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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Something tells me there won't be much coverage of this on the usual anti-Palestinian sites. It wouldn't do for them to portray humanity, bravery and selflessness for a people they consider sub-human. What these sites fail to appreciate is that no matter what political mind games and fantasy battles they are engaged in, it is real people on the ground in Israel and Palestine, Jewish and Arab that matter.

JERUSALEM (AFP) - A 24-year-old Palestinian man died over the weekend trying to save four Israeli teenagers from drowning in waters just off a beach south of Tel Aviv, an Israeli newspaper has reported.

Ahed Tamimi, from Israeli-occupied east Jerusalem, was on the Rishon Le Tzion beach with his relatives when he heard four teenagers in the water cry for help,the Maariv daily reported Monday.

"He heard our cries for help and he dove into the water without hesitation," of the teenagers, Denis Mihayev, 15, told the newspaper.

"He swam towards me, grabbed my hand and pulled me forcefully back to shore," he said.
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