Little Green Footballs

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another miscalculation?

Or cold blooded murder?

Israeli aircraft fired rockets at a convoy of hundreds of cars carrying people fleeing south Lebanon on Friday, killing at least six people and wounding 30, witnesses and rescue workers said.

They said the convoy that had left the Israeli-occupied town of Marjayoun earlier in the day was targeted by at least one drone near the wine-making village of Kefraya in the eastern Bekaa Valley.
So let's get this straight. Villagers leave an 'Israeli-occupied town' in hundreds of cars. Which would suggest that the Israelis knew about them leaving. Later on, they are targetted by an Israeli drone and then are blown to kingdom come by IAF aircraft. I'm sure the IDF will express "regret" again and mouth the same inane excuses.

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