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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Probably a photoshop.....

Can't be completely sure until we get some animated GIF's on the go. But heads will roll. Will roll I tells ya!

UPDATE: As far as we can tell this is a Photoshop, a poor quality one at that. It's not as if there are actual bombs going off in Beirut or anything.

UPDATE: We can confirm this is definitely a photoshop. Chickenhawk-in-Chief Charles Johnson has yet to leave California for the Middle East.

UPDATE: Further proof if needed, the picture of Charles is an old one. Look below and notice the difference. Is he doing all that cycling on a VR machine?

UPDATE: Case closed methinks. And no need for the animated GIF's!

UPDATE: The 'war on terror' continues to claim lives of innocent civilians in Lebanon, Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan......just thought we'd let you know. Just in case you thought all that's important is one journalists poor professionalism

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