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Monday, August 28, 2006

That was the week that wasn't

Here's a brief list of Charles Johnson's "top stories" last week!

1. Reuters demands an investigation into the killing of it's employees. Yes, Charles it should send the perpetrators a bunch of flowers shouldn't it.

2. Greg Mitchell apparently edited something he did 3 years ago, that frankly nobody cares about (as detailed in the post below, Charles Johnson is hardly one to point the finger).

3. Caliphate imminent in Palestine, apparently.

4. How to deflect the horror of Qana by Charles F. Johnson (below), by again implying it was all staged. Amazing how they get all those 'dead' children to act all limp isn't it?

5. CAIR is hosting a dinner for a former President of Iran. Controversy as the main course is yet to be decided.

All interesting I'm sure. However, these stories broke yesterday or over the weekend. Let's see how many of them slip under the Charles Johnson radar.

1. 69 Killed in Sunday attacks in Iraq

2. 7 US soldiers killed by bomb attacks in Iraq

3. American deaths in Iraq, Afghan wars approach 9/11 toll

4. Turkey bombed Kurdish rebels at Iraqi border. Which puts this story about bombings in Turkey into context.

5. Another miserable milestone for Bush's war

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