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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Charles Johnson: Hypocrite & Fox apologist

It's funny how your past comes and kicks you in the ass on your best days isn't it?

Ironically, one of the anti-Reuters lynch mob leaders, Little Green Footballs, defended Fox's publication of false Kerry quotes by arguing that Fox "pulled the article down and apologized for it the same day. That is, of course, how a responsible news organization handles a situation like this" (emphasis added). That, of course, is precisely what Reuters did with the altered photographs. In fact, the agency went much further by removing all of the photographs and announcing it will never use that photographer again. Fox, by contrast, refused to remove Cameron from covering the Kerry campaign and continues to employ him. Worse, Fox excused itself by claiming that publication of the fake quotes "occurred because of fatigue and bad judgment, not malice."
Via Glenn Greenwald & Canadian Cynic

UPDATE: Billmon gives his opinion on the matter here and says just what every normal human being was thinking with regards this phony 'outrage'.
Shocking, isn't it. Darker smoke. Two -- count 'em, two -- extra flares. What would Robert Capa have thought?

The fact that our homegrown war porn aficionados apparently find this offense more atrocious than the vile crimes being committed in this war -- by their side as well as by the officially designated terrorists -- speaks volumes about their ethical priorities, not to mention their sanitary habits.

To call them morally depraved would be like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a meat eater.

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Richard said...

A Reuters photographer touches up a photo and Chuckie gets his knickers all in a twist. BUt what about those thousands of unretouched images of misery and butchery inflicted by Israel on the Lebanese people. Can Chuckie explain all of them away too as being fakes?!