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Saturday, September 30, 2006

...and then there was silence and more silence...

Chances of this being widely reported on the wingnutosphere? Zero to non-existent? One wonders what their reaction would've been if someone was killed?

An unidentified gunman fired into a mosque in western Australia packed with hundreds of Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan, but no one was hurt, police said Saturday.

Around 400 worshippers were praying at the mosque in suburban Mirrabooka in the west coast city of Perth when the shooting occurred Friday evening, Western Australia state police Inspector Neville Patterson said.

"A single shot was fired from a high-powered rifle from outside the mosque through a window on the second level, narrowly missing a couple of worshippers," Patterson said.

The gunman, who fled the scene in a green sports utility vehicle, has yet to be identified, he said. The bullet was lodged in the mosque wall and ballistics experts were searching for more clues.

Patterson said it was unclear whether the shooting was an attempt to murder or to terrorize
Again, if this incident took place against a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue something tells me there'd be a wholly different approach to the story.

(Hat tip: Richard Silverstein)

Source: International Herald Tribune

School shooter 'not Muslim enough for me', says Charles Johnson

Little Green Footballs blogger Charles F Johnson told LGFWatch Friday that a 15-year-old student who shot dead his school's principal was "not Muslim enough for me to write about".

Johnson, of Los Angeles, California, said he had a policy of only posting about Muslims _ or at least Arabs _ who kill non-Muslims.

"This kid, Eric Hainstock, clearly isn't Arab, and as far as I know he's not Muslim enough for me to write about either", said Johnson. Asked what would make him 'Muslim enough', Johnson said a copy of the Koran found in his bedroom would do.

"That way at least I'd get to pin the irrational actions of a teenage nutcase on Islam, whatever the real reasons behind what he did. But as it is, there's no evidence he even knew what a Koran is, let alone have postes of Bin Laden hanging on his bedroom walls. It's sad really, that some guy had to die and I can't get a Muslim-bashing story out of it. Sad for me. Sad for all of us. Eurabia is coming!"

Charles Johnson is 53.

Friday, September 29, 2006

LGF turns blind eye to sex pest killers - as long as they're not Muslim

Charles Johnson knows what he likes: An American of Pakistani origin, possibly a Muslim (or possibly not), goes into a Jewish center in Seattle and shoots people at random, killing one. That deserves a post with 4 updates, and a number of follow-up posts (

Why? Because he can blame the actions of a crazed man on his favorite target: Islam.

Charles Johnson also knows what he doesn't like: An American of Caucasian origin, possibly a Christian, goes into a school, picks out a number of 16-year-old girls, takes them hostage and sexually molests them before killing himself and one of his hostages. That doesn't deserve a mention by big boy Charles.

Why? Because he can't blame the actions of a crazed man on his favorite target: Islam.

Don't tell us Charles Johnson isn't racist.

UPDATE: The revelation that perverted killer may have stalked his victims via makes it even stranger that Charles chose not to comment. He went to the trouble of 'reporting' the fact a Palestinian man had talked a 16 year old into running away with him so you'd think he'd be right on this story of perversion, murder and outrage wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?


Thursday, September 28, 2006

The MSM error that 'got away'

Obersturmgruppenfuhrer Charles Johnson is mighty pleased that the foreign press corps in Israel has been threatened with unspecified 'action' by the GPO (who routinely censor news reports) if they let a 'doctored' photo slip through and onto the wire.

After all, wasn't it Little Green Footballs (unfortunately unmentioned in that nasty anti-Semitic lefty publication the Jerusalem Post) which uncovered the horrible campaign of manipulation waged by thousands of treacherous hacks to discredit Israel during its recent attack against Lebanon?

Wasn't it LGF which noted how a "photographer added billows of smoke and additional damage to buildings using computer-imaging technology" in a picture of Beirut?

Wasn't it....wait a minute, what additional damage? Adnan Haji added "additional damage to buildings" along with his clumsily cloned smoke? Why, even LGF didn't report that! Could it be the JPost has made a mistake? And could it be that Charlie J has let this one pass because it suits his agenda?

It could.

