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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh Benny, nice try.....

Benjamin Netanyahu really is a piece of work. If your country is guilty of the deaths of scores of children how do you defend it? Invoke WW2 and say 'well the British' did it! Not quite old chap.

Benjamin Netanyahu tries another lie, an old one reheated from 1982, when Menachem Begin used to claim that the civilian casualties of Israel's air raids were no different from the civilians killed in Denmark in an RAF raid in the Second World War. Ho hum, nice try, Benjamin, but not good enough.

First, the story. RAF aircraft staged an air raid on the Nazi Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen, but massacred more than 80 children when their bombs went astray. The Israelis are slaughtering the innocent of southern Lebanon from high altitude - high enough to avoid Hizbollah missiles. The reason the RAF killed 83 children, 20 nuns and three firemen on 21 March 1945 was that their Mosquitoes were flying so low to avoid civilian casualties that one of the British aircraft clipped its wing on a railroad tower outside Copenhagen central station, and crashed into the school. The other aircraft assumed the smoke from its high-octane fuel was the target.

Interesting, though, the way Israel's leaders are ready to manipulate the history of the Second World War. No Israeli aircraft has been lost over Lebanon in this war and the civilians of Lebanon are dying by the score, repeatedly and bombed from a great height.
Source: The Independent

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adultmalebluegrouse said...

Its a lame excuse comparing one of the most modern well-equipped armies with 1945. The Israel invasion force have the benefit of satellite navigation, high definition optics, real-time video, laser guided bombs, automated drones, satellite pictures, radar, helicopters and night vision.

Theyre hitting civilians because they never need to be held to account. Theyve got the support of the US. Thats all they need.