Little Green Footballs

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Now that's what I call chutzpah!

This is priceless.

An Israeli delegation traveled to Moscow this week to complain that Russian-made anti-tank missiles have reached Hezbollah guerrillas who used them against Israeli troops in south Lebanon, said Asaf Shariv, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Friday.

The Associated Press reported that the anti-tank missiles proved to be one of Hezbollah’s most effective weapons in combat with Israeli soldiers in Lebanon. Such missiles killed at least 50 of the 118 soldiers who died in the 34-day fighting that ended this week.
I'm sure the Lebanese have a similar objections to the nation who supply the Israelis with jet fighters, attack helicopters and cluster bombs to destroy a total of 30,000 homes and kill scores of civilians. Who did that again?


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