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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's keeping Charles up at night?


ChenZhen said...

Oh my, I guess we can predict some sleep deprivation over in lizard land.

Maybe Obama is doing this intentionally. The more time the rightosphere spends sifting through the scribbles on the bathroom stall, the less time they have to pursue something that is actually meaningful.

Sura 109 said...

Chucky even has the nerve to call me a "stalker". Scroll down to comment #513.

Hypocrisy, thy name is the Little Green Freakshow.

Anonymous said...

Charles is officially an idiot and hypocrite, that's why I never visit his site again and many people should not, every visit you do, you make him make some money.

For example his continuous criticism of other sites for letting vicious comments on their site, but when the FBI investigate him or someone criticize him for letting comments on his site, he claims he didn't see them. CJ, why don't you afford the benefit of doubt to others as well?

Search his comments for the usual lizards trick to issue death threats and wishes without their comments removed. in this style

if just [deleted] [deleted] [deleted]

what does this stuff say? for example when get posted on Jimmy Carter visit to Palestine? this kind of stuffs keep repeating without the comments being removed, whereas the suggestion is obvious and clear.

But what do you expect from this idiot? he bashes on Youtube, Digg, Fork for being pro-terrorists. and he claims he is a programmer. if a programmer does not understand the difficulties of open community, what does he understand? beside his claims about youtube deleting "anti-Islam" videos quickly is very untrue. each time he claims this, I search youtube, and I find tons of anti-Islam videos, some of them posted more than a year ago. while searching for anti-American troops, you find less than that.

CJ is idiot, and without his criticism to Muslims, his minions would leave him, dis him as a loony leftist for his social views and worthless posts.

If he criticizes Islam, Jihadists, terrorist in a rational way, we will not have problem with him, but he often mixes his stupidity, racism ,prejudice, partisanship and ignorance with that. otherwise I have my criticism to Islam and all other religions. and I'm anti-terrorists more than him, but not anti-Arabs, or ordinary peaceful Muslims.

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

"This is going to be a gift that keeps on giving for months."

Just like LGF comment threads! LOL

Although Charles must have media pretensions, because he's been trying his best to clean up his comment threads during the past few months. But basic bigotry is hard to hide, when it's the whole meme of your website.

Tex Taylor said...

Jemaah Islamiyah?

Is that Jemaah Carter's middle name? Islamiyah? I always suspected as much.

Reminds me of dating a little Southern Belle once and being invited to eat from the buffet at the country club.

Her mom invited me to "Bill Jones" sandwiches...

When I asked my little beauty what a Bill Jones sandwich was, she giggled like only the Scarlett O'Hara type can and said, "She said build your own sandwiches..."

Lex said...

Chen--ROFL....Um, yep, they most certainly can be kept busy with the bits of nonsense, can't they?

Ahh, a classic X, truly. Dang, he is in for many sleepless nights.

ChenZhen said...

@sura 109

LOL! Yea "stalking" is a one-way street in Charles' world.

Lex said...

Stalking Obama (and I might add that there is an Obama Watch out there, written by an extremely prolific blogger who links that site in every post he writes at The Astute Bloggers) is A-OK with Chuckles! sura 109, of course he did! He's Charles Johnson! And you were "in his living room"....ROFLMAO!!