab world.
Ah, the well known Arab state that is Pakistan.

Via A Big Stick and a Small Carrot

Charles Johnson hates America

Chuckles Johnson happily reprints the following rubbish from one of his 'readers'.

In contrast to the opinions and feelings of today’s Hollywood, the real actors of yesteryear loved the United States.
Does that really need to be fisked? Is loving the USA based on not criticising an impotent, corrupt and deceitful administration? Is loving the USA being shameless war junkie?

They had both class and integrity. With the advent of World War II, many of our actors went to fight rather than stand and rant against this country we all love. They gave up their wealth, position, and fame to become service men and women, many as simple “enlisted men”.
Is this idiot seriously trying to make parallels between the fight against German Nazism and Japanese imperialism with the current 'War on Terror'? Is he seriously saying that to love ones country, one must join the military? If that's so Charles Johnson and his chickenhawk buddies are the biggest America haters on the block!

A story you won't read about on LGF

A Burbank man pleaded guilty Monday to trying to intimidate a Muslim family in 2003 by throwing a fireworks-type explosive into their unoccupied van.

Eric K. Nix, 27, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of criminal interference with the right to fair housing. The plea came two days before Nix's trial was set to begin in federal court in Chicago.

Nix's case is unusual because he was charged in federal court in July after he had already been convicted in state court of misdemeanor charges stemming from the same incident.

Nix pleaded guilty "blind," or with no plea agreement, in federal court. But in a written statement, Nix admitted that he had targeted the family because they were of Arab descent and had chosen to live in Burbank.

In the statement, Nix also said that he regretted his conduct.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly is to sentence Nix on June 8.

Selective hearing

A few days ago Charles pounced on a BBC Radio 4 program which mocked the American Left's bumper stickers. Kudos to him for overcoming his BBC-phobia and linking to it.

But of course praise for the BBC has its limits. Charles did not, naturally, link to the subsequent item in the radio program, a review of America's efforts at establishing democracy in the Middle East.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Those damned Buddhists!

Some of you may have heard that there is a mass movement in Thailand trying to oust the current Prime Minister, who stands accused of corruption on a massive scale.

Pictures and reports from the protest can be found here. One interesting picture is the one below, not so much for the swastika, which has become a general symbol of evil across the world, but the comparison of Thaksin with Bush.

And Charles: Most Thais are Buddhist, not Muslim. Get your head around that!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Brokeback Minyan

The outpouring of glee in "TheBlogosphere" over the failure of Brokeback Mountain to win the Best Picture Oscar® may turn out to be short-lived.

The top lawmaking body of Conservative Judaism is poised to vote next week on whether to overturn the movement's ban on same-sex marriages and the ordination of openly gay clergy.

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, a 25-member panel of rabbis and lay leaders, will convene next week in Maryland to revisit its 1992 consensus statement on homosexuality. In recent years, pressure to reopen the issue has come from lay people through the movement's congregational arm, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, as well as from rabbinical students and rabbis.

How will the lovely Pamela -- Pajamastan's favorite Randian -- cope with this news? Presumably by launching further diatribes against her nemesis -- a pudgy, fashion-challenged, middle-aged man whom she describes as a "little girl", then a few sentences later as a "woman" (that was one quick puberty, that was!). His supporters are apparently "animals" whose "misogyny knows no bounds."

No, I'm not making this up.

Pamela honey, once you're done wiping Bolton's spooge off your chin and reapplying your lip gloss, maybe you could ask your fellow AIPAC conference attendees what they think about the prospect of feygeleh rabbis. Keeping in mind that virulent homophobia -- not to mention general cuntiness -- is a hallmark of our Islamo-fascist enemies.

Free Speech, back in 1938

RS points us to an interesting piece of information dug up by Lawrence of Cyberia, who found the following choice quote in a 1938 edition of Jyllands Posten, the Danish newspaper which published the controversial Muhammed cartoons:

"You have to admit Germany its clear right to rid itself of its Jews. But one must insist that it happens in a decent manner."

To put these words in some sort of context, they were published in an editorial commenting on the events of Kristallnacht.

As RS puts it, you wonder "what Little Green Footballs and Jyllands-Posten’s other Jewish supporters would make of the newspaper’s support for Hitler’s policy of ridding Germany (and the world) of Jews?"

Reckless misuse

David Clark, former Labour governmental advisor has the following to say in the wake of the Ken Livingston affair.

Real anti-semitism is a serious and growing problem, and there is a need for political consensus about how to tackle it. But debate is poisoned and consensus becomes difficult when allegations of anti-semitism are bandied about for reasons that have nothing to do with fighting racism. An inquiry that wants to confront anti-semitism should also confront those who cheapen the term through reckless misuse.
I doubt the likes of Charles Johnson and Pamela Gellar Oshry would even begin to understand what he's saying.

