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Friday, September 22, 2006

Faux Johnson

Any chance, and Johnson will try and peddle the fauxtography line , however tenuous the link. This time Emil Lahoud's speech at the UN prompts him to rant about the "corpse-posing ghoul from Qana", Salam Daher, a Lebanese civil defense worker who spent days digging the living and dead from the rubble of their homes during the recent conflict.

Charles has a problem with the fact that Daher "removes a child’s body from an ambulance and poses it for photographers like a side of beef". What Charles doesn't have a problem with is that the child was dead in the first place. Yes, killing Lebanese children is ok at . Just don't show the world what happened.

Incidentally, do you remember Charles's pathetic attempts early on in this story to spin it so that somehow the building spontaneously collapsed in on itself of its own accord? It won't surprise you that Charles didn't link to this particular article: "IDF: We assumed building in Qana to be empty". Wonder why not...

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