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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More airline madness (5)

You can clearly see how this is protecting our airspace. Thank god they caught her in time.

The family of an 87-year-old diabetic great-grandmother says she is the latest victim of new, tighter security regulations at airports.

Hetwig Strohmeier is supposed to take heart medication every four hours, but had to go almost 12 hours without it after the drugs were confiscated Friday by screening officers at Pearson airport, said her son Helmut Strohmeier.

"What did they think were in the pill bottles with my mother's name on them — dynamite?" said an irate Helmut Strohmeier, who is demanding answers from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority.

The woman, who does not speak English, has had four angioplasty procedures, bypass surgery and a double-hip and shoulder replacement. She had just wrapped up a 10-week visit with her son in Stoney Creek and was on her way home to her native Germany.

Source: The Star

1 comment:

Sporty said...

Well, duh! She is German. The Germans opposed our freeing Iraq. With that kind of Islamofascist-loving attitude, she probably did have dynamite in those pill bottles so she could wage asymmetrica warfare against us... all of us!

Plus, since Germany has socialized medicine, she didn't pay that much to replace the confiscated medications, so stop whining!

Boy! For someone who is watching LGF2 all the time, you sure haven't learned much. Everything is a threat! Everything! Everyone is a threat! Everyone!