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Monday, August 28, 2006

When is a controversy, not a controversy?

When nobody except the wingutosphere cares.

Michelle Malkin jumps on the Editor and Publisher bandwagon. With her on that said 'wagon are all the people who were happy to harangue Reuters for 'slightly-more-smoke-gate' but generally shy of condemning the mass murder of civilians by Israeli forces.

PS While Malkin to our knowledge has never faked reports, there is some debate as to whether she writes hers at all.


brazen said...

I think my favorite part is where they're taking the guy to task for editing a column to change his pronouns once someone pointed out that Zombie is female, not male.

Gasp! Faint! You mean a blogger is actually taking advantage of the dynamic editing capabilities of the web to correct factual and grammatical mistakes after first publication? Oh noez!!

Brad said...

That is clearly a reliable source for Malkin's inability to write her own material!