Riots on the streets, idiots behind keyboards

Charles picks up on the story of North African youths rioting in Belgium (I wonder why?) and manages to come up with a classic.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - About a hundred youths of North African origin rioted in central Brussels on Tuesday on a second night of trouble following the death of an inmate in jail, a police official said.
Violence broke out on Monday evening in the working class Marolles district of Brussels after news that a 25-year-old inmate of North African origin died on Sunday, the official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

The inmate was given a product to help him calm down, the official said. An investigation has been launched.

On Tuesday, the youths torched a youth centre, attacked police cars and shops.

All the rioters on Tuesday were of North African origin, the official said, adding that 30 people were arrested.
....and then comments thus:

And as Snapped Shot notes, the mainstream wire services have utterly ignored the story.
Am I missing something? How can he claim the mainstream Media is ignoring something when he's cut and pasted the story directly from The Scotsman who used Reuters as a source (which is clear on the piece that is on LGF)?

But no because he read it as Snapped Shot making the assertion that the Media ignored it, then Charles F. Johnson has to jump on the old bash the MSM bandwagon, even though he's feeding off the scraps from their table. Snapped Shot who by the way comes out with this classic...

What makes this story unusual is that so far, there has only been one report issued across the newswires (by Reuters) (odd but hardly a conspiracy theory and certainly not ignoring it as Chuckles suggests - Ed) covering the events, and even though the rioting is entering its third day, not a single photographer and has been dispatched to document the activities of the Muslim mob.
So it's back to the Qana situation for these idiots, the fact that a North African man died whilst in Police custody (after being given unnamed drug by Police) is of no consequence, the fact that North African youths who are "Shock, Horror!....Muslims" would feel aggrieved by this is outrageous to them.

It is also interesting to note that once again Charles uses the fascist tainted Brussels Journal as a source.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Don't get Aaronovitch started

You may not agree with everything journalist David Aaronovitch says in this program _ we don't. You may not like some of the things he says about Islam and the war in Iraq, and there are definitely a few flaws in his argument. But you can't deny that this film has a number of powerful arguments and poses some serious and unavoidable questions for liberals. Watch all of it here.

Charles, George and Hamid: Avoiding the question

A reporter asks President Bush a question, and the Republic spin machine goes into overdrive.

Let's start with the facts: a seasoned journalist from one of LGF's most-hated news organizations (remember, that's a badge to wear with pride!) questioned whether the war in Iraq had made the United States any safer. To which Bush's response, in effect, was: you should never have got the information you are basing your question on.

He doesn't answer her, he avoids the issue.

Hamid Karzai, Bush's lackey in Afghanistan, does the same thing: he's neither Iraqi nor American, but he feels qualified to brush the reporter's question aside and give the cameras some whiny spiel about 'should we let 9/11 happen again' without addressing the issue of whether the war in Iraq has made America safer. That kind of patronising/threatening tone may work in a loya jirga, but the press pack certainly won't be thinking that highly of him now.

And what of the chief shill-meister of the Republican blogosphere propaganda front? Well, Charles Johnson, too, avoids the question. Instead, he heaps insults on the reporter, calls the leak of a government document defeatist, and doesn't mention the word Iraq once in his two posts on the issue.

And how could he? Iraq is an issue Charles has been having trouble confronting his lizardoid operatives with lately. Except for when some 'big fish' gets caught, he's staying stumm on the matter. Because, as everyone knows but CJ doesn't dare say, the war in Iraq isn't going well. At last count, 100 people were being killed every day. New jihadis recruits were streaming into the country, getting training and combat experience and leaving for other destinations where we'll doubtlessly see them in future. Iraq's middle class has all but abandoned the country. Yet the wingnuts continue to avoid the question: how has a failed war in Iraq made America safer?

And for that matter, what about Afghanistan?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

...and then there was silence.

Again, as mentioned in a post below, can you imagine your average LGF'ers response if the target of these attacks was a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue by Muslims?

Vandals scrawled swastikas and racist slogans on the walls of two mosques in France and threw Molotov cocktails at a mosque in central Russia on Sunday, September 24, the day French and Russian Muslims started celebrating Ramadan.

The mosque which was torched, in the northwest town of Quimper, suffered damage from the flames. Six swastikas were painted on the outside of its walls, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported Monday, September 25. In the southwestern town of Carcassonne, the other mosque was daubed with swastikas and slogans reading "France for the French", "Arabs get out" and "Death to Islam", officials said.

