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Friday, August 11, 2006

Selective Outrage, Cont'd.

Q: When is it okay to photoshop events to advance a political aim?
A: When you are doing the divine work of The Decider.

Johnson and the lizards were not bothered by the egrerious fakery of the Bushies when they used the "Clone Tool" not to add smoke or a couple of flares, but thousands of fake Iraqis.


skip sievert said...

I have now read some of the Johnson material that is what this site constantly refers to and there is no doubt that this guy is an idiot.
Just like any idiot can be a musician, this Johnson is a guitar player, and famous for that.
Other than his guitar playing, I fail to see why you are making such a big deal out of this person.
It is obvious from reading a little of his postings that he knows nothing of the history or the peoples of the area of the middle east.
I guess I fail to see why this site devotes so very much time to rehashing what this ignorant person has to say about the middle east.
It is beyond me that people take this Johnson seriously.
I suggest that this site revamps into something other than a format to trash this obvious idiot.
Many of the discussion points here are good.

LanceThruster said...

Please take a look at the glowing article about Johnson at the "progressive" LA Weekly.


It even tries to lend credence to the whole "Qana massacre was faked" nonsense. Doesn't mention a thing about the lack of scruples LGF has, but instead builds him up like a real power player and truth-teller. Nauseating.

skip sievert said...

It really doesn`t matter whether the New York Times or L.A. times says positive things about this guy. Every body knows the media in the U.S. has been dumbed down to the point where it is a waste of time nearly to find mainstream alternative.-- It just doesn`t exist. ---- Our media is driven by advertising dollars. - The media isn`t going to tell the truth about any thing. War is profitable.
It is also funny to listen to the likes of Amy Goodman, and such. These types never get at the real issues, which is the type of society we have. Using money for instance.
Democracy now.? Give me a break. Throw in Chomsky and Kunstler, and you have a most charming media disinformation network.
Our society will tear itself apart if we keep our current Price System method of doing business. It insures that the media won`t show any thing in its true light.
It is time to get rid of this political system.
The only thing it is devoted to is making money. That is a dead end for all, and with population and resources now an issue, this type of society threatens our ability to survive in the future.
I should say it insures that we won`t survive.

Steve said...

Skip: Steve Kelso here, one of the LGF team and author of this post you've been kind enough to comment on.

Let me comment on your comments:

1. Johnson is not an idiot. He's a smart operator who has figured out how to make money out of fear and hate.

2. Johnson is a long way from being "famous" for his guitar playing. If you think about it, no real musician would *ever* give up performing if they had sustaining talent. Johnson has swapped the guitar pick for an ice pick, we he wields with considerable skill, of the "cut-n-paste" type.

3. Wrong again. Johnson knows a lot about the history of the ME and the people, but his understanding is, uh, highly selective, biased, uh... he explains how he had a scare when a brown-skinned man made a "gun" sign at him outside the Mosque in Culver City. Ever since then, and a bedwetting experience related to 9-11, Johnson has been on a mission to rev up the hate.

4. As to why "this site devotes so very much time", have you checked the name of "this site"?

5. You see, it's not about "trash this obvious idiot" it's about everything that represents, represented most by Johnson's "lizards", who are doing more to hurt America than they will ever know.

Hint: A blog like LGF can be read anywhere in the world. Damn fine recruiting material Osama, in this blogger's opinion.

Lancethruster: thanks. Nauseating. I have no doubt we'll be seeing a little more of Johnson, but not too much. With his blank, dull eyes and his rip-van-hippie hairdo (not to mention his reedy, grating voice), I doubt he's going to remain on any bookers go-to list for long.

skip sievert said...

Thanks Steve , I see a little more clearly now that Johnson just represents literally and figuratively a lot of the dumbed down, brainwashed, disinformation that is passed off as something of note and interest in our media at times.
What you people are doing is trying to counter act this clap trap that people like Johnson put out.
I still fail to see how any serious minded people would fall victim to the Johnson approach, unless they might be of similar ilk. I will take your word for it that this is an unpleasant job that has to be done, and you and your friends are doing it.
After having read a bit of the Johnson approach, I have to affirm again that in my opinion this person would be considered more of a belief system psychopath, or hate monger as you say , or an unconscious tool for the most blatantly stupid money grubbers.
If a person such as Johnson who can not think critically , honestly or truthfully , but only through some odd, hateful, belief system lense that he favors, or is brain washed with is popular, that is bad news for all thinking people.
It seems that your approach to ridicule, humiliate, and expose that person is a good idea.
No doubt Johnson is a perfect candidate for that approach.
You guys float lots of interesting info here.

Steve said...

Skip... good understanding. The sad fact is that Johnson has a large readership and an agenda that hurts America and hurts the world. It's an old message that goes back to hating the tribe that wears the dark blue juniper juice instead of the reddish kind. Johnson is a parasite, feasting on hatred and stupidity.

Glad you're seeing the light!