(Emphasis mine)

For Sale: Everything

More UAE deals? You betcha! Perhaps it's time to make a list of major companies not in foreign hands. It may save time.

"The Bush administration said on Thursday it was investigating the national security implications of Dubai International Capital's £700m ($1.227bn) takeover of Doncasters Group, the UK engineering company, following an uproar in Congress over the acquisition of five container terminals and other port operations by a sister company, Dubai Ports World.

Robert Kimmitt, the deputy US Treasury secretary, told a Senate committee that Cfius, the agency that reviews foreign takeovers of US assets, was conducting a 45-day review of the deal because security concerns had not been resolved in a preliminary probe. Doncasters is a leading supplier to makers of aircraft and jet engines that operates US plants."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pajamaline Pammy

James Wolcott breaks a promise. Meanwhile, Pamela mentions she's "interviewing" John Bolton to which a fan on her site posts:


If you end up blowing Bolton will you take a picture of him with his cock in your mouth and you giving the thumbs up?

That'd be cool.

UPDATE: Direct from LGF's post linking to Pammy's interview (I always thought that meant asking interesting questions though) here's two comments that go perfectly with the photo above.

#1 Ed Mahmoud abu al Qahool Martyr Brigades 3/6/2006 09:39AM PST

That Bolton is a lucky guy.

#4 Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus 3/6/2006 09:41AM PST

Wow, how'd she swing that interview?

Oh, wait...

UPDATE #2: LGF Watch has been sent a Memory Stick left in Pamela's hotel room. Following is a transcript of the contents:
Pammy: So, wow. I can't believe this. Me and the Ambassador...
Bolton: Get ya a drink?
Pammy: Be proud to drink with you, Sir.
Bolton: Pinot Noir, right?
Pammy: How did you know?
Bolton: Oh, I know a lot about you.
Pammy: Little me?
Bolton: Oh yeah. NSA hooked me up with your blog
Pammy: I love the NSA.
Bolton: I saw the pictures of you. That conservative Tee for Black Five... yummy. A little more?
Pammy: (giggle) You getting me drunk?
Bolton: Hahaha.
Pammy: Because when I get drunk, I get wild...
Bolton: I love that picture of you with Glen doing that... you know..
Pammy: Thumbs up?
Bolton: Uh, no. More like squeezing... With your... magnificent... Mmmm.
Pammy: No. No.. you see the leftists... they are disgusting....
Bolton: You wrote some nice things about me. Got me kinda hot. Ooh ya.
Pammy: Oh, and I meant them. You are such a friend of Israel and such... a brave warrior!
Bolton: Thank you.. It's very stressful, the Commander always calling, "we got any more dirt on fuckface? That's what he calls Kofi.
Pammy: I hate Kofi. So, Mr Ambassador.. my interview, what if the Koreans get a long-range rocket?
Bolton: Speaking of rockets...
(noise of unzipping)
Pammy: Mr Ambassador!
Bolton: My rocket is ready for launch.
Pammy: I shouldn't be doing this...
Bolton: You're helping the nation...
Pammy: Mmmm.. mmmm... mmmm....
(remainder of tape: grunting and slurping noises...)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

State of concern

Bush 'concerned' over Danish cartoons: Musharraf

"I did touch on the very thorny issue of the act -- the blasphemous act -- against our prophet, peace be upon him," Musharraf said at a joint news conference with Bush.

"I did express the concerns of the Muslim world in general to condemn such acts and who reject the issue of justifying these acts in the name of freedom of press."

Musharraf added: "May I say that the president did show concern, and I am extremely grateful to him for showing concern towards the sentiments of the Muslim world."

How long till the 'Bush = Dhimmi' headlines erupt over at Pajamas Little Media Green Footballs?

No Randyness at LGF

Yesterday, a South California former Congressman received the heaviest prison sentence ever meted out to a top US politician. But corruption in Washington obviously isn't an issue for Charles Johnson, because while there's plenty about the local arts scene (Rachel Corrie play), university shenanigans (USC Irvine) and fancy architecture (Lloyd Wright chapel), CJ seems at a loss for words when it comes to commenting on elected officials pocketing millions from arms manufacturers.

Fancy that!

Saba Rawi update

There have been some encouraging developments in the case of Saba Rawi, a gay Iranian refugee whom the Dutch government is threatening to repatriate, even though homosexuality in Iran is punishable by death.

