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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Photoshop, lies and videotape

Seems it's not only Reuters photographers are in on the whole 'touching up' vibe. Israeli interrogators seem not to be too adverse to it either.

The Israeli army has released a video apparently showing a Hezbollah fighter admitting to taking part in a raid on Israel and undergoing training in Iran.

On the tape, the fighter describes his role in the raid in which two Israeli soldiers were seized on 12 July, triggering the current conflict.

The man identifies himself as Hussein Ali Suleiman, 22, and says he flew from Syria to Iran for training in 2003.

The videoed interrogation appears to have been heavily edited.
Perhaps someone should send the intelligence officers on a course with Adnan Hajj to improve their 'fakin' skills'....

Why would you release a hevily edited video? Surely that makes it look suspect straight away?


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