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Saturday, September 30, 2006

...and then there was silence and more silence...

Chances of this being widely reported on the wingnutosphere? Zero to non-existent? One wonders what their reaction would've been if someone was killed?

An unidentified gunman fired into a mosque in western Australia packed with hundreds of Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan, but no one was hurt, police said Saturday.

Around 400 worshippers were praying at the mosque in suburban Mirrabooka in the west coast city of Perth when the shooting occurred Friday evening, Western Australia state police Inspector Neville Patterson said.

"A single shot was fired from a high-powered rifle from outside the mosque through a window on the second level, narrowly missing a couple of worshippers," Patterson said.

The gunman, who fled the scene in a green sports utility vehicle, has yet to be identified, he said. The bullet was lodged in the mosque wall and ballistics experts were searching for more clues.

Patterson said it was unclear whether the shooting was an attempt to murder or to terrorize
Again, if this incident took place against a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue something tells me there'd be a wholly different approach to the story.

(Hat tip: Richard Silverstein)

Source: International Herald Tribune

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Infidel Watch said...

No doubt the media spin would have branded this a terrorist attack had the shot been fired at any other non-Muslim gathering. Thank god for the blog network that such information can be escalated otherwise here in the UK this news would have been no news.

The question which I would like to raise is that was the intention of the shooter to kill a Muslim while in prayer which could lead to angry protests and revenge chants by the Muslims, where the situation could easily be escalated to rioting?

I really wonder who was behind such terror attacks against innocent Muslims.