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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Charles cracks down on comments

Creepy Johnson has finally cottoned onto the fact that some of the comments posted by readers shed a bad light on his crypto-racist organization by saying what he prefers to leave between the lines (e.g. all Arabs are filthy, trecherous, bloodthirsty untermenschen). So he has created a comment moderation system, which allows other users to alert him to potentially 'negative' comments. As a handy aside, it also alerts him to people who might be talking sense and who have to be removed because they contradict the party line.

Of course Johnson protests that "this is not a moderation system". But what exactly is it then? Somebody writes something Johnson doesn't like, he gets alerted to it and removes it. Sounds like comment moderation to you and me, doesn't it?

But just in case there's a comment the lizards fail to alert their master to, or which comes from an LGF regular who can't be censored, Charlie has left himself a little get-out clause by proclaiming that "the fact that a comment remains at LGF in no way constitutes an endorsement of that comment."

At this rate, you're going to have to add a full-time lawyer to your 'staff list', CJ...


Richard said...

It sounds like Charles is using a Daily Kos-like moderation system by which "trusted insiders" get to rate comments. As you correctly noted, this is a pretty fascistic system since the terms for becoming a trusted insider virtually guarantee that people like Rayra (he of "koranimal" fame) will be members of that club. You can imagine what little Hitlers like Rayra or Herbert Sobel will do w. their new found power.

In fact, I ran afoul of the Daily Kos thought police when I criticized Kos himself & one of his colleagues for what I viewed as ethical lapses in the way they run their sites. My comments were deep-sixed by the Blessed Faithful & eventually I was banned fr. the entire site.

I think this moderation system is quite a good one if you're dealing w. perfectly rational people who are the trusted insiders. But in a highly polarized site like Kos or LGF it's ludicrous; & virtually guarantees that the ranting lunatics will continue to rule the roost.

Richard said...

After actually reading his post, this is nothing like Daily Kos (thank God). I actually think that Charles may be reacting not only to the calls fr. the FBI but possibly to the mild storm that you & I create when we assault him at our own blogs for his sanctioning such hate.

I have no faith that he will substantially change the tone of his comments threads since he still refuses to ban some of his worst offenders. He's merely rearranging the deck chairs of his stately ocean liner, the SS LGF.

skip sievert said...

Its interesting that all these authoritarian fascists types can not run away from the long digital shadow which they cast.
One of the first things that a Guru type like Mr. J. has to be sure of is the control issue.
Free speech.? Naw that is clumsy.
Does it matter that a quarter of the stuff he says is not reality based.? No.
Does it matter that most of those types are 2nd or 3rd rate thinkers that seem oblivious to anything other than their bigoted theories.? No.
I am all for free speech. Why moderate anything.?
Even lies advance the truth.

Anonymous said...

skip, I agree, why moderate. Charles pretends to moderate, but his real control is on the memberships. Al least at Kos, you can get in and comment very easily, I have been never seen LGF open for membership, perhaps its my IP address. How do you get one, provide pictures of yourself at some anti Danish gathering or defacing a Koran?

skip sievert said...

You know dosser , it is interesting what the written word reveals.
There is no substitute as to looking into the mind of a person, than reading their stuff.
People reveal themselves by their actions including the written word.

Ultimately in this venue people are judged by that. They are also judged accordingly.
That this Charles is a 2nd or 3rd tier thinker is obvious. I am giving him way to much credit at that.~ ! ~