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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Instant LGF classics

Behold lizards massively biting themselves in the tails. It all started when CJ whined about "Children on crack" at attacking his poor website, and that included.. that's right.. the rather old Digg entry of LGF Watch! (link: )

Here we go again at Digg - LGF Watch - Keeping an eye on those rabid racists at Little Green Footballs.

But wait! There’s more: Digg / lgfuckballs.

Complain to Digg about this ongoing abuse of their site at:
Apparently Chuckie wasn't capable of realizing that the LGF Watch entry has been submitted over 1.5 years ago, otherwise he wouldn't be saying "Here we go again". Notice how the entry has been infested with lizards trying to have some fun.

But that's not all, the comments that ensued on that thread are just hilarious..
#55 Sharmuta

You know- when you have nothing better to do with your time than stalk a website, you might really want to consider therapy.
#56 Charles

They've been doing it for years. And they've also registered numerous accounts at LGF, and tried to pose as friends of the site until they're exposed and blocked. It's beyond insane. I suspect that there is money behind this.
If you scroll waaay down the main LGF Watch page:

"Do you want to advertise on LGF Watch and help a good cause? All revenue is donated to The International Red Cross (CDN$525 so far...)"

Beside that, no.. we're not getting any money for this. Speaking about money..
#60 JammieWearingFool

It's quite pathetic.

There's also some loser out there who calls his site Instaputz, and he obsesses over Glenn Reynolds.

Seriously, you have to have no talent whatsoever to just sit around and blog other people's material.
Right, because when Charles isn't busy "stalking" the Obama website, he is most certainly not grabbing other peoples' material and adding only 7 or 8 words of original content. No sir, Chuckles is very talented indeed.
#143 Charles
If there isn't money behind the stalkers, they're even crazier than I thought.
It's called not-trying-to-make-profit-at-the-expense-of-others. Speaks volumes that this d00d thinks it's crazy.
#176 swamprat

re: #143 Charles

Your very first obtuse post. Get a cup of coffee. They are nuts. And very angry at a blog that points out the warts and pimples adorning their positions and beliefs.
Hang on, I thought this relationship worked the other way round.
#188 JeremyR

re: #143 Charles

Charles, you have posted stuff against the Obamination. That makes you fair game for Soros and fiends. You also take well aimed shots at the Religion of pieces, which makes you the enemy of 1 billion fanatics and fanatic supporters.
Only a lizard will tell you that 1 billion Muslims are fanatics or support fanatics. (LGFers aren't anti-Muslim, nooo..). Funny that I don't feel like one..

Just another day out at LGF..


Anonymous said...

Clearly Chuck has jumped the shark so often in recent months that he's undermined his reson d’etre - providing a home for one particular shade of bigot (and earning a crust out of the same bigots).

All this obsession with Obama and now laughable Soros paranoia just highlights what a flake he is to his rather more straight-edged bigoted/xenophobic/and yes, in some cases; racist fellow travellers.

Top tip for any hate site - focus, focus, focus!

Anonymous said...

and that's come from a guy who stalk Youtube, Digg and Google too, although those are open communities and not for politics, he often accuses these sites of being anti-American and pro-terrorists in a way or another. for example often he complains that Youtube struck down anti-Islam videos quickly, and leaves terrorists videos, however, it is a totally false claim, his minions believes him and spam Youtube, digg and other sites.

Then the annual Google derangement syndrome, where he accuses Google as being leftist anti-American and not showing enough logos as support to American holidays, even that claim proved false many many times, and on Google logo pages.

Or his usual posts about DKos, and lovable catch of "screw them" Moulitas. How does he like adding some quote of him as his middle name? Let's think of one , he has many.

The same guy accuses this blog of stalking.

ChenZhen said...


OMG Sphinx...thank you for posting this. I haven't laughed this hard in at least a week, and after today I really needed it.

It's really hard to put into words, the hilarity of this LGF thread. I mean, sure, the digg link was posted by you guys ages ago. That's funny enough. But the broader inference, I suppose, is that a handful of netizens running a free blog could actually intimidate the brave cyber-lizards to the point of petitioning digg to have a single, relatively harmless link censored... induces split sides. Add to that the black helicopter $oro$ theories running rampant in the comment section, and you truly have a golden nugget of comedy.

These guys have digg derangement syndrome. I mean, why would they even care? Links to their worthless open threads pollute the pages of digg in greater quantities than anything that gets posted by all the 'stalkers' combined, for crying out loud. So LGF Watch has a digg link, so what? Good grief.

Oh well, I guess it's good to see that I still haunt them (does a lizard risk banishment even bringing up my name?):

Wow! There is now a LGF rejection support group! Ibrahimx is over there now. Next he will be doing a duet with chenzhen. It's like a talk-show circuit. There are currently, 3 count 'em 3, lgf rejection shelters, for one blog! Amazing.


pssst...hey lizards...FYI, I have my own blog and participate in countless others. I just come here every so often to laugh and point. Like now.

AgentX said...

Here's a hot tip:
The LGF crew are all aflutter over Barack's bro Malik saying Barack would be good to the Jews, despite his Muslim background.
However, when you click on the JP link, it just has a snippet of the interview just saying that he has a Muslim background. But his bro doesn't call Obama a Muslim, just that he has a Muslim background.
When someone says background it usually means a connection that is not in the foreground. Basically, Sen. Obama has or has had Muslim relatives and LGF is making out like that's a bad thing.

LGF should punt on this one, since they don't have the intellectual fortitude to comprehend that having relatives of a different religions is not a bad thing.

Infidel Kafir Watch said...

This post made me laugh, thanks for compiling it. Keep up the good work

Infidel Kafir Watch said...

This post made me laugh, fantastic. Keep up the good work

Lex said...

Sphinx, nice point about the mockery of us mockery-bloggers. Charles has used original material ages ago in his "big story" and his own op-ed in terms of Vlaams Belang, but otherwise I don't think he has ever done more than be a link depot much like Drudge but with comment threads.

Actually, I will admit here that at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance it was a common complaint that LGF was nothing more than their front page a day later.

So, should I submit this to Digg? And/or which I cannot figure out but what the hell, I'll try? Yup, I think I will.