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Thursday, August 03, 2006

“Assume” makes an ass of you and me

The IDF go for comedy gold. Not only do they want us to believe that they knew nothing about civilians in the building (umm, what exactly where your drones taking pics of then?) but they're making the laughable claim that if they knew civilians were there they wouldn't have attacked. Didn't stop them all those other times when they used the 'human shields' excuse to justify dead Arabs.

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday evening published its formal investigation regarding the aerial strike on Qana , in which 27 Lebanese civilians were killed. IDF sources state that their work assumption was that the building was emptied of civilians and was being used as a cover for terrorists.

"Had we known the building was occupied by civilians, we would not have attacked it," they said.

Source: Ynetnews


phleabo said...

An examination of Israeli tactics against the Palestinians shows a fairly high lack of regard for civillian deaths that occur in the process of killing legitimate targets. I think the same thing was at play here - they just didn't think there were that many civillians in the building.

The IDF and Israeli government pretty obviously don't give much of a shit about the suffering they're causing civillians in Lebanon. They understand that low level deaths - a couple here, a couple there - are fine. But a massacre, dozens of women and children dead, that's an ugly PR disaster and can't as easily be dismissed as collateral damage.

skip sievert said...

This site seems to be another war-gaming conjectural rant. Do you people here ever get at the underlying cause`s of these so called wars. Pointing fingers and moralizing about these pointless belief systems is much like a dog chasing its tale. I don`t see much point in finger pointing. Why not get at the core and start there. The big picture of why this is happening.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

The big picture is that Israel does whatever it wants and never gets held to account while she has unblinking support from the US.

The big picture is: if the US reigned Israel in now and again instead of giving her unquestioning support every time the IDF goes on a rampage, and didn’t base their Middle East foreign policies around Israel; half of the problems in the Middle East would disappear practically overnight. That’s the core. Start there.

And what the fuck is 'so called war' supposed to mean?

skip sievert said...

Mr. Grouse I am glad you asked. First what is war in the modern world.? It is a battle between economic and belief systems. It is a contest between different brands of paper pushers. -- Do you understand that Israel is the United States.? A forward military post of our belief system and economic system.? They are our agents and vice a versa. This contest is purely between belief systems that want to make a buck. The religious mafia of Born Agains and orthodox Jews control our system here through the corporations and societal template which they mold constantly by brain washing. Would you disagree.? Bush is a believer in the Yahwa god. True? Yes. He is also a believer in the whole area being destroyed and a new Jerusalem being set up with his group in charge. Their group has in black and white the prediction from their Bible which says this new big city will stretch between the river in Egypt and the river called Euphrates. I am sure that you are aware of that. The neigbors of the cult tribe who published that idea are not thrilled by this prospect , as it leaves most of them converted to a different cult or dead. --- These cult believers are now in a death lock with another group of cult believers. -- Both of the groups involved here are criminal gangs that prey on the frailty of the human spirit. Both were organized to steal resources originaly. That was their original purpose. Hard core survivalists, they were.The Jews to get the hell out of the desert and mountains of Edam and Se`ir, and the Arabs to get the hell out of the Mecca, Medina area. --- Both places of little water, and hardly any resources. /// Again it is us that is fighting the war, through Israel. We pay them lots of money as we do the other players in the area except for the Iranians. They can`t be bought for some reason. Perhaps because they are dealt a losing hand by the Christians and the Jews. They haven`t got much to lose. //// We are on a war footing. That is the way our economy functions, and has since the late 40`s./// I don`t like either side . I don`t like our side either. What say we drop our involvment with both sides. Ah, but their the problem lies. We believe here. We have been brainwashed into our belief that god is an elderly looking gentleman with a long flowing beard. - This Mr.God is angry all the time. He sent his son to tell us that we would be most of us destroyed. Then he would make it better. ---- How does this end.? Very badly. It only gets worse from here. --- Time to start a new social proposal for here. Not tied into that awful stuff.