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Saturday, September 09, 2006

One out of two ain't bad....

...for Charles. He deleted this comment.

Warning- intemperate language follows. If you can't handle it, tough.

Goat-fucking koranimals. Unlike my last war, this war, I may have to consider collecting a necklace of ears.
/loading more magazines
/gotta finish post-FTX refit and weapons check
....for obvious reasons. Can't have death threats against Muslims and promises of war crimes can we (especially when the FBI have visited a couple of times)?

Then again he didn't ban the retarded creep so only half the job is done.

UPDATE: The title should really be "One out of three ain't bad..." as Charles even though he castigated the poster for his writing style allowed this comment to go undeleted.
#66 useless 8/17/2006 05:43PM PDT

I'm not goint to watch this. I've been pissed off enough this week about Muslims. I strongly suspect that they had some proud nationalistic Muslim music playing on this when it was packaged. I also strongly suspect that this will be shown in each and every Muslim school, some time between bombmaking 101 and recess where they play joooohead teather ball.
Joooohead teather ball? C'mon Charles.


Richard said...

Can anyone find me a link about the FBI visits. That deserves more widespread coverage.

Richard said...

You always ought to save the web pg. when you quote some of Charles' more fetching statements like the one above. Apparently, he must've read or heard of yr post because the text accompanying the video now doesn't say any of what you quote above.

Guess he thought better of his utterly stupid, tasteless comments & decided to speak as if he was older than 12 years old.