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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

IAF demolished buildings, we demolish myths

The desperate wingnut frenzy going on at sites like LGF at the moment is truly something to behold.

Totally ignorant of what they were talking themselves into, the lizards and their fellow travelers are sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand that is their own little fantasyworld.

Here are some of the arguments from Charlie Johnson's little angels that the Qana massacre _ in which over 50 Lebanese civilians died _ was staged:

- The 'green helmet' man _ a Lebanese rescuer who spent hours trying to get survivors and the dead out of the bombed building, is a "girlyman", according to LGFers. Profound.

- The fact that the MSM got to the site of the bombing "within an hour" (who knows where he got this information from) is proof the rescuers took their time for not arriving earlier, according to 'TotallySirius'. Note: MSM have money and equipment the Lebanese Red Cross lacks. Think about it.

- The klever konspiracy kidz at LGF (and Freerepublic, and EUReferendum) notice that the rescuer with the Green Helmet was photographed TEN YEARS AGO ....ehm ... rescuing people!

- Lawhawk, ever the sensitive guy, notes: "So, we know who the guy is. Now, let's ask him about how he treated those victims with proper respect and dignity." Hmmm, bit late for that, don't you think? Instead of telling the ambulance crew how to do their work, perhaps you should be having a word with the IAF about their practice of treating civilians WHO ARE STILL ALIVE with a little respect. Just a thought...

- Rednaxela says: "LGF's daily visitors amount to about 0.03% of the population. Supremely optimistically, I don't think more than 1% of people out there know about the cover up." Or perhaps, using LGFer logic (see LGFWatch passim), it means that not more than 0.03% of the population (which population) doesn't give a shit what LGF thinks.

- Rednaxela (again): "A sense of Rathergate is reemerging". Indeed, but perhaps not the same sense you're getting.

After the dust has settled on this one, you can be sure that:

a) there will be no public apology from Charles Johnson & Co for having dragged the dead bodies of dozens of dead women and children through the dirt to defend their little ideological bugbears and

b) somehow, in their minds, the wingnuts will see this tragedy as a justified act of war, never mind that even the Israeli army has apologized for the incident and regrets the loss of civilian life. To the readers of LGF, Arabs are and will always be untermenschen. Such is their racist world view.


Nuclear Cop said...

The wingers can't comprehend that someone could keep a job for 10 years, that's all. It's hard to be punctual when you devote your life to dehumanization; it's a 24/7 job.

lobbey_dosser said...

These tossers are in quandry, either the line is "They are all Arabs and therefore deserve to die", or "its all a cover up". You can almost hear there little brains popping!