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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"....but guvnor, he was speaking Arab like..."

This is getting beyond a joke.

London Eye bosses have apologised to a family from Dubai who were initially stopped from boarding, apparently after being overheard speaking in Arabic.

Syed Husain, 65, of Manor House, north London, was stopped while showing his sister and brother-in-law the sights.

He said it was when his sister started speaking Arabic in the queue that a security guard's attitude changed.

British Airways, which runs the London Eye, has written to apologise and offered him two free tickets.

Mr Husain has lived in London for 30 years and was showing his family around as they visited from Dubai.
Is speaking Arabic in a queue a security risk now? This is getting ridiculous. Why are Britons turning into "lizardoid" style panty wetters?

Source: BBC NEWS

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