Little Green Footballs

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Will LGF now take up the cause of lesbian communism?

In a shocking about-face, the slimy green lizards hoist a new and rather unlikely idol onto their plinth of worship, knocking Charles Johnson off in the process. Their new hero is no other than the radical communist and sharp-feathered lesbian icon Julie Burchill (

Burchill, known to many Guardian readers as the scourge of their Saturday morning, claims to be stepping down from her post as shock-columnists on the Grauniad. The fact that her editors have started publicly question whether she really deserves her six-figure salary surely has nothing to do with her decision. No, she is making a principled stand against anti-Semitism, of which she feels the Guardian is a major defender. Well blow me down. Burchill, who rarely has a nice word left over for her fellow human beings and regularly resorts to the crassest of racial and national stereotypes now claims she can see rights through the Guardian's balanced and carefully-worded reporting and discovers it is really all about hating Jews. That, in a nutshell, is the reason she is leaving for the Times. Oh, and don't forget the extra money her new employers are offering her. Taraa, Julie.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

LGF losing its vigilance

Charles Johnson has uncovered another example of French perfidy: a Paris Match photographer taking pictures of an Iraqi resistance group firing a missile at a DHL cargo plane ( The picture appears on Yahoo News. But Charles failed to say anything about the next picture in the slideshow, which shows a nine-year-old Palestinian boy who died in the southern Gaza Strip after being shot in the head by the Israeli army (see below). Presumably you just overlooked that one, eh Charles?

NB: As it now turns out, the boy, Hani Selim al-Rabayah, was not shot by the IDF at all, but by his brother, according to CBC. What is interesting is that, once this became known, the story was suddenly newsworthy to the Little Green Racists: Sudden rejoicing in death and comments a la 'Palestinian shoots Palestinian. All is well, cliches confirmed.' ( Had initial reports of the boy's assassination by the IDF remained true, it would not, of course, have been of interest to LGFers and chief Charles.

Hold the front page, Charles Johnson does it again!

Not content to hunt down superfluous single quotation marks (see item below), intrepid investigator Johnson has now uncovered an instance of NO quotation marks used in a BBC News Online headline ( Well done Charlie! Another hit for the free world. It can't be long now and the BBC will cave in to your demands, release the hostages, broadcast the Brady Bunch 24/7 and cease being the mouthpiece of all things evil. Our insiders at White City tell us the Corporation is already planning a comprehensive surrender, and will change its logo to a slimy green lizard on a white background before the year is out.
Keep it up Charles!

Monday, November 24, 2003

LGF goes after the big ones, investigates single quotation marks

Another example of the tireless way in which Charles Johnson, Mega-Lizardoid of LGF fame, tracks down those responsible for evil deeds across the world and brings them to justice: Today, Charles brings his readers a shocking example of BBC infamy, by exposing the way the 'news' provider used 'sneer' quotes when reporting the 'death' of two 'Israeli' barrier 'guards' ( Says Charles:

"Is the BBC trying to suggest the guards were not actually killed? Sneering at their deaths? Quoting someone? (There’s no quote in the article...) Trying to delegitimize [sic] the deaths of Israelis, or subtly imply that it was deserved?"
Indeed, Charles, this is a horrific example of the way in which Arafat controls the BBC, right down to the way they use single quotation marks to deny Israel the right to exist. Shocking, truly shocking. Luckily, as soon as they read your blog they climbed down and removed the 'sneer' quotes, proving once again that nobody can stand up to the power of a million slimy lizards emailing the BBC complaints department...

...or could it be that the BBC was simply waiting for official confirmation that the two guards had been killed? Who cares, eh? The BBC are lying Islamofascist bastards, everyone (at LGF) knows that.

Friday, November 21, 2003

LGF doesn't like the Baghdad Blogger

Charles Johnson must be pretty frustrated that Salam Pax (aka the Baghdad Blogger) is still around. Having shown himself so ungrateful for the US invasion of his country, and then had the temerity to hook up with the Guardian, Salam Pax must be as close to the blogging anti-Christ as he can get in Charles' world. So Charles delights in a James Lileks post slamming Pax ( Interestingly, Mr J lets his true colours slip through when he calls Salam Pax "anti-American". Avid readers of Pax know that he is nothing of the sort. Rather he criticises the action of certain Americans (politicans, soldiers, right-wing pundits), but certainly not this mythical construct that is Charles' 'America'. But of course criticising CJ's politics is enough to make Pax anti-American - simple as that. Which is why, by that logic, we could justifiably call LGF anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-German, anti-French, anti-British, anti-Swiss, anti-Belgian, anti.... the list goes on.
Hey, remember when Charlie though that Salam Pax was an Iraqi secret agent? For those of you who missed it, here's the posting: So much for Charles Johnson, counter-intelligence agent extraordinaire.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

LGF's Paypal and Amazon links under threat

While we don't approve of efforts to shut down websites like LGF, there is some merit in pointing out to Amazon and Paypal that they are being featured on a site that publishes rabidly racist views.
On the above linked page you'll find a link to an interesting criticism of LGF on

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

LGF can't stand the heat

After apparently more than year of tirelessly discussing with LGF regulars, Charles Johnson has banned 'View from Ireland' because, he claims, s/he tried to derail discussions into silly irrelevance ( There goes one of the last interesting contributors to the LGF message boards. Now LGFers can have cosy chats about all the stuff they already agree on, without interference from people with differing opinions who introduce facts into the discussion and try to go beyond the surface when seeking explanations for the depths humanity sometimes plummets to.