In central Russia, unidentified attackers threw Molotov cocktails at a mosque in Yaroslavl in the early hours of Sunday, but the building did not catch fire, the head of a local Muslim organization said. A religious service was taking place at the time and there were worshippers in the room, but the bottles hit the window frame and fell back without exploding, he explained. The attackers also threw stones, breaking a number of mosque windows as well as the windows of cars parked in the courtyard.
Source: Islam Online & Islamophobia Watch

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fair and Balanced my Ass

Charles posts a link to the wingnut-o-sphere's attempts to spin Bill Clinton's recent interview on Fox News, but CJ can't bring himself to post the actual video. Maybe that would endanger the fragile little minds of his lizard minions.

So we'll post the video. Heh, as they say.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Suspiciously absent from LGF....

One could only guess at the hysterical rantings at LGF if this had been an attack on a Christian Church.

MELBOURNE, Fla. - A mosque was hit by gunfire as members inside celebrated the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, authorities said Saturday.

No injuries were reported and there were no arrests.

A member of the Islamic Society of Brevard County stepped outside the mosque Friday night to use his cell phone when he heard several gun shots, police said.

The man, who was not immediately identified, took cover behind a wall as several rounds struck the building, police said. He then ran inside and told mosque members, who called police.

Authorities searched the surrounding area for suspects but found none.

A pair of binoculars, footprints and tire tracks were found in the woods across from the mosque, said Melbourne Police spokeswoman Jill Frederiksen. Investigators are still trying to determine if they are related to the case, Frederiksen said.

No other details were released, but the investigation is ongoing, Frederiksen said. Detectives were working to determine a reason for the shooting. No suspects have been named.
Charles has, somewhat amazingly, another post about a crescent shaped memorial. The MSN must be quaking in their boots.

Source: AP Wire

The Enemy Within

The most repugnant trend in the American shouting match that passes for a debate on the struggle with Islamist terrorism isn't the irresponsible nonsense on the left - destructive though that is. The really ugly "domestic insurgency" is among right-wing extremists bent on discrediting honorable conservatism.

How? By insisting that Islam can never reform, that the violent conquest and subjugation of unbelievers is the faith's primary agenda - and, when you read between the lines, that all Muslims are evil and subhuman.

I've received no end of e-mails and letters seeking to "enlighten" me about the insidious nature of Islam. Convinced that I'm naive because I defend American Muslims and refuse to "see" that Islam is 100 percent evil, the writers warn that I'm a foolish "dhimmi," blind to the conspiratorial nature of Islam.

Web sites list no end of extracts from historical documents and Islamic jurisprudence "proving" that holy war against Christians and Jews is the alpha and omega of the Muslim faith. The message between the lines: Muslims are Untermenschen.

We've been here before, folks. Bigotry is bigotry - even when disguised as patriotism. And, invariably, the haters fantasizing about a merciless Crusade never bothered to serve in our military (Hey, guys, there's still time to join. Lay your backsides on the line - and send your kids!).

Are you listening, Charles Johnson?

Read the whole article.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Faux Johnson

Any chance, and Johnson will try and peddle the fauxtography line , however tenuous the link. This time Emil Lahoud's speech at the UN prompts him to rant about the "corpse-posing ghoul from Qana", Salam Daher, a Lebanese civil defense worker who spent days digging the living and dead from the rubble of their homes during the recent conflict.

Charles has a problem with the fact that Daher "removes a child’s body from an ambulance and poses it for photographers like a side of beef". What Charles doesn't have a problem with is that the child was dead in the first place. Yes, killing Lebanese children is ok at . Just don't show the world what happened.

Incidentally, do you remember Charles's pathetic attempts early on in this story to spin it so that somehow the building spontaneously collapsed in on itself of its own accord? It won't surprise you that Charles didn't link to this particular article: "IDF: We assumed building in Qana to be empty". Wonder why not...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Charles Johnson: Bad for America

The Bilal Hussein story goes on and on, doesn't it? One day Charles is showing pictures Hussein allegedly took (only to have to eat his words when it is pointed out to him they aren't Hussein's); the next, he reproduces his friend Malkin's claim Hussein was present at the execution of an Italian man (but again is proven wrong by the facts).

