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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Peace Music Radio

Richard Silverstein has an interesting project coming up.

On Sunday, September 10th at 7PM PDT, I will be co-hosting a music program devoted to Israeli & Lebanese peace music on KBCS FM (91.3 & streaming). The show is part of the program, The Old Country. We'll feature Israelis performers like HaDag Nachash, Chava Albertstein, David Broza, HaBreira HaTivit and Noa; and Lebanese like Fayrouz, Marcel Khalife and Clotaire K.

I hope those of you in Seattle might be able to listen live this coming Sunday. And those who don't live here can catch it on the web via the above link (that would be 10PM EDT). I've written a blog post about the program with our script and mp3 files which allow you to listen to a few of the songs in advance.

We just recorded the show today and I'm damn proud of it. My original goal while the war was still raging was to present a musical alternative to the hatred, bloodshed and senseless violence I saw every day in the news headlines and photos. I wanted to let music present a language that transcended that brutality and presented a peaceful approach to the conflict. I think my collaborator, Richard Isaac and I have done that & we're pretty excited to hear the result.

Hope you can join us.

Richard Silverstein

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Richard said...

Thank you for letting your readers know about the show.

Peace, Richard