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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Zombie is missing a braaiiin - Revisited

ChenZhen has found a good one over at LGF while reporting on some hardline Obama derangement syndrome:

"I'm going to pull out the wildest thing out of my arse..

.. wave it in your face and hope YOU WET YOUR UNDERPANTS LIKE I DID!! ABOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!"

Luckily enough, there was some decency at the loony bin the old ghoul writes at:

Mr. Sandman
It looks like you and Charles from LGF are a good deal panicked and flustered as you see the impending election-day train speeding your way, and no way to avoid it. I looked at some your stuff before, and had a measure of respect for you, as you seemed somewhat intelligent and reasoned, but that respect is now flushed down the toilet (along with the respect I once had for McCain, and along with his honor, as he’s run the most vile, in fact dangerous presidential campaign in American political history). Charles from LGF paradoxically eschews and condemns paranoid, delusional conspiracy theories such as rumors regarding Obama’s birth certificate being forged and what have you. I say paradoxically because now in his panic he has approvingly linked to this garbage article of yours, with its ridiculous insinuations that Obama is the Weather Underground’s Manchurian Candidate. Good grief. How desperate and pathetic.

You know you are desperate and just fabricating a loony conspiracy theory in the last-minute, flailing-arms hope of confusing and raising doubts in some gullible voters. I know this to be the case since you essentially admit to this this tactic in your comments at LGF. For instance,

LGF member DisgustingOratory: “You see the arch symbol a lot in New Age stuff too. I tried to make the connection, but the symbol seems to have come from a respectable marketing firm with not too much input from Obama himself.”

Zombie: “I’m sure that’s probably true. But at this stage of the game, the only thing left that will reach the undecideds are *visuals* — words and facts are probably beyond the capacity of these people.”

DisgustingOratory: “That [Obama’s logo and the Weather Underground logo juxtaposed] gave me chills.”

Zombie: ” *That* is the reaction I’m looking for. Just a gut-level uneasiness. Something to make anyone pause before pulling that lever for Obama. Something non-verbal — something to give you chills.”

So by your own words you are trying to fool the “stupids” into voting for McCain on the basis of irrational fear. You really *are* a Republican! You are inventing propaganda you know to be false, absurd, and slanderous in your desperate last-ditch assault on Obama. You are an admitted liar, and this behavior is truly reprehensible.

Apparently common sense and decency doesn't survive at LGF and all associated blogs, save such comments like Mr. Sandman's..


ChenZhen said...

Thanks for the link.

As long as you're posting LGF screenshots of zombie's rationale for the thread, you might want to put up this one as well.

Kiddo said...

Wow, circles are SCARY! When will they make the crop circle connection?

Anonymous said...

Zombie is 'going after' the paranoids and the lunatics?

Well, LGF is the perfect place for him to troll then.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me WHY Zombietime lives in San Francisco again?

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the party at LGF, he was voted down to less than -20 because he congratulated Obama. and in the thread they say democracy hope is gone in middle-east, and they say "defend the constitution". isn't sharing power and peaceful transition of power is no.1 element of democracy? it's better they concede.

I hope Obama will do very well in the office and avoid blunders, it will really hurt those nuts to see someone they called terrorist,marxist, Muslim, Arab, racist do much better than the presidents they trust like Bush.

Let's hope CJ drops his selfish interest in advertisements revenue and turn back to liberalism. it's a hope.