Every day, Charles Johnson twists and turns the story in an attempt to divert from the screamingly obvious question he doesn't dare confront his readers with:

If the military has dirt on Hussein, why doesn't it charge him?

This is a question CJ can't face, much less answer. And so he continues to peddle all kinds of half-truths and outright lies, such as the line that Hussein "had been arrested while in the presence of an Al Qaeda leader", when in fact even the US military only goes so far as to say the man he was arrested with was an alleged Al Qaeda (in Iraq!) leader. But dropping a word here and there to distort the facts has never been a problem for Charles Johnson on his information warfare crusade.

It does make him look like an idiot, though, when he baldly states that "I have not seen a single blogger advocate 'blocking coverage that doesn’t portray the US policy in the best light,' and I have certainly never advocated such a thing myself."

Doesn't the man read Among other things this shoddy excuse for a racist movement does regularly is accuse journalists of 'revealing' 'secrets' that 'undermine' 'our troops' in the 'war on terror', and 'give comfort to the enemy' by 'portraying America in a bad light'. Oh, and he also encourages people to shoot photographers.

In fact, it's Johnson who should be doing the soul-searching, because his one-sided depiction of reality not only makes him look stupid, it also makes Americans appear more bigoted, small-minded and bloodthirsty than they are.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Charles Johnson: Guilty by implication

One of Charles Johnson's favorite targets is Markos 'Daily Kos' Moulitsas, who just happens to run a slightly more popular blog than LGF.

Today, CJ claims Kos

"has a bizarre post in which he accuses Charlton Heston of being a Jew-hater."
When one of his commenters (stranded conservative) points out that Kos didn't actually say that, Charles reiterates:
"stranded conservative: he put up a picture of people he explicitly accuses of antisemitism, and one of those people is Charlton Heston."
Well not quite. If you take a look at the page Johnson links to, you will find neither the word anti-semitism, nor a statement about Heston's views on race. What you will find is a picture of five people (one of them Heston) who attended a Conservative Political Action Conference in 1996 and had their picture taken together. Two of those pictured are senior figures in the Council of Conservative Citizens, whose statement of principles includes the line:
We also oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind, to promote non-white races over the European-American people through so-called "affirmative action" and similar measures, to destroy or denigrate the European-American heritage, including the heritage of the Southern people, and to force the integration of the races.
So, to sum up, what Kos does is imply that Charlton heston sympathizes with racists by willingly posing for a picture next to two of them.

Whether or not you think this implication is justified, it's interesting that Charles Johnson of all people should take offense at people drawing inferences from photographs. After all, isn't this the same Charles Johnson who regularly posts pictures of people meeting in public (e.g. Kofi Annan and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) to imply that one agrees with the views of the other?

Charles Johnson: Evidence is irrelevant

Charlie has a new horse to flog this week: incarcerated Iraqi photojournalist Bilal Hussein. From the safety of his LA hideaway, Charlie is busy mounting a devastating case for the prosecution (whoever that might eventually turn out to be) in the form of...wait for it...some more PICTURES, analyzed in true wingnut fashion to portrays their source in the worst possible light.

Naturally Charles isn't having any counterarguments. He's set his sights on another MSM organization and the unfortunate Iraqi caught (literally) in the middle of this is simply cannonfodder to CJ.

Contrast this with his exhoneration of, say, President Bush, whose military record (or lack thereof) are a matter of, ehm, record. Willfully ignoring the facts, Charles has no problem raising Bush to the level of sainthood and condemning his critics as everything from anti-American terrorist appeasers to Loony Leties.

And so the pattern repeats itself: when Charles has made his mind up about a story, he'll stick to it, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. This leads to some masterful contortions that make anti-racist Jewish academics anti-semitic; the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan a success; and human rights organizations the enablers of terrorism.

At Little Green Footballs, it's not the evidence that counts: it's how you want the story to turn out in the end.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Evangelical Child Abuse?

Something tells me Charlie isn't going to use his slideshow skills on this kind of religious and political indoctrination.

(YouTube down, sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit the site below)

Via Jesus Camp: The Movie

Charles cracks down on comments

Creepy Johnson has finally cottoned onto the fact that some of the comments posted by readers shed a bad light on his crypto-racist organization by saying what he prefers to leave between the lines (e.g. all Arabs are filthy, trecherous, bloodthirsty untermenschen). So he has created a comment moderation system, which allows other users to alert him to potentially 'negative' comments. As a handy aside, it also alerts him to people who might be talking sense and who have to be removed because they contradict the party line.

Of course Johnson protests that "this is not a moderation system". But what exactly is it then? Somebody writes something Johnson doesn't like, he gets alerted to it and removes it. Sounds like comment moderation to you and me, doesn't it?

But just in case there's a comment the lizards fail to alert their master to, or which comes from an LGF regular who can't be censored, Charlie has left himself a little get-out clause by proclaiming that "the fact that a comment remains at LGF in no way constitutes an endorsement of that comment."

At this rate, you're going to have to add a full-time lawyer to your 'staff list', CJ...

Monday, September 18, 2006

The gifts that just keep taking.....

This is truly horrific, and you can bet your bottom dollar it's ignored by certain sections of the US MSM and wing-nut-o-sphere.

Every day, some of the million bomblets which were fired by Israeli artillery during the last three days of the conflict kill four people in southern Lebanon and wound many more.

The casualty figures will rise sharply in the next month as villagers begin the harvest, picking olives from trees whose leaves and branches hide bombs that explode at the smallest movement. Lebanon's farmers are caught in a deadly dilemma: to risk the harvest, or to leave the produce on which they depend to rot in the fields.
Remember kids, they're the worlds most moral army!

Source: The Independent

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Insane and monstrous

An IDF commander has come clean and surprising admitted what the world already knew. Israel committed war crimes against the civilian population of Lebanon.

"What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs," the head of an IDF rocket unit in Lebanon said regarding the use of cluster bombs and phosphorous shells during the war.

Quoting his battalion commander, the rocket unit head stated that the IDF fired around 1,800 cluster bombs, containing over 1.2 million cluster bomblets.

In addition, soldiers in IDF artillery units testified that the army used phosphorous shells during the war, widely forbidden by international law. According to their claims, the vast majority of said explosive ordinance was fired in the final 10 days of the war.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

LGF or Nazis?

Mo! points out the similarities between the anti-Semitic propaganda of the Nazis and LGFs very own brand of racist ranting.

What does Charles Johnson know about artistic expression?

CJ complains about a British film, which uses the fictitious assassination of Prez Bush as the starting point to explore strands of thinking in contemporary America:

This kind of thing used to be considered beyond the pale, way outside the realm of legitimate artistic expression. Now it’s "edgy:"....

Presumably as 'edgy' as photoshopping Palestinians women and children whose husbands and fathers have been disappeared by the Israeli army as holding up huge portraits of Elvis Presley or naff animal postcards (

Or as 'edgy' as repeating the lie that a Lebanese civil defense worker whose job it is to rescue people is actually a Hezbollah propaganda stooge.(

Or perhaps as edgy as lying about an incident so as to portray peace protesters as terror sympathizers.

The world has a lot to learn from Charles 'edgy' Johnson.

About those death threats

Charles gets on his high horse once again to claim he is not the subject of FBI probes into racist hatred and death threats on LGF. He even has a deleted comment to prove just how 'reasonably' he manages his site.

Well, perhaps he could take a look at this comment:

#203 Cybrludite 9/11/2006 01:03PM PDT

Dr. Bari,

As my daddy used to say, "Quit your squalling, or I'll give you something to really cry about!" You keep this nonsense up, we're gonna have to play us a little game of Cowboys & Muslims...

One random comment from one random post. Looks like you've got some weeding to do, Charles...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Afghan Deja-Vu

An interesting view on the Afghan War here about how British and American blundering are contributing to the resurgence of the Taliban.

THE former aide-de-camp to the commander of the British taskforce in southern Afghanistan has described the campaign in Helmand province as “a textbook case of how to screw up a counter-insurgency”.

“Having a big old fight is pointless and just making things worse,” said Captain Leo Docherty, of the Scots Guards, who became so disillusioned that he quit the army last month.

“All those people whose homes have been destroyed and sons killed are going to turn against the British,” he said. “It’s a pretty clear equation — if people are losing homes and poppy fields, they will go and fight. I certainly would.

“We’ve been grotesquely clumsy — we’ve said we’ll be different to the Americans who were bombing and strafing villages, then behaved exactly like them.”
Read the rest of it here. It documents the absoulute incompetence and futility of the tactics deployed in Afghanistan. Making the same mistakes as countless other invading armies have made. Why doesn't anybody learn the hard lessons of Afghanistan?

Source: Times Online

Saturday, September 09, 2006

One out of two ain't bad....

...for Charles. He deleted this comment.

Warning- intemperate language follows. If you can't handle it, tough.

Goat-fucking koranimals. Unlike my last war, this war, I may have to consider collecting a necklace of ears.
/loading more magazines
/gotta finish post-FTX refit and weapons check
....for obvious reasons. Can't have death threats against Muslims and promises of war crimes can we (especially when the FBI have visited a couple of times)?

Then again he didn't ban the retarded creep so only half the job is done.

UPDATE: The title should really be "One out of three ain't bad..." as Charles even though he castigated the poster for his writing style allowed this comment to go undeleted.
#66 useless 8/17/2006 05:43PM PDT

I'm not goint to watch this. I've been pissed off enough this week about Muslims. I strongly suspect that they had some proud nationalistic Muslim music playing on this when it was packaged. I also strongly suspect that this will be shown in each and every Muslim school, some time between bombmaking 101 and recess where they play joooohead teather ball.
Joooohead teather ball? C'mon Charles.

The Fifth Column

Ralph Peters goes for the shrieking Islamophobe throat.

Islamist fanatics attacked us and yearn to destroy us. The Muslim civilization of the Middle East has failed comprehensively and will continue to generate violence. The only way to deal with faith-poisoned terrorists is to kill them.

And the world's only hope for long-term peace is for moderate Muslims - by far the majority around the globe - to recapture their own faith.

But a rotten core of American extremists is out to make it harder for them.

The most repugnant trend in the American shouting match that passes for a debate on the struggle with Islamist terrorism isn't the irresponsible nonsense on the left - destructive though that is. The really ugly "domestic insurgency" is among right-wing extremists bent on discrediting honorable conservatism.

How? By insisting that Islam can never reform, that the violent conquest and subjugation of unbelievers is the faith's primary agenda - and, when you read between the lines, that all Muslims are evil and subhuman.

I've received no end of e-mails and letters seeking to "enlighten" me about the insidious nature of Islam. Convinced that I'm naive because I defend American Muslims and refuse to "see" that Islam is 100 percent evil, the writers warn that I'm a foolish "dhimmi," blind to the conspiratorial nature of Islam.

Web sites list no end of extracts from historical documents and Islamic jurisprudence "proving" that holy war against Christians and Jews is the alpha and omega of the Muslim faith. The message between the lines: Muslims are Untermenschen.

We've been here before, folks. Bigotry is bigotry - even when disguised as patriotism. And, invariably, the haters fantasizing about a merciless Crusade never bothered to serve in our military (Hey, guys, there's still time to join. Lay your backsides on the line - and send your kids!).

It's time for our own fanatics to look in the mirror. Hard. (And stop sending me your trash. I'll never sign up for your "Protocols of the Elders of Mecca." You're just the Ku Klux Klan with higher-thread-count sheets.)
Read it all.

Via Islamophobia Watch & California Republic

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Peace Music Radio

Richard Silverstein has an interesting project coming up.

On Sunday, September 10th at 7PM PDT, I will be co-hosting a music program devoted to Israeli & Lebanese peace music on KBCS FM (91.3 & streaming). The show is part of the program, The Old Country. We'll feature Israelis performers like HaDag Nachash, Chava Albertstein, David Broza, HaBreira HaTivit and Noa; and Lebanese like Fayrouz, Marcel Khalife and Clotaire K.

I hope those of you in Seattle might be able to listen live this coming Sunday. And those who don't live here can catch it on the web via the above link (that would be 10PM EDT). I've written a blog post about the program with our script and mp3 files which allow you to listen to a few of the songs in advance.

We just recorded the show today and I'm damn proud of it. My original goal while the war was still raging was to present a musical alternative to the hatred, bloodshed and senseless violence I saw every day in the news headlines and photos. I wanted to let music present a language that transcended that brutality and presented a peaceful approach to the conflict. I think my collaborator, Richard Isaac and I have done that & we're pretty excited to hear the result.

Hope you can join us.

Richard Silverstein