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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Charles Johnson: Bad for America

The Bilal Hussein story goes on and on, doesn't it? One day Charles is showing pictures Hussein allegedly took (only to have to eat his words when it is pointed out to him they aren't Hussein's); the next, he reproduces his friend Malkin's claim Hussein was present at the execution of an Italian man (but again is proven wrong by the facts).

Every day, Charles Johnson twists and turns the story in an attempt to divert from the screamingly obvious question he doesn't dare confront his readers with:

If the military has dirt on Hussein, why doesn't it charge him?

This is a question CJ can't face, much less answer. And so he continues to peddle all kinds of half-truths and outright lies, such as the line that Hussein "had been arrested while in the presence of an Al Qaeda leader", when in fact even the US military only goes so far as to say the man he was arrested with was an alleged Al Qaeda (in Iraq!) leader. But dropping a word here and there to distort the facts has never been a problem for Charles Johnson on his information warfare crusade.

It does make him look like an idiot, though, when he baldly states that "I have not seen a single blogger advocate 'blocking coverage that doesn’t portray the US policy in the best light,' and I have certainly never advocated such a thing myself."

Doesn't the man read Among other things this shoddy excuse for a racist movement does regularly is accuse journalists of 'revealing' 'secrets' that 'undermine' 'our troops' in the 'war on terror', and 'give comfort to the enemy' by 'portraying America in a bad light'. Oh, and he also encourages people to shoot photographers.

In fact, it's Johnson who should be doing the soul-searching, because his one-sided depiction of reality not only makes him look stupid, it also makes Americans appear more bigoted, small-minded and bloodthirsty than they are.

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