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Monday, June 16, 2008

".. but they don't hate Muslims!"

If you've been following LGF Watch and its comments for a while, you'll have heard from a few people that the lizard army doesn't hate Muslims as people, but rather only terrorists. Also you get a cock-and-bull story about how the lizard army is only waiting eagerly for the "silent moderate" Muslims to renounce violence and fight terrorism, so that the little green sheep squad's views of roughly a fifth of the world's population can improve. This claim is endorsed by the likes of Robert Spencer, and some of the sad excuses of LGF apologists we get here every now and then.


Visit this brilliant (heh..) epic analysis of Chuckles on an article about Indian Muslims renouncing terrorism and vowing to fight against it. (And it's not the first time that has happened):

(Link: )

Breaking: Indian Muslims Commit to Fighting Terrorism
But you just know there’s a catch, and as usual it comes down to the remarkably flexible definition of “terrorism,” and the need to shift the blame: Muslims commit themselves to fight terrorism.

The comments on the thread are (not surprisingly) skeptical of this, accusing these Muslims of meaning something else by "terrorism", e.g. 'terrorism committed against them'.

Well if you read the last bit of the original article:
Qazmi earlier told IANS that there was no place for terrorism in Islam. 'Individual Muslims involved in acts of terrorism should be dealt with under the law. Why should the whole community or religion be smeared and given a tag?'

.. and ask yourself for which kind of terrorism Islam has been smeared and given a tag for, there's no room left for ambiguity. All this doesn't matter for the little green army of idjits, who won't let anything take away their justification and desire for making 1.5 billion people into scapegoats for all the world's misery.

Wingnuts eagerly waiting for a positive Muslim voice. I repeat: Bullsh*t.


Lex said...

Aww Sphinx, they don't hate Muslims, truly. They just want to nuke Mecca. Completely different spheres of thinking. (I should use a word other than "thinking" I suppose...)

stvip said...

Hey Lex - regarding your comment:
you should feel proud if the Highrise/Sharmuta/NYNana harpy team compared you (most favorably and laudatory, I assume) to me.
One of my last comments on LGF was telling Highrise I hope her daughter grows up to be a good healthy happy woman, who marries a wonderful gentlemanly progressive supportive Muslim husband. I mean, hey - if they're happy and he treats her well (in the secular modern sense) and everything, why should it matter what religion he professes? Remember how Dewinter was nailed for saying he would feel it a failure on his part if his dauhter were to date a black man?
One of her immortal lines to me was (slightly paraphrased from memory): "Just because I don't want be around or having anything to do with any Muslim doesn't make me bigotted". Priceless.

Well, that comment received a great outcry. Countless negative ratings, with one positive one - from you. I found that amusing.

Sorry that it was eventually your demonstrating against Sphinx being called a 'moron' that led you to leave- could've found a worthier cause.

For the record, if it wasn't obvious, I'm a right-wing secular proud Israeli and Jew. But our kind has no place on LGF. Notice how few real Israelis actually post there. Mostly non-Israelis or a few religious nuts. This is with good reason - LGF doesn't represent us, and in fact, would ban the vast majority of Israeli population were they to voice their opinions (along with Daniel Pipes, for believing that "moderate Islam is the answer"). By being a fringe site, I believe LGF does more harm than good to the cause. It's too easy to discredit or ignore real, important and relevant matters like media bias and forgery if the source is LGF.

Lex said...

stvip--yeah, I've actually noticed that as well, the lack of actual Jews. I suppose Pamela used to post there pre-Atlas Shrugs, but still, I always got that feeling as well. The "wow, your ancestors were dhimmis! We've got a token 'lizard' now" feeling. That aside from the utter lack of intellectual content in the comment threads, I mean how the heck is a person supposed to keep up with several comment threads that long daily unless posting there really does become a huge part of one's life?

Ahh, what a gem of a Sharmuta. You know, this was right before I figured out how to take screen caps or I'd have them. I think they thought I actually was you, I just don't really remember the thread. Though actually it was in the DeWinter scheme of things...I need to look at that. It was after Paul Belien and others were writing that Pim Fortuyn supposedly would support VB based on previous writings of his which in no way linked him with that Party. So, for the 1st time since I'd had my change back to my original view of things and stopped being such a sharmuta (note the lower case there) I went back to post at LGF, but my name there was stuck as Pim's Ghost, and some posters didn't realize that I was very sickened (and really had been) by their views for some time (many of them) and many even defended me. I just told them to go to my site and decide if they really wanted to be on record defending the person who killed Pim's Ghost...LOL.