Yesterday, the Dutch newspaper reported that gay Iranians aren't the only ones facing extradition -- so are Iranian Christians, and now the Dutch Council of Churches has joined in the clamor against Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk. As has Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

The Lower House temporarily wants to prevent Minister Verdonk from sending any failed asylum-seekers back to Iran. A majority in the House has said that Verdonk should continue with the current moratorium [on deportations].

According to Minister Verdonk, homosexuals and Christians in Iran need not fear persecution or other dangers as long as they keep their sexual orientation or faith to themselves. She thinks that these refugees must be sent back as soon as they're denied a residence permit.

The PvdA, SP, GroenLinks [three leftist opposition parties], D66 [centrist party, member of the governing coalition], and ChristenUnie [conservative Christian opposition party] are not convinced that it's safe for them in such a strict Islamic country. Churches have expressed concerns too. The CDA and VVD [right-wing governing parties] want a debate first. VVD'er [Ayaan] Hirsi Ali [well-known anti-Muslim dissident who is also a member of the Lower House]: 'That must not happen. It contradicts our refugee policy, because after they return, those people face persecution.'

The Dutch gay organization COC notes that the story is finally garnering widespread coverage in the Dutch media. "TheBlogosphere" has started to take notice too -- as opposed to the small-b blogosphere, i.e. the vast world outside the Pajamas stable, which discovered this story several days ago. From PeakTalk:
Verdonk is making the wrong call here, sure, but given the sensitivity of the case I do believe that the department of foreign affairs does a thorough enough job to unearth all the evidence before it makes one. Although statements made by Iranian authorities are by their very nature, questionable.

So: poorly crafted decision, wrong call, terrible precedent.

Interesting that a European government should be so willing to trust the Iranian government's word on its treatment of gays and Christians, but not on other issues -- like, oh, I don't know, say, its nuclear policy.

Today's Volkskrant has more:
Inside and outside the Lower House, there is an outcry over Minister Verdonk's decision to deport failed gay and Christian asylum-seekers to Iran. A majority of the House has asked the minister not to take "any irreversible steps" until talks with her have been held.

D66 lader Van der Laan has called the deportation decision "completely misguided, naïve, and irresponsible." She says that according to research done by human-rights organizations, Iran is "simply unsafe" for gays.

Whether or not gays in Iran can be executed simply for being gay, or only if they're caught engaging in homosexual behavior, or only if there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. allegations of sexual abuse of minors), one thing about Rawi's case seems pretty clear. The COC, apparently referring to Rawi, remarks:
Next week in the Netherlands, there will be another case involving an Iranian asylum-seeker who is involved with the Iranian gay organization PGLO. The fate of this man is also cause for concern if a decision is made to send him back to Iran. All the more because his name regularly shows up on the Internet and his connection to homosexuality can be traced.

The Christian Union, the Council of Churches, the political left, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Holland's largest gay organization, all united against Rita Verdonk. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Israeli company backs UAE

A leading Israeli company responds to Hilary Clinton's concerns over the UAE ports deal (and Charles' funnily enough). Chances this letter get's aired on LGF? Slim.

February 22, 2006

Dear Senator Clinton,

We are the owner of the largest Israeli shipping line in the world, Zim. In light of the concerns and misinformation about DP World in the US media, we want to put on record our support for the company.

For the past many years we have been pleased to have DP World as our business partner, supporting our operations by providing services at key marine terminals around the world, including in the UAE.

As an Israeli company, security is of the utmost importance to us and we require rigorous security measures from terminal operators in every country in which we operate, but especially in Arab countries, and we are very comfortable calling at DP World’s Dubai ports. During our long association with DP World, we have not experienced a single security issue in those ports or in any of the terminals operated by DP World and have received exemplary service that enhances our efficiency and the smooth running of our operations.

DP World has been an industry leader with regard to security and works closely with us on an on-going basis to maintain the highest security standards in all its terminals around the world.

We are proud to be associated with DP World and look forward to working with them into the future.

Yours Truly,

Idan Ofer
Chairman of the Board
Via Dennis The Peasant

Channel 4: Blogging Iran

In a groundbreaking move, Jon Snow and the Channel 4 News team will be broadcasting, blogging and podcasting from Iran starting 6 March 2006

News from Iran

Some posts are already up, and are well worth a look.

Pointing the finger at a bigot

Dennis The Peasant accuses Charles Johnson of playing the race card and being an anti-Muslim bigot over Chuckles scraping of the barrel when it comes to the Port Security and DPW story. In ohter breaking news, shocking revelations that the Pope may well be Catholic.

So let’s think this through, shall we?

Human rights groups identify a problem of child exploitation/abuse linked to camel racing in the UAE. The government of the UAE takes the correct steps to end the exploitation/abuse and then returns the exploited/abused children to their homes.

