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Sunday, March 12, 2006

March for Free Expression

Following last month's brouhaha over the cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, and the - some say shameful - protests against them by religious extremists in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, a loose alliance of free speech advocats has called for a demonstration in favour of freedom of expression on Saturday 25 March in cities across the world.

The aim is to support the principle that free speech, even if it is offensive to some, is one of the key means of safeguarding the free exchange of ideas in a democratic society.

LGFWatch wholeheartedly supports this cause. We hope you do too, and turn out in large numbers on 25 March in London, Sydney, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago and Berlin


Sonic said...

Hello LGF

There are fair number of well dodgy people behind this march. I can see it turn into a hatefest.

amenaidy said...

Free speech all the way. Of course, except if Israel should be a topic:

The erosion of free speech - by Robert Fisk -

X said...

What do you mean by 'there are a number of well dodgy people behind the march'?

The organizers are "a libertarian and (a) socialist", they've urged the BNP not to come, and there are going to be jugglers for god's sake! Jugglers don't go to hate fests (except in LGFWorld, where jugglers and dreadlocks are synonymous with hate).