But yep, they definitely compared/thought I was you, and I had no idea who you were or what that meant. So it was that thread then? I defended your comments directly? LOL...I'll have to go take some pics. That was just so classic, the mighty Sharmuta/Highrise sneak attack coming in as if they'd been alerted to duty....Hilarious! I believe I was actually even nice to them though. Huh. For a while though, yep, I did just stick around to give most of them negative's not like it was that hard or required much sifting.

Don't you remember though stvip? There is no such thing as "moderate Islam"! It's only lived daily by a billion or so people on this planet every day. Can't even tell you how many emails I have from my old days from bloggers (phone calls as well) asking if it is even possible to call Daniel Pipes an "ally" to their cause.

Glad to see you & happy you remember that incident. I was at a point of really wanting people to realize how wrong they were and wanting them to just reconsider their views. They seem to think that analyzing one's own beliefs isn't normal intellectual rigor but "fence sitting" or worse. Huh. I've always believed that if you stop learning that you are essentially dead. Game over. So plenty of spare space over there where nice little folds could be forming in the crania, because you're right, they don't represent you, nor me, nor the Muslims they keep hoping against hope will choose LGF(!!!) or a related bigot site to take their stand against fundamentalist Muslims and Islamic terrorism. That one keeps me laughing as well. "Oh wow, these people hate me, think my religion is piss, that I don't worship the same God and they have cartoons posted supposedly of Our Prophet....Oh, what they hay, I'll side with them against bin Laden, someone's got to do it!". I mean, this seems to be the scenario they are waiting for, right? LOL

Lex said...

OMG...I forgot how fucking hilarious that all was! What a cunt! But a funny one, indeed. Her main issue was that I had been posting comments here. She also had lots (as did Highrise and others) to say about Sphinx and how they'd "gotten him" at ChenZhen's. It's at this post: Promoting the White Nationalists from Nov. 23 2007:

#458 Highrise 11/23/07 9:53:20 pm reply quote 4

re: #447 Pim's Ghost

Tasty Beverage! You are truly real, and not some strange name invoked in the rantings at GoV! Ahh, we must meet. Perhaps to go out for a tasty beverage. Admittedly, the seriousness with which the certain comment by "Tasty Beverage" has been treated at GoV has actually had me ROFL. Truly. Tears running down my face and all. Linking friends who know nothing of this fight to the "Army of Midgets" post has made more people get the giggles this holiday weekend than you could imagine.

Just check the new blog just for comments from GOV, just when I was going to start a site to keep score....LOL.

You have THE NERVE to show up after you post on lgfwatch regularly trashing?

What a trash slut you are.

I noticed the moon was full tonight..but wow. They are ALL coming out of the woodwork.


#688 Sharmuta 11/24/07 3:36:12 pm reply quote 1

re: #681 Pim's Ghost

I still don't know who Gandalf is, in your mind. Nor does that really explain why you're posting at lgfwatch- just that you do. This isn't an issue of you posting at lefty sites- just a stalker site. And that post was "sarcasm"?
Sorry, Miss....whoeveryouare- you seem a bit disingenuous to me.

#462 Highrise 11/23/07 9:54:19 pm reply quote 2

Pim's ghost btw is Lex on LGFWatch, a regular whore poster.

No Highrise, you loser, your pal picked the Arabic word for "whore" as her LGF name. Oh, they were funny, Stvip! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Highrise at #477 AND #478, sheesh, all for posting HERE! And jeez, all I did was change my old fake name to my REAL (nick)name! It's Alexandra, need anymore losers?

Oh, and here's one for you Sphinxy:

#694 Sharmuta 11/24/07 5:21:58 pm reply quote 2

re: #693 Render

sphinx spent an evening here at LGF leaving the most vile comments about Charles. Quite a job for Stinky the next morning. I saw pim post over there she likes him. He's a flaming hypocrite, and he knows it. Nice company she keeps, imo, so you'll forgive me for being less than enthused by her answer to you. Thank you for clarifying yourself to me, though R.



The Sphinx said...

#694 Sharmuta 11/24/07 5:21:58 pm reply quote 2

re: #693 Render

sphinx spent an evening here at LGF leaving the most vile comments about Charles. Quite a job for Stinky the next morning. I saw pim post over there she likes him. He's a flaming hypocrite, and he knows it. Nice company she keeps, imo, so you'll forgive me for being less than enthused by her answer to you. Thank you for clarifying yourself to me, though R.