Charles Johnson thinks this is horrible.

Of course, if the UAE allowed the exploitation/abuse to continue...

Charles Johnson would find that horrible, too.

At least in theory. In actuality he’d be overjoyed, as it would simply provide one more example of the perfidy of Muslims. Not that Charles is biased, or anything.

In Charles’ world, there is no correct thing a Muslim can do: If they end the exploitation, they’re savages. If they don’t, they’re savages.

But mind you, Charles isn’t Islamophobic... Oh, no, no, no! Charles is a realist!

Oh yes, I almost forgot: The National Security implications of underage camel jockeys on port operations and security in the United States. Well...

What is Charles hiding under that ponytail?

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Whenever the EU, or one of its constituent states, cravenly panders to the most reactionary and murderous manifestations of radical Islam, Little Pajamas Green Media Footballs are usually among the first to react to the latest 'Eurabian' outrage.

But not this time.

The right-wing Dutch government, which has been consumed by anti-immigrant hysteria ever since the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, is about to decide whether a gay Iranian refugee should be returned to the Islamic Republic, where he faces almost certain death. The blanket amnesty that had been granted to gays and lesbians fleeing Ahmadinejad's pogrom after the widely publicized execution of two gay men last summer is about to expire. Which means that refugees from Iran's anti-gay terror will -- in the interest of making the Netherlands Moslimvrij -- will be deported and murdered. The allegedly tolerant Dutch would apparently prefer to do Ahmadinejad's Islamo-fascist bidding, than allow a refugee from Islamist tyranny to live in freedom in their precious Nederland. Or, if you'll excuse a neologism: Neder-iran.

What will Charles and Roger and Tammy and Pamela and Gay Patriot say?

What would Pim do?

What will you do?

We didn't know lizards read books

You know Charles is getting petty when he c&p's a post from some guy called Dean Barnett who "notices a strange 'coincidence'" in the Amazon sales rankings for books by Glenn Reynolds and Mark Moulitsas: the former's book is higher than the latter's despite the latter's site stats being higher than the former's!

Wow. And Charles has an explanation: "it simply shows how deep the convictions of the Kos Krowd go". There you go: lower Amazon rank = dodgy politics. Why didn't we think of that?

Well, as reader TN points out:

[Charles] of course does not mention that Markos has pushed people to buy the book directly via his publisher (ChelseaGreen). Nor that liberals often prefer to Amazon (Powells is not even carrying Reynolds' book). Either way, Amazon numbers aren't a good sample of overall sales, especially since they reflect only *that day's* sales.

Just a few minutes of research could have confirmed this fact, but then again this is LGF.

One LGF commenter did point this out, but was shouted down.

The weird and wonderful world of LGF, eh? Now they're arguing about book sales...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The growing storm

It seems like some high profile Republicans are jumping on the Justdanny letter bandwagon.

The first heading on the issues page of Rep. Mark Foley's Web site brags that he is "one of President Bush's strongest supporters in Congress." The Florida Republican voted for the president's legislation 90 percent of the time, according to the Web site, "the 3rd highest ranking among the Florida delegation."

Now the Florida delegation's third-strongest Bush supporter is on the front lines of the Republican revolt against the president on the deal to turn over key operations at six U.S. ports to a United Arab Emirates company. Republicans who once marched in lock step behind their president on national security are increasingly willing to challenge him in an area considered his political strength.

The signs of GOP discontent have been building in the past few months. Dissident Republicans in Congress forced Bush to sign a measure banning torture of detainees despite his initial veto threat, blocked renewal of the USA Patriot Act until their civil liberties concerns were addressed and pressured the White House into accepting legislation on its secret eavesdropping program. By the time the port deal came to light, the uprising was no longer limited to dissidents.

A European, a Muslim and a Hero

One of the myths the anti-Muslim wingnut-o-sphere likes to spread is that 'Muslims have given the world nothing but oil'. You'll come across this sentiment again and again on sites such as It serves to dehumanize hundreds of millions of people by lumping them all together as one big barbarian desert-dwelling race of murderous extremists, and in the context of increasing numbers of Muslims in Europe Charlie J and his crew like to raise the spectre of the Islamic 'Untermenschen' poisoning and taking over the continent (check out the last few days of posting on LGF to see what we mean).

So how do people like Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan, a Sufi Muslim born in Moscow, raised in Paris and recruited by the British Special Operations Executive to operate behind enemy lines during WWII, fit into this picture?

One thing's for sure: Khan alone probably did more to save Europe from despotism and fascism than the entire roost of chickenhawk wingnuts at LGF put together.