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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Racial and religious hatred

One of the constant themes of LGF and other right wing American sites is the amount of anti-Jewish hatred in the Arab world and especially in their press. Something tells me that they'd have no problem with this kind of racist trash that appears in the Israeli media by ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, has approached Attorney General Menachem Mazuz Saturday evening and demanded that he launch an investigation against the haredi author of an article that refers to Arabs as "a cult of murderers, savages, and a loathsome nation whose prophet is a false prophet."

In the article, published in the ultra-Orthodox newspaper "Hassidic World", author Yitzhak Ben-Zvi writes that "the Arabs are a people
similar to donkeys… they are a vile nation of savages… they have a great desire to murder and are even worse than the Nazi enemy."

The article analyzes Torah rulings, and presents the alleged opinion of a Jewish scholar, who claims that "the hatred and cruelty of the Arabs, may they be damned, towards the Jews surpasses even that of the Nazis," and that "the hatred to the Arabs should have naturally been etched in our hearts."

Throughout the article, the writer refers to the Arabs as stupid, hypocrite, and uncivilized. in a separate clause, Ben-Zvi refers to Muhammad as a false prophet.

The affair was first revealed in the Israeli-Arab newspaper Kul al-Arab, which quoted the article. According to Adalah, the article is packed with severe racial incitement, slander, and insults to the religious sensitivities of the Muslims living in Israel.

Attorney Abeer Baker, who represents the organization, stated that "the article's messages are basically of a racist nature, and their sheer purpose is the humiliation and mockery of Arabs, especially Muslims, merely because of their national and religious affiliation."
And just for extras, if you want to check out views that would make your average Lizardoid blush, check out the comments below the piece on Ynet News.

Source: Ynetnews


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Okay, so it's pimping. But it is rather amazing how Charles Johnson views the world - as a heaving morass of overt and covert anti-semites, committed to the destruction of Israel because of their irrational hatred.