HAH. I don't know who the hell she's talking about, it's just hilarious she thinks it was me. Also accused me of calling Chuckles "gay". Wow, what new stuff I learn about myself from this old harpie..

Added the fact that it comes from a lady taking up the Arabic name for "whore" (and probably being one as well, for proudly referring to herself as "A sharmuta" a couple of times), the whole thing becomes funnier by three orders of magnitude.

Stvip, I'm glad you don't want these people representing you. That's only sensible.

Lex said...

The whore never stopped, neither did Render:

#696 Render 11/24/07 6:00:18 pm reply quote 2

re: #694 Sharmuta

I know all about the little twerp.

Having crushed Sphinxies little ego on Culture for All, he rushed over here to continue the fight, and got crushed again. So he ran off to LGFWatch to lick himself and has been there ever since.


#699 Sharmuta 11/24/07 6:46:19 pm reply quote 1

re: #696 Render

I got him at Chen's. Boy- he gets around.

I'd really like to know how someone of Sharmuta the Whore's piddly intellect "got you"....ROFLMAO. Uh huh. I'm sure she just put her hands on her hips and declared your statements to be merely "taqiyya" and then stomped back to LGF to rant her frustrations about you in the form of bashing your entire religion. But then, that's pretty obvious as a course of Sharmuta action.

So in Arabic, do "Sharmutas" get paid? Or is it just the standard insult? ROFL

Alexis said...

I think one of the reasons why there aren't many Israelis at LGF is because "lizards" are more interested in labeling people "Jew haters" than actually understanding and talking about Jewish culture. Jewish and Arab cultures are cousin cultures with much in common, both good and bad. Yet, if one talks about any similarity between Arabs and Jews, the robotic chant of “Jew hater” rises from the Jezebels of modern day. When I was on a student exchange, I remember talking with real German Nazis whose slogan was “Auslander Aus”. The “lizards” on LGF remind me of those Nazis. If anything, LGF crowd is even more hateful and shrill than the anti-Turks I remember from Germany twenty years ago.

If there is any essential problem behind LGF, it is a propensity to falsely label patriots as traitors. Just as Jezebel arranged for false accusations of blasphemy against Naboth to obtain his vineyard, “lizards” falsely accuse not only those who disagree with them as traitors but even their best allies as traitors as well. Jezebel may have been tossed out of a window in Samaria in the days of Elijah, but she is alive and well today. She may live in New York. She may live in Tel Aviv. She may live in Johannesburg. She may live in Beverly Hills. She may live in Washington, DC. Wherever false accusations of treason ring out, wherever false accusations of blasphemy call forth, wherever lies and calumnies triumph over honesty and sincerity, the spirit of Jezebel lives on in infamy.

I am heartened that most Israelis, especially most right-wing Israelis, shun LGF and its like. The Jerusalem Post’s endorsement of Charles Johnson’s website had me worried. It is heartening to know that most Israelis prefer civilization over LGF’s barbarism.

Every religion has its dirty linen. Islam is no exception. The terrorists must be stopped. Their sponsorship by Muslim states must be stopped. Moreover, questions about Islamic religious practices are legitimate, just as questions about the practices of other religions are also legitimate. The forces of Islamic restorationism are a very real menace, and it is precisely LGF’s brutal stupidity that undermines any intelligent response against such a menace. Islam has positive features and these features must not be ignored. Must one ignore the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, the excellence of medieval mosque architecture, or the flavor of ma’amoul?

To win this war, we need to not only defeat our enemies, but to recognize the honor of our allies. Liberty is not a moderate idea; it is an honorable idea. So, our Muslims allies and our Muslim friends must not be seen as moderate but as honorable men and women. By refusing to see the honor of those who profoundly disagree with Charles Johnson, LGF does a disservice to those who truly do seek to vanquish our Islamist enemies. Jezebel lives.

Sadly, Senator McCain’s website does still link to LGF. He also links to the Daily Kos and apparently gives his link to the Daily Kos far greater prominence than his link to LGF. I’m not sure what this means, but one can hope that LGF will become a discarded ashtray in the flaming garbage heap of the ages.

Alexis said...

If one really opposes Islamophobia (both the variety the Islamists seek to instill and the variety that LGF seeks to promote) one should say the word Hussein with pride. Senator Obama's name is Barack Hussein Obama. Should one be scared to say the word "Hussein" as if it were a dirty word? Should the word "Hussein" only be used by those who hate Islam? When one refuses to say a word, the power of that word increases; it doesn't disappear.

