Little Green Footballs

Sunday, August 06, 2006

What else can you say?

This poster says it all.

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dawud al-gharib said...

You're saying civilians die everywhere, and they're all sharing common qualities of being human? That, my friend, is called "moral equivalence" and means you think that Israel's "peace agents" are morally equivalent to Hezbollahs terrorist missiles? Are you... gasp! leftists?

May God help people who are sincerely speaking out for peace... perhaps this is a partial answer to my muslim sister Fareena Alam's article on commentisfree:
Healing begins at home
I guess this is what the "birth pangs of a new Middle East" sound like: the scream of jets, the wailing of bombs, the terrified cries of victims and the death rattle of innocents. The slaughter at Qana lays the excuses of Israel and her spin-doctors and apologists in bloody, decisive ruin. Not that their explanations held much water to begin with.

In this astonishing two and half weeks of death and carnage, over 700 Lebanese, almost all civilians, and over 52 Israelis, at least 18 of whom were civilians, have been killed. In this mad, stubborn campaign of destruction, the Israelis have failed miserably in their so-called goals: Hizbullah is stronger and any apprehensions of peace in the region are now no more than a blood-coloured mirage.