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Monday, August 07, 2006

How the news may change

Now we all know, it goes without saying, that Charles will report on any incident worldwide (be it a stabbing, rape, murder, fraud etc etc) that may have been committed by a Muslim for his own ends. Therefore we can safely assume that he won't pick this story up.

Police charged a 32-year-old Israeli man with murder on Monday over the fatal stabbing of another Israeli national near Sydney's Bondi Beach at the weekend.

Police found Hernan Guelman, 36, slumped on the sidewalk outside a convenience store late Saturday suffering from multiple stab wounds. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but died several hours later.

On Sunday, the 32-year-old man reported himself to police over the stabbing, the New South Wales state police said in a statement. He was charged with murder and was to appear at Sydney's Waverley Local Court on Monday.

Witnesses said Guelman was attacked by a gang of men, but it was not immediately clear whether anyone else was involved, police said.

Guelman was a former Israeli soldier who had lived in Australia for three years.
Unless of course the accused turns out to be an Israeli Arab, then all hell will break loose at LGF. The assailant will suddenly be promoted to terrorist mastermind guilty of murdering a heroic ex-IDF man.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to us that Charles, true to form did post on the story. It seems a member of the Australian Jewish community suggested it was 'Lebanon related', ie a Muslim did it. As usual no update to identify the real killers, two Israeli citizens Dror Salah and Ezra Salah.

UPDATE: Vic Alhadeff of the NSW Board of Jewish Deputies who was quoted as saying it did appear that it was 'Lebanon related' actually said:
"But as far as we're aware, there's absolutely nothing to connect what happened with any events in the Middle East. There could have been a totally different motive for this attack."
Strange that a man so critical of the 'MSM' and their reporting, Charles would depend so heavily on their news gathering. Especially when it proves inaccurate.

UPDATE: And just to give you a flavour of the amen corner at LGF here's the first couple of comments by the ever lovely 'Lizardoids'

#1 Pro-Bush Canuck 8/5/2006 09:41PM PDT

Kristalnacht II is coming...

#2 KevinV 8/5/2006 09:41PM PDT

Tim Blair has been all over this today. Not only this horrific murder, but a temple has been attacked as has a Jewish youth center.

And this is just in Sydney.

The mask is coming off the ummah. The only question is: do we let these Nazis do this in our nations or do we stop them?

#3 Stuck in california 8/5/2006 09:42PM PDT

Thanks again, Charles, for the previous thread!

#4 Sir Lurksalot 8/5/2006 09:42PM PDT

Probably Zionists looking to drum up sympathy for Israel.


#5 cbinflux 8/5/2006 09:43PM PDT

Heh. Beat you to it.

#6 OldGuard 8/5/2006 09:43PM PDT

There's nothing to see here...move along.

#7 Buckaroo 8/5/2006 09:44PM PDT

"One man is described as 178cm tall, of medium build with shoulder length dark hair and clean shaven, wearing jeans and a black top. The second is 170cm tall, of medium build with dark short hair."

Visiting Swedes, no question ...

/c'mon, Aussies, time to expel those who would poison your land ...

And the reaction when they find out it was committed to Israelis? Get ready for the in-depth reportage.

#162 Self Hating Muslim 8/6/2006 05:01PM PDT

Update: An Israeli has been charged for the with the man’s murder.

Nothing to see here.

#163 Jude 8/6/2006 06:06PM PDT

#162 - an Israeli 'national' has been charged.

#164 spot! 8/6/2006 06:07PM PDT

Israeli charged over Israeli killing

An Israeli national has been charged with the murder of a Israeli man in Bondi on Saturday night, police say.

Hernan Guelman, 36, died after he was allegedly beaten and stabbed in the back and stomach by a gang outside a shop on the corner of Glenayr Avenue and Beach Road about 9.45pm Saturday.

A 31-year-old Israeli national living in Vaucluse handed himself into Bondi police station about 7.45 last night, police said.

And then there was silence.

Source: Jerusalem Post


Nuclear Cop said...

In fairness, Charles posted his usual insinuating piece leaving his readers to draw the logical conclusion: a Mooslim did it. Shame it didn't work out for him, because those involved were Israeli citizens called Dror and Ezra Salah.

Winston Smith said...


That sounds almost like "Salahuddin"!


MJ said...

I notice, no update on Charlie's part. There's a suprise.

guitarmaker2000 said...

everyone know that 99.99% of Israelis are Jewish and the halfdozen or so that aren't love Israel so much that they would never stab a fellow Israeli.....let me get back to you on this one