In full disclosure, I oppose the candidacy of Senator Obama for the Presidency, but I want him defeated fair and square. I think it is very important that opposition against Senator Obama not be equated with hatred against Muslims. And if the word "Hussein" is treated as a scandal by both Obama supporters and Obama opponents, what does that say about America?

The Sphinx said...

Lex, it was basically like this:

Sharm: Your religion stinks.
Me: Go ahead and prove it.
Sharm: *Copy and paste verse misinterpreted verse*
Me: *Refute*
Sharm: *Copy and paste misinterpreted verse*
Me: *Refute*
Sharm: *Copy and paste misinterpreted verse*
Me: *Refute*

And so on and so forth..

Sharm: Liar. What, you're only 19? This discussion should have been over long ago, little boy..
Me: *laughing silently*

And as for Sharmutas (in fact, she said I was too young to be debating with "an infidel Sharmuta" - more laughter ensued), nah.. Usually it's just the insult, and not the 'profession'.

In fact, she/it might be reading this right now. *Waves*. What a piece of work, that woman.. Glad you're enjoying it though :)

The Sphinx said...

Oh, and she also called me a "Euro punk". How about that?

Lex said...

I'll wave gladly.


Also, take a look at both our blog and my own, I decided to revisit that post at LGF and the Sharmuta/Render/Highrise attack on me while Charles kept focus on "jeppo", some really radical fascist (as decided by pretty much everyone, even Sharmuta). Actually, I had stepped in to commend Charles for standing up to the Center for Vigilant Freedom and their "Brussels Summit" business so I doubt if he was too concerned with me.

Sharmuta on the other hand? I had referenced Lord of the Rings in a post at my place about LGFer "Tasty Beverage" and she asked at least 10 times (if not more) of me, "Who in your mind is Gandalf?" OVER AND OVER. And then demanded this information. And then demanded that I answer Render. My answers were even longer than these comments, I really wanted them to be clear. But they meanwhile came HERE and posted my comments lauding THIS site over at LGF and called me out as "posting at the 'stalker blog'". I was already laughing too hard at "Who is Gandalf???" to point out their stalking irony or virtual high-fiving over finding my "recent comment history" as well as their outrage that my taking to using my real name didn't match my LGF name. Because that just NEVER happens!

SHARMUTA, ya whore, come on. Just TRY to defend yourself now. On any topic you tend to limit your brain to. I'll slaughter you in any debate and on anti-convulsants to boot (half my brain tied behind my back?), I just won't respond as if we're texting since comment threads aren't the obsession with me that they are to you....

After her comment about my looks, should we assume that she's a heinous looking sharmuta? Not to be petty, but...

Nice argument and typical you recount there Sphinx, I just can't figure how these complete toe-rags possibly consider either your or Chen to not be intelligent. You are one of the most intelligent people I've met of your age in my life. People of my age who were much like you, Sphinx, now work for NASA/JPL, and I'm not exaggerating. But hey, if Sharmuta says that you're not that bright, well, that should clinch it, eh?

LGFWatch leaders, my apologies to do this here, but see, these little hypocrites DO stalk "the stalker blog" and I know they're seeing this. But tell Sharmuta she is being called out as of now. I had a bout with Trigeminal Neuralgia and all, but I'm ready to see her attempts at debate again now. Bring out your whore...Bring out your whore!! (and thanks again stvip)

Rev. Jim Sutter said...

There is a compilation of thousands of worldwide Muslim leaders condemning terrorism and violence at Robert Spencer is well aware of this list, he states that every single Muslim on it, throughout the world, is lying. That's oddly reminiscent of "Everyone's crazy except me!"

If you read the numerous articles about Spencer on, you'll see his main sources of income are from the neo-Nazi Coors family (anti-black, anti-Catholic, anti-Hispanic, anti-Muslim), the Regnery publishing family (actually Nazis in WWII, now neo-nazis, and John Tanton's anti-immigration empire. He was the keynote speaker at the Brussels convention of Europe's leading neo-nazi party, yet on Jihad Watch he decries neo-nazism. The word "hypocrite" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh look it's the fraud who calls himself a "revered" The man who spend years pretending to be disabled and who FORGED his own medical records then was *dumb* enough to give those forged record to a federal judge. Shouldn't you get a Darwin award for that stunt?

Lex said...

Well that's an interesting link....Hey there Anon. Good to see you.