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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Charles Johnson: Evidence is irrelevant

Charlie has a new horse to flog this week: incarcerated Iraqi photojournalist Bilal Hussein. From the safety of his LA hideaway, Charlie is busy mounting a devastating case for the prosecution (whoever that might eventually turn out to be) in the form of...wait for it...some more PICTURES, analyzed in true wingnut fashion to portrays their source in the worst possible light.

Naturally Charles isn't having any counterarguments. He's set his sights on another MSM organization and the unfortunate Iraqi caught (literally) in the middle of this is simply cannonfodder to CJ.

Contrast this with his exhoneration of, say, President Bush, whose military record (or lack thereof) are a matter of, ehm, record. Willfully ignoring the facts, Charles has no problem raising Bush to the level of sainthood and condemning his critics as everything from anti-American terrorist appeasers to Loony Leties.

And so the pattern repeats itself: when Charles has made his mind up about a story, he'll stick to it, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. This leads to some masterful contortions that make anti-racist Jewish academics anti-semitic; the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan a success; and human rights organizations the enablers of terrorism.

At Little Green Footballs, it's not the evidence that counts: it's how you want the story to turn out in the end.

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Anonymous said...

The evidence presented is merely circumstantial, and when it is refuted by AP, then that is ignored because everyone knows that AP are islamo-fascist murdering Muslims themselves. The evidence presented by Charles and his fellow travelers looks kind of suspect itself. I don’t think he realizes that he has to prove the allegation, not that AP and/or Bilal has to disprove it. But they are not that smart over there.