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Monday, August 28, 2006

Another War, Another Planet

I just can't get my head around this. Is Ehud Olmert seriously suggesting the war against Lebanon was a success, more than that actually a fantasy result!

Prime minister says that if someone would have told him a month and a half ago about the current situation, he would said he was dreaming of unrealistic goals. Says cautiously, 'could be deterioration'

His poll results are abysmal, protestors are practically beating down the door to his office but, despite all that, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke proudly in a Sunday morning cabinet meeting of the accomplishments of the Lebanon war. According to him, prior to the war, its outcomes would have been considered a "fantasy".

"If someone would have told me a month and a half ago that there would be a multinational force and Lebanese army presence in the south, that UN Security Council resolution 1559 would begin to be implemented, that the UN Secretary-General would says that the multinational force could disarm Hizbullah, that there would be an arms embargo in Lebanon, observation of crossings, and all this while the IDF sat in Lebanon without being dragged into combat, despite a continued aerial and naval blockade - I would have said he was dreaming and that he shouldn't try to set unrealistic objectives."
I'm sure the dead of Lebanon and Israel are rejoicing wherever they are. Thank you Ehud.

I can't seem to shake the The Only Ones song "Another Girl, Another Planet" out of my head, because this man is seriously treading ground on Mars if he thinks his military campaign was a success.


Richard said...

If you read Nasrallah's latest TV interview in which he has the unmitigated chutzpah to say Hezbollah did a great thing for Lebanon by kidnapping the soldiers and starting a war because Israel was really planning a full scale war for OCTOBER. By Hez. attacking in July, it really knocked those Israelis for a loop. So thanks & praise are due to both Nasrallah & Olmert for their brilliant presence of mind to get both their nations into among the most disastrous wars either one has ever faced.

All hail the idiots!

moonbat monitor said...

....and a big thanks to hezbollah for pointlessly starting the entire mess!

Woo. Go hezbollah. You rule.

MJ said...

....and a big thanks to hezbollah for pointlessly starting the entire mess!

Oh they had a point. And they're now acting like a humanitarian aid organisation in Lebanon, fostering more support. Way to crush Hezbollah Israel.

skip sievert said...

Any one who supports either of these belief systems is a moron. Pick your poison. Each of these belief systems has the potential to ruin the world.
It is time for the U.S. to leave the area. Why support either party. They are all , and only, religious bigots on both sides. Why do we support these nasty , hateful groups. Jews and Muslims. Why are we backing any religious scum bags, Christian or Hindu for that matter.