Monday, November 10, 2003

LGF: Publishing hoaxes

Charles Johnson admits that an advert purporting to be from anti-Semitic groups active at Rutgers university is actually a hoax ( One item later he publishes what appears to be another hoax (, claiming to show a real picture taken at an anti-Apartheid Wall demo in Los Angeles.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

LGF: when in doubt, distort

Charles Johnson digs up some interesting stories for his lizardoid minions now and then. Stories they would otherwise not be reading about. Such as the news about the International Day of Action against the Apartheid Wall the Israelis are building ( Naturally, Charles doesn't like the line that the protest groups are taking. So Charles smears the protesters by claiming that, on 9 November, "Terror Supporters [will] Celebrate Kristallnacht". Far be it for us to quibble about the precise terminology employed, but could it be that Charles is stretching his readers' credulity a little far by declaring that peace protesters = terror supporters, and that they are the kinds of people who would "celebrate" Reichskristallnacht? Then again, it all fits into Charles Johnson's mission to distort reality and defame his opponents.
This kind of story is a typical example of Johnson's twisted perception of reality, and should serve as a warning to all those at risk of taking him seriously as a credible witness of current affairs.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Wingnut Debate Dictionary

Slightly off-topic, but here's an interesting compilations of weblog debating slang.

Monday, November 03, 2003

LGF comments function switched off

Last night, Charles Johnson switched off the comments function on his beloved LGF weblog because "every moonbat in the world is flocking to LGF today to make trouble" ( So, while LGFers are happy to spam other sites with their vile comments and scream blue murder when someone dares not to have a comment function at all (, Johnson is ban-happy with anyone who posts a comment he doesn't like and even turns off his comment function altogether when it gets a little bit too much for the poor fellow.

Ahhhhhhhwwwww. Let's all sympathise with Charlie 'double standards' Johnson and his slimy lizard friends.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

And here's one LGF missed...

German member of parliament Martin Hohmann described Jews as "a race of perpetrators" for their supposed role in Russia's bloody 1917 revolution. Idiot. Oh, Charles, if you do get round to writing a post about this, don't forget to mention that Hohmann is a member of the conservative Christian Democrat party, the only mainstream party in Germany to have wholeheartedly supported the US invasion of Iraq.

LGF: Posting without thinking

Charles Johnson highlights ( an interesting piece of news about an EU survey showing that most Europeans believe that the US and Israel are currently the greatest threats to world peace. How can this be? Unthinkable! America and Israel are peace-loving countries who want nothing but good for their fellow nations, aren't they? The fact that Johnson doesn't even attempt to understand why the survey produced this result, but instead calls Europeans "Eurosimpletons" for thinking this way should say something about the fashion in which he analyses world affairs.

Has it passed Johnson by that the USA has intervened militarily in dozens upon dozens of countries all over the world for over a hundred years, often to replace those countries' leaders with ones more favourable to American interests? Doesn't Johnson realise that, while most Europeans are immensely grateful for the fact that the United States helped liberate it from the scourge of fascism in the 1940s, they worry that it hasn't learned the lessons of mass conflict the way Europe has and will continue to use its military might at will - whatever the cost to the rest of the world. Hasn't it occured to Johnson that this survey is a damning indication of the way America is squandering the goodwill of its most obvious allies: the liberal democracies that share the same values of freedom and equality that supposedly underpin America's self-understanding?

Sometimes, Johnson, it's better to ask questions and treat a piece of information with cautious respect, than to tear it to shreds at the first moment because it could challenge your outlook on the world.

The New York Times is evil - or not?

As all LGF readers know, the New York Times is a lair for godless liberal conspiracists, and anything that appears therein is not to be trusted. Except, of course, if it publishes an article that seems to fit the hysterical anti-Muslim mindset that prevails on LGF (

LGF: unable to read posts properly

Charlie Johnson is in full ANTI-SEMITISM! mode again. Linking ( to an article by Victor David Hanson, Johnson declares it a damning column against the "fashionable, thinly disguised antisemitism of European politicians, “intellectuals,” academics, and media wolves". If only he'd bothered to read the critically piece the way he does with articles he disagrees with...

For Hanson doesn't actually say anything about European politicians, academics or media at all. He does talk about European intellectuals and their supposed desire to destroy Israel. This is, of course, rubbish. European intellectuals are divided about the nature of Israel. Some think a 'Jewish homeland' is necessary, in view of the persecution Jews have suffered over the ages. Others think it is a good in itself for every people to have their own state. Again others regard the creation of Israel as a mistake, but one that cannot be reversed anymore. And then there is a minority who believe that a state founded on 'racial' lines will always be a bad thing and who would like to see it replaced with a modern, secular, truly democratic state that would fulfill the original ideal of the early Zionists: to create a shining example of progress in a world gone mad with ethnic, sectarian and political strife.

LGF Watch: blogger approved

While we've been away for a few days (yes, we have real lives, unlike some people we know...) LGF Watch has done the rounds in the blogging world and we've now got a respectable 27 inbound links. Shout out's go to The Mahablog, Dohiyi Mir, Armact Alerts, League of Liberals, Speedkill, Sulliwatch, Cleavelin, Norbizness, Fando, Bertram Online, and Sick of Bush blog.