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Friday, August 04, 2006

What happened to targetting Hezbollah?

Or come to think of it, releasing kidnapped Israeli soldiers?

"What was so striking about today's airstrikes was that they targeted roads north of Beirut, a Christian-dominated area that is far outside Hezbollah's territory. There is no way that these roads can be described as Hezbollah's highways.


One possible aim of the Israelis, in bombing Lebanon's Christian population, might have been to drive a wedge between them and Hezbollah, to make them angry at the group, but if that was the goal, it has backfired. Everyone we spoke to was furious: there was the feeling that rather than striking at Hezbollah, Israel has broadened its war to strike at Lebanon in general.
Source: Times Online


skip sievert said...

It is possible to war game this morbid display in every possible direction. Bottom line is that the Israelis do not care. They have a long written tradition of killing any group that opposes them. Any of you people ever read the Bible.? It is very clear on this. In fact the remnants of the Canaanites are known today as the Lebanese. The Canaanites became the most maligned people in the history of the world thanks to unfounded Jewish lies that were built into their comical belief system. Do you think that I am making that up.? I`m not. It`s all in their precedent document, that they brain wash themselves and their children with. ---- The people in that area know they are in a life and death struggle against Israel. They also know that the born again bible speakers think the new Jerusalem will be situated in a large area that stretches to the Euphrates river. They preach this. This was the so called covenant with Abraham by what they call Mr.god. Can you see why they don`t want to play ball.? Is what I am saying true.? As far as I can tell this is the historical cultural truth being played out there. No shortage of examples from the Jewish myths. From past documented dealings they know that their god Yahwa commands complete genocide against any perspective enemies. It says so in black and white in the tales they have brainwashed themselves with. How does this end.? Badly all around. Why.? It is all being driven by belief. Something that is not real.

WW said...

I wonder what the whack-job evangelicals will say about this one.