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Friday, September 29, 2006

LGF turns blind eye to sex pest killers - as long as they're not Muslim

Charles Johnson knows what he likes: An American of Pakistani origin, possibly a Muslim (or possibly not), goes into a Jewish center in Seattle and shoots people at random, killing one. That deserves a post with 4 updates, and a number of follow-up posts (

Why? Because he can blame the actions of a crazed man on his favorite target: Islam.

Charles Johnson also knows what he doesn't like: An American of Caucasian origin, possibly a Christian, goes into a school, picks out a number of 16-year-old girls, takes them hostage and sexually molests them before killing himself and one of his hostages. That doesn't deserve a mention by big boy Charles.

Why? Because he can't blame the actions of a crazed man on his favorite target: Islam.

Don't tell us Charles Johnson isn't racist.

UPDATE: The revelation that perverted killer may have stalked his victims via makes it even stranger that Charles chose not to comment. He went to the trouble of 'reporting' the fact a Palestinian man had talked a 16 year old into running away with him so you'd think he'd be right on this story of perversion, murder and outrage wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?



Richard said...

I haven't reviewed Johnson's bilge about the Seattle Jewish Federation shootings, but I myself have posted multiple times on this incident since I live in Seattle.

Anyone who claims that this crime falls into the typical jihadi anti-Semitic mode is full of shit (can I say that word?). Naveed Haq is a deeply troubled, mentally ill individual. He was so lost that he dropped out of his own religion, Islam, & for a time became a Christian.

Haq's parents have written heartfelt letters of apology to individual victims of Haq's shooting spree & to the entire Jewish community.

No media coverage has shown any connection bet. Haq and other jihadi type figures or organizations.

In my blog, I have advocated that the prosecutor take into account Haq's mental history and not file a capital murder charge. The prosecutor, while a Republican, has very little history of going the death penalty route in cases like this so I'm hopeful this won't be a bloodlust trial.

In short, Haq deserves punishment for his crime. But that punishment should take into account his bipolar illness which has been diagnosed for 10 years.

Two of the victims and their families have said publicly that they do not wish him to receive the death penalty.

Finally, the Jewish tradition itself is not a bloodlust tradition. A Sanhedrin that sentenced a person to death once every 70 years was viewed as a hanging court.

Richard said...

Here's a link to my posts on the Seattle Federation shootings. Note that it happened not at the Jewish community center as reported falsely by LGF, but at the Jewish Federation office.

And also Johnson's claim that the shooting is "definitely" related to the "Hizballah war" is far fetched. Certainly, the increased level of animosity among Muslims toward Israel during the Lebanon war might've played a role in the timing of & motivation for the event. But this troubled soul would've done something similar for some other reason at some other time if he hadn't erupted at this particular time.

Tariq Nelson said...

Mr Johnson implied that the Montreal shooter was a Muslim in an earlier post

You can see that the commenters thought it as well. Turns out that he wasn't Muslim (Damn it!!!)

LanceThruster said...

A student group supporting Israel on our campus sent the LGF link of the doctored Beirut photos to their listserv. I mentioned that the LGF site could easily be considered a hate site itself. I felt this was relevant in that any site even remotely connected to sites considered anti-Semitic (including anti-Zionism sites which have been determined by Zionist groups to all be mere fronts to cover hatred of the Jews) were dismissed outright and those linking them were accused of bigotry.

An example is the work and web page of Dr. Norman Finkelstein. Alan Dershowitz and others have long complained that Dr. Finkelstein is the anti-Semite's "dream Jew" based on hate sites quoting and linking to him. Obviously "standards" such as this are on a sliding scale. It totally fits with your exposing of Johnson's hypocrisy.

One other disturbing note is that the local progressive paper (LA Weekly) ran a piece on Johnson and LGF on the Beirut photos that was practically fawning. Nothing like the 5th columnists planting their meme's early. Maybe that means Johnson will be scoring another journalistic "coup" sometime soon and his investigative bona fides need to be established in the "progressive" press.