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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lizard Fantasies

A young American woman is released from months of captivity, and how do Charles Johnson's minions react to the news? With disdain. They simply can't comprehend that someone who doesn't spout the nonsense they parrot on their little website is given time to air her views on-screen. Like with Norman Kember, Jill Carroll got the traitor treatment from the little green goofballs today. But unlike Kember, she got an added dose of sexually frustrated vitriol too.

For when lizards see an American woman fraternizing with the enemey (i.e. Muslims), the reaction from the lizards is invariably:

#2 Ward Cleaver 3/30/2006 08:50AM PST

She's probably coming home with a suitcase full of cash (her kickback) and a dose of the clap.

#14 Kragar (proud to be kafir) 3/30/2006 08:58AM PST

When asked how she felt about her captors, Jill went on record as saying:

He never calls, he never writes.

16 Earth to Satan 3/30/2006 09:00AM PST

I've been watching this traitor bitch fawn all over her captors this morning. "Nice furniture, safe, nice clothes, they NEVER threatened me". I'm very glad you were so comforatble while working to undermine our efforts in Iraq. Now, wipe that muslim DNA from your face and confess to pre-planning this?

137 yehoshua 3/30/2006 12:13PM PST

This just in:

Jill Carroll has just announced impending nuptials with Osama Bin Laden

It's clear the lizards have a fantasy: fucking Jill Carroll over. Expect more of this trash to come.

UPDATE: See, all it takes to get back into the lizards good books is to say something they agree with. Now that Jill Carroll has made clear her feelings about her captors, it's all sweetness and roses again over at LGF. As one lizard says:

28 LSD 4/1/2006 02:24PM PST

Welcome back Jill. Glad you did the right thing and told it like it is.
Welcome home from the claws of Islamist Evil.

These people are simply ridiculous: they change their vitriolic opinions at the drop of a hat. Everything they know comes via the mainstream media, and yet they angrily denounce it at every opportunity.

Just wait until she says something they don't like again.


dawud al-gharib said...

while I will agree that head-chopping and the extreme ugliness of the propaganda of the arab nationalists and fanatic Wahabi 'Puritans' ["Islamo-fascists" in the modern colloquial] is disgusting and vile, I wonder at people who can post stuff like the above, wishing Gitmo [implicitly, rape and torture] and wishing all ill upon her (and her 'fellow travellers' like Tom Fox & Rachel Corrie)...

and still believe, with Wafa Sultan, that they're civilized and their opponents aren't. As one [Muslim American] scholar said, this is more like the 'Clash of the un-civilized'.

boy_fromOz said...

amazing how something as joyous as a hostage rescue brings out how ugly people can be

to post that sort of trash you have to be sexually as well as ethnically insecure

Kira said...

What a sad commentary. No one knows the extent of what Jill Carroll went through. Thankfully, most of us will never know.
But to prejudge a situation without knowing what actually occurred, that's just unaccountable.

jurassicpork said...

These are the lizard kings, the heirs to Ronald Reagan's throne. God help us. Nobody and nothing is sacred with these reptilian cocksuckers.

Verchiel said...

Anyone forwarded this to Jim Brady yet? Hear he's got some blogging spots to fill over at the WaPo.

FieryLocks said...

They are doing the same thing on Hannity's message board. I remember reading some real vile stuff about the four Christain peace activists when taken hostage. A handful of the posters there wished that they would be killed, one person went as far as to hope that they be beheaded because it would "Serve them right". It's quite sickening what is happening to some of the American population. Some have become so desensitized to the suffering of others all the while they claim to be 'good, moral Christains'. Here is a link to a thread making fun of Jill Carroll if you can stomach it.

bob's your uncle said...

I waded a few pages into the Hannity thread (which is closed now), and was surprised to see that at least a few of the "Hannitized" masses over there found many of the comments objectionable.

It seems to me that a large segment of the conservative blogosphere takes great pleasure in this sort of verbal gang rape, and once one or two of them start, the rest gather to egg them on. I'm sure I'm not the only one who rememebers the vitriol these bivalves spouted when Rachel Corrie was killed in Rafah back in 2003, and they're not about to stop now, especially since they've got so much invested personally in this disastrous war.

Unknown said...

Bob... indeed the Corrie hate festival is still in full flood. We posted some of vile comments a couple items downthread.


Skullhunter said...

I and many others remember the vitriol they spewed at Beth O'Brien when she fell to her death during a tree-sit here in Eagle Creek to protest a planned logging sale. They really have no shame in proclaiming that anyone who doesn't think like them should die.

Lamb's poet said...

We all die. Should we die for something noble?

Lamb's poet said...

We all die. We should die for something noble, yes? no?