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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The MSM error that 'got away'

Obersturmgruppenfuhrer Charles Johnson is mighty pleased that the foreign press corps in Israel has been threatened with unspecified 'action' by the GPO (who routinely censor news reports) if they let a 'doctored' photo slip through and onto the wire.

After all, wasn't it Little Green Footballs (unfortunately unmentioned in that nasty anti-Semitic lefty publication the Jerusalem Post) which uncovered the horrible campaign of manipulation waged by thousands of treacherous hacks to discredit Israel during its recent attack against Lebanon?

Wasn't it LGF which noted how a "photographer added billows of smoke and additional damage to buildings using computer-imaging technology" in a picture of Beirut?

Wasn't it....wait a minute, what additional damage? Adnan Haji added "additional damage to buildings" along with his clumsily cloned smoke? Why, even LGF didn't report that! Could it be the JPost has made a mistake? And could it be that Charlie J has let this one pass because it suits his agenda